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The phrase Ya'll niggas postin' in a troll thread has become somewhat of a meme on 4chan and other message and imageboards. It is usually posted as an image macro when the direction of discussion is believed to be a towards trolling. The original picture features political activist and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, which has lead to some relatively lulzy talk page discussion on TOW. Several variations have been made to encompass a variety of topics.

Wikipedia Conflicts

Ya'll niggas editing a wikipedia page.

Since the image became popular on the *chans, Wikipedia has taken notice. They are currently using the same picture of Alan Keyes as is used in the "Ya'll niggas" macro. They essentially argue amongst themselves that since it is used on 4chan, that they should find a new picture.

The picture used right now doesn't look very professional. In fact, there is a commonly thrown around image that uses the current picture. I will not post that picture, as it contains racist language. I think we should attempt to find a better, more "official" picture of Alan Keyes.


—Some TOW fag

This argument was quickly rebutted with the fact that the photograph itself was sent to them directly from Keyes' organization. Whether or not Keyes himself is aware of the meme, Wikipedia has been trolled.

The said meme is in the shape of the very same picture with a 'subtitle' if I can say, that refers to American people to insult the users of some Internet forums, that's what. Although, since this picture has been given to Wikipedia for that illustrating purpose, there is no problem with this I guess: I refuse to think Wikipedia is going to remove every picture that receives the same treatment.


—Wikipedia user, 100% accurate for once.

Use on Imageboards

You'll be an oldfag in no time now!


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