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lol, there's an old guy in that picture


—some newfag

Young Tubers United is a secretive consortium bent on spreading the message of man-boy love. This YouTube pedoligarchy is run by Jesari's Dad, Irish282, DJ Ytask, and various unknown sick fucks. While their main goal is to bring back Jesari to YouTube; many argue that this group has ties to the CIA, Mossad, and most likely The Jeff Gannon Charm School. Finally, strangely enough VK411 is trying to save this pedo-troll united front here using Google: [1]. Which is clearly absurd, since Google's attorneys aren't cool with pedos. Nevertheless sadly enough, the future of YTU remains an unsolved mystery.

Andrew approves of the pedo front known as the YTU.
Art piece called "Nambla Timothy", for sale for $ dollars at Sears.
Posted by Updownmostly, shortly before he molested Max again.
The YTU pedophile group gets coverage in an article.

when you try to censor others it seems like you are trying to hide guilt


Themaskedanalyst on falseflag YMCAs


YoungTubersUnited was created as a response to Ytask, and built by Jesari's DAD to ultimately cover-up his failures in protecting Jesari. While many believe YTU is a real organization, sadly it's nothing more than a front. The obvious truth is Young Tubers United is exclusively made to help pedophiles that can't log onto 12chan. Currently, it is assumed the Ytask, Irish282, and possibly UpDownMolesty are at risk of losing their YouTube channels and privileges due to vlogging about 12 year old boys. Google and YouTube are beginning to move away from unrealistic expectations and see the big picture. More recently, UpDownMostly filed a couple YMCAs that were linked with this article. Which again, is pointless. Regardless, here is Tim's response [2]. Then the best part MaskedAnalyst response [3].

EDiot Research

Young Tubers United.jpg

The situation erupted into a LOLcano when YouTube sent this:

Hello Andrew,
We wanted to get in contact with you to let you know of the details 
regarding the status of your son's accounts, Jesari and YoungTubersUnited 
(both of which are connected to the same email address). Due to direct violations 
of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, both accounts (and all others associated 
to this email address) will remain suspended.

All users must agree to and abide by our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines 
when they register for a YouTube account. This includes providing accurate 
registration info and being over the age of 13. If a user makes any indication 
that he or she is under the age of 13, regardless of the age they have entered 
on their channel page, we are obligated to take action in order to ensure the 
safety and integrity of the YouTube community.

Inaccurate details were provided at the time of registration for the Jesari account. 
The age listed is 21, which is neither the age of you or your son Jesse, and the 
email address associated with this account is also one belonging to Jesse, who is underage. 
There are also comments made from the Jesari account clearly stating the user is underage
(ie. "I am twelve years old"), which is what brought these TOU violations to our attention.

You are certainly welcome to start a new account in your own name, 
listing your correct age and email address, which you are in control of 
(you can also use our privacy settings to conceal this information from 
public view on your channel, just so long as your correct date of birth is entered at signup). 
And, of course, you are welcome to upload content on behalf of your son 
which is in line with our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines 
to any new account which belongs to you.

We hope this helps to clarify the situation for both you and your son.

Thank you,
The YouTube Team


All indications are from the people I've spoken to are that Irish282 is not in the same category as DJ.

And I often defer to the younger folks who interact with these people on a regular basis, rather then my own limited knowledge of them. If you have some information that would indicate that Irish282 is in some way acting inappropriately with children then I would like to hear it expressed, just as I expressed my concerns regarding YTASK.


—Tim UpDownMostly

Hateful comments result in suspended accounts. These kids have friends in YouTube management. The haters have none.


—NinjaOnDuty AKA Irish282

he/she has begun to get really strange lately. Totally off topic with many of his/her comments and his/her videos are getting more viscous and ugly and I have enough drama these days without more thanks. I've actually blocked a bunch of folks lately because they seem to be way off topic and way out in left field somewhere.



Note the use of the word 'viscous', meaning thick and gluey or gelatinous; like a thick slime. This seems accidentally appropriate.

We are willing to move on if they (YouTube) could just tell us it was a mistake.... and ehrm, you know.


Jesse's dad hilarious quote

Other Grown Men That Are In Favor Of 12-year-old Boys Being On YouTube

  • DynaCatlovesme is one of the minor man/boy love crusaders on YouTube, and is rumored to be the long-lost bastard brother/cousin of Irish282. DynaCatLovesMe's sole achievement in life is that he has a cat, that supposedly loves him. SPOILER: The cat loves you because you feed it.
  • XsprouserX and Pennymm are a couple of YouTube Trekkie chickenhawks that like to run a tag team operation. When a child gets suspicious of one of them, the other one vouches for him, and makes the child feel ashamed of even asking why these grown men would want to get on Instant Messenger and Stickam with them. These two have also apparently gone to the Irish282 School for Grooming Kiddies. They run a private group called the "Anti-Haters United", a mini-me version of the YouTube Vigilantes, where they pretend to "help kids". Fortunately, enough information was compiled on these two wastes of flesh to put them away in federal prison for quite some time. For a short time, you can also visit them on their Stickam accounts here and here.
  • Graeme Stephen Tucker - YTask & Young Tubers United Member. Tucker was an admitted member of Ytask's fan club and sent several private videos to Irish282 from Young Tubers United which became exposed when the private video function bug affected Youtube. Tucker quickly deleted several videos that were private and deleted several of his channels which you can see by going down to the channel list on his article. Screenshots of Tucker naked circulating are taken from a video sent to Irish282.


