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Dark Age of Camelot

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Avid lusers of the DAoC video game.

Dark Age of Camelot is a 2001 video game set in the Dark Ages so that lusers can ignore their current uselessness by pretending they might have been worth something 100 years ago. The user base is similar to that of other MMORPGS - i.e., fat white people who spend all their money on Dungeons & Dragons books and Warhammer miniatures - but anyone who still plays DAoC at this point is a giant n00b who would be better off with Minesweeper. By far, the most famous member of DAoC community is Olerris, a Jewish potion scamming son of a bitch, who became famous when he "unleashed the fury" on the internet vnboards by thanking everyone for making him 50 platinum pieces, roughly worth 100 bucks, and forcing Mythic to change the rules regarding player housing.

Cloud Song

In 2005, the world witnessed the biggest display of nerd rage in history, when some guy spent nearly 3 days of his life (LOL, as if he had one) trying to get a rare and powerful pretty-princess cape called a "Cloudsong". Little did he know, a group of people were hanging out near by and decided to loot the item from him when he killed an enemy that dropped it. The audio file of what happened was popularized by some faggot on YTMND who named the game incorrectly as World of Warcraft. This caused much confusion and hate among the players of WOW, who are convinced they're better than DAoC players because their retarded elf game is newer (which actually make DAoC better due to being less of a ripoff. Commence trolling). This coupled with the fact that most current WoW players weren't able to read when DAoC was released, that fact alone pretty much sums it up.

The YTMND: WOW DAoC is serious business

Original soundclip remixed with Doom music



This became a huge instant-meme, and helped popularize the phrase serious business.

Animooted Version:


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