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Blacklight test revealing which parts of the body have touched feces

y!Gallery is a yaoi art gallery populated by childrens, closet lesbians, pedophiles, furries, fansheep, Nazis, and of course the occasional faggot. Though you would imagine you'd get some awesome gay pr0nz, that combination of users results in the art all being shit.

Since the New head Nazi has taken over Snover's dickery, Y!Gallery has and will go down EVERY MONTH at the end to the beginning of the month for the first whole week leaving its users to whine and cry and look for badly drawn porn elsewhere. This is supposedly since the new Nazi has lost her wallet every month.


Upon first look, you would think that there were a lot of good artists on the site, unfortunately since y!Gallery is made up of billions of 16 year old girls, Kingdom Hearts fanbois, and pedophiles, most of the content on the site is shit art, or shit fanfiction, mostly consisting of bishonen. Since there are no actual adults on the site, you are stuck with the 13-year-olds who constantly rub one out to their own shitty fiction, and the 16-year-olds who finger themselves to their Sora/Riku pictures. Most of the users have migrated either from Sheezyart or deviantART due to the DO NOT WANT status of pr0nz on those sites. Anyone who actually is over the age of 18 submits inflation art and shitty poser renders of child rape.


All pictures and fiction on y!Gallery suck. The art is all badly drawn, especially the cocks, though the artists all think they're the best artists evar. However, since Y!Gallery is mostly 16-year-old girls, the art available is almost exclusively one of the following:

  • Harry Potter fucking Ron Weasley
    • Sora being raped by the bad guy
    • Sora fucking Riku
    • Akuroku, ad nauseam
  • Naruto
  • Hetalia
  • A Harry Potter character getting raped by the Giant Squid
  • Jack Sparrow fucking Will Turner
  • Dumbledore fucking Ginny-Weasley-With-A-Cock
  • Don't forget the sudden Puppet fad!
  • Naruto fucking Jack Sparrow
  • Any and all members of Dethklok fucking each other
  • Random Western cartoons
  • Crappy fanfiction about all of the above

What little art doesn't fit into the above categories is either "toddlercon"* (register to view) or features "nagas", which are retarded swamp-snake things but don't count as "furry" because some of the mods draw them and some don't. However, female nagas are still not allowed and posting them will promptly get you banned.

They also flip their shit if you try to post art drawn on lined paper BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO GOOD FOR LINED PAPER.

User Types

There are several user groups on y!Gallery, the tightly knit groups stick together, defending one another in the pursuance of good yaoi art. Much like DeviantART, anyone who can actually draw will quickly develop a fuckton of fans who will defend them to the death regardless of any rulebreaking they might do*.


The Nazis are the various moderators, supermoderators, and the administrator on y!Gallery. They have teh banhammer, and they love to use it when they are not sucking each others dicks.

The true face of Snover

Snover is the Co-founder and head administrator of Y!Gallery. While it is rumored that he is actually a reincarnation of Hitler, he's really just another 16 year old female sonic furry who loves the uncircumcised penis. While Snover seems to run his site quietly there is the occasional moment where some whiny emo faghag has a sore brush with him. He has no problem wielding his all mighty Banahammer or telling someone that WHO CARES IF THEIR AUNT JUST DIED!!. It's also very clear that he doesn't give two shits about the users. Even if a whole bunch of people disagree with him, he'll insist he's right and tell them to fuck off. Rumor stipulates that Snover is a btard, or at least an EDiot and in fact, only runs y!Gallery so that he may milk the lulz out of it.

It's hard these days with PETA getting angry at me for painting hedgehogs blue.



I suck on cocks.



Despite my prominent stature as a curator of a mostly-smut art gallery, I still feel extremely embarrassed saying things like 'Sonic is standing with a huge erection while Knuckles stands behind him fucking him in the ass and using his left hand to masturbate him until he comes'.



Tom Cruise and I have long phone conversations late at night.



But who cares right? All anyone goes to y!Gallery for is to look at poorly drawn cock.

Also, Snover is a stupid faggot who deserves to be burned at the stake. After all, it is a well known fact that Snover stalks the banned users DeviantART pages for lulz and will sneer at anyone stupid enough to IM him asking for help.

This just in: Snover has resigned!


But who knows how long that will last...

Other Nazis


In 2006, y!Gallery was populated by a large amount of furfags, submitting ridiculously large amounts of gay furry porn onto the site. Being typical furries, they also didn't give a fuck about anyone else on the site, and every time one got banned, they screamed fursecution. Furry art was banned during the Great Furry Banning of Summer 2006, resulting in much wank from the furries, and much screaming of persecution, resulting in the furries being told that they don't own y!Gallery.


y!Gallery, just like any other site where users can place comments, journals, etc. is full of it's share of wank-generating fansheep. Luckily y!Gallery's strict banhammer policy cuts down on wank, and adds to the lulz when it happens. Most are of the opinion that good artists don't need to follow any rules, lol.


Since y!Gallery allows shota, there are plenty of pedophiles on the site (like Kiminess and YaoiGoddessKeale), claiming that while they love to view shota, and pleasure themselves to it, they are totally not pedophiles. The toddlercon fappers, and the cartoon rapists alike flock to make their group. Wank is guaranteed in the event that someone is b& for posting child pronz, as nobody would ever do that.

Nazi Oppression

Since y!Gallery moderation staff actually REMOVES works that violate their own rules or pseudo artistic sense, it creates much butthurt in the general user base. Most famous is y!Gallery's sixth commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Copypasta" written in the great book of y! circa 281 BC. Though their magical abuse control system, powered by vodka and pot, they have removed over 9000 tracings from the site. While uneventful, art theft bannings are controversial due to the troll-like insults that the head Nazis put as the ban reason. The moar controversial bannings take place when users have their tracings removed from y!Gallery. Being 15 year olds fresh from DeviantART, they are unfamiliar with a site that actually removes violations. After a short shit fit, followed by a short-lived campaign to OVERTHROW THE OPPRESSIVE ADMINZ!11!ONE!1!, the users are banned. However, like anonymous 12 more of their fansheep will take their place. It is commonly believed that the y!Gallery administration have replaced their web-based banning system to a whack-a-mole machine hooked into the server, leaving them more time to blow each other.

Just shows how creative they can be.

Death of Furries - AKA yiff in hell furfags

In a change to their ToS the y!Gallery admins decided that any anthropomorphic art submissions are no longer allowed, after it was noticed that furries were taking over the site and Snover wanted moar furries for his personal collection. This resulted in fits of lulz and cries of fursecution from butthurt furries

haha!!1 I was banned for, quote, "being retarded." But the chance for epic lulz was to much to pass up.

Unfortunately, the yaoi community, the portion of the population that this site was geared toward, has now become a minority. While the interest of the anthropomorphic community has been flattering and there are many amazing and talented artists specializing in this genre on the site, it's simply never been the focus of y!Gallery or its predecessor, y!hosting



—Y!Gallery Staff, Translation: yiff in hell, furfags

Following this outburst of lulz was an orgasm of furry proportions in which journals were posted everywhere and long impassioned comments were posted on the original news article. If it weren't furries posting journals and whining this would be considered epic. And where they had the sense to ban furries Y!Gallery still sees fit to allow shota, rape, drugs, mpreg, and all your other sick fuck needs. Fuck loads of bannings? Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: As of August 9, 2008, and following the death/rebirth of FA for the seventy eighth time Snover decided to create a poll asking the general public whether the furfags should be allowed back. Unsurprisingly, the majority voted "NO". Four days later, however, an influx of furry sockpuppetry has changed the vote to a resounding "YES"

As you can see, Furries handle everything in the same mature manner. Note: even in serious mode, they can't seem to avoid obvious pitfalls like comic fucking sans.

Death of The Drabble

After months of debate, arguments, speculation, and God only knows what else, the y!Gallery staff has decided that the drabbles written by the aspies should be banned. Users like fullmetalcute would no longer be allowed to post the 3 sentence stories they wrote. The "I can't sit at my computer for more than 4 minutes without getting distracted" excuse wouldn't work anymore, just like with your English professor.

An average piece of shit fanfiction submitted by Fullmetalcute

Before the rules were finalized, many people went on rants, resulting in much lulz, and at least 100 users got the banhammer.


As of January 19th, Y! Gallery decided to say "HAHAHA DESREGARD THAT WE SUCK COCKS!" and let the butthurt furs come back, as long as they don't show dog penis. Weather forecasts suggest that a large flood of yiff is to be expected within the next few weeks.

While furries are celebrating, many others are bitching about them coming back, despite the fact that they have the option to filter out the furfags.

Death of Y!Gallery


On July 1st, 2009, the new admin Sianne decided to do a donation drive. This donation drive was to "raise funds" because "LOL WE SUCK COCKS" and Snover left them broke. Suddenly in September all the furfags had to run back to Fur Affinity and the rest of the pedophiles and fansheep were left to cry, whine, bitch, moan and complain on FuckMyFace because they couldn't look at badly drawn porn of child molestation and gay Kingdom Hearts art. Sianne then came out to say she lost her wallet and couldn't pay for September so the resigned Fuhrer had to come in and pay so that people would fuck Snover again.

Server outage Y.jpg

Then everyone was happy. DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS.


Sianne disappeared off the face of the earth and took a bunch of money out of the site's accounts, says Snover, as he re-assumed the position to be buttfucked against the wall. The scamming Nazi is being hunted down and fucked with dog dicks until she coughs up the money and Snover is looking for a new Fuhrer so he won't be butthurt anymore.

Good Night Sweet Prince or Death of y!Gallery part the second


On January 26, 2010, admin themdolphins came out of their fap cycle to announce that users should sacrifice their greatest system administrator or the site dies. The admins have apparently been too busy to tell anyone for years.

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