The story Tim and Jesse's Dad Andrew don't want you to know

DJ Dustin Gardener started his yt4dummies channel on November 27th, 2006 and it was the first draft, if you will, for YTASK. A channel for video collaborations, and DJ wouldn't be DJ if there weren't little boys involved. So what does he do? He asks boys to help him make shoutouts, infomercials whatever for yt4dummies. In his travels, he meets a little boy named Jesse (AKA Jesari), and he asks him to make a video about yt4dummies and tells him his plans for yt4dummies and possibly YTASK. The proof was the final piece of the puzzle that had everybody thinking, it's a video on the yt4dummies channel made by Jesse:

This is the video.

Check the sweater on Irish, this was NOT shopped. Irish is wearing a sweater with Charles' company name on it, including the "Z" in the end.

Consider Jesse's dad's and Tim Updownmostly's dirty little secret. Jesse made that video for DJ on December 12th 2006. Now Jesses dad gets wind of DJ's plans for yt4dummies/YTASK and thinks: "Fuck, if my boy is going to be famous, I'LL be his manager. Anything DJ can do I can do better, and my little cashcow should be making money for ME." So what does he do? He starts Young Tubers United, also in December of 2006.

In short, Jesse's Dad steals DJ's idea for a collaboration channel for kids on YouTube, and goes ahead with it. However, he isn't able to stop DJ from also going ahead with HIS plans and so DJ starts his own channel, YTASK, on December 31th of 2006.

The thing is, DJ was better at harvesting little boys. He snatched away all the good talent (if you can call it that) right in front of Jesse's Dad's nose. YTASK became Young Tubers United's biggest competition. Jesse's Dad whines and bitches about that to a big YouTuber who is Jesse's biggest fan and admirer: Tim Updownmostly. "Boy oh Boy," Andrew (Jesse's Dad) says to Tim, "that DJ is becoming a pest, he snatches away all the good talent blablabla".

Tim comes up with a plan together with Irish282. Tim figures: Well a lot of things are kinda shady about YTASK, there are no parents involved, there are only shoutout videos... And DJ is only a 25 year old kid, I can pwn him off the tubes. So Tim helps Andrew by making all these videos "asking questions" and technically destroying any image YTASK previously had. End result: DJ is ruined.

But then the unimaginable happens: YOUNGTUBERS GETS FUCKING BANHAMMERED OFF THE TUBES!!!. Sound the alarms! What happens next: Tim, Irish, big signs on 777, videos begging for Jesse's account back and Tim desperately trying to prove that the channel was in fact owned by Jesse's Dad.

Now please note, YoungTubers/YTASK WAS a possible goldmine, they were both talking to sponsors. Now during the whole YTASK fiasco, it was well known that DJ had an "inside connection" within the YouTube hierarchy (you can also read about that here). Some argue, this insider orchestrated the banhammering of Jesse as revenge for DJ.

Also, Tim talked a LOT with DJ. They all knew each other. On top of that Updownmostly also tells people that YoungTubers United is better than YTASK and (lulzily enough) that it's run by a little boy named Jesse. That was going to be their big selling point: "run by a kid, for kids". In the end, it was their own propaganda that got Jesse whacked from YouTube.

The Story Irish282 Doesn't Want You To Know

Now that Jesse has been offered his account back, and refused, there's now an entire movement out there to restore the account of somebody who doesn't want to be restored. Irish couldn't miss an opportunity like this. He left the site up, continued to collect the email addresses and geographic locations of children, all the while planning to construct his own YouTube, where he could have uninterrupted access to the kiddies at all times. He contracted Charles Dagley(who has recently been discovered to be the adult behind LoganSperman2) to make the site. It's under construction at this moment.

The YTU/Boylove Connection

Since the connection to NAMBLA within the YTU has been established, TobiranHorde has suggested a new logo for the project.
Nico loves the YoungTubers...srsly
Close-up of Nico's shirt: The international Boylove symbol

Recently it has been discovered that blatant Austrian pedophile TobiranHorde(AKA Nico) is a supporter of the "Restore Jesari" movement. Nico has favorited many videos of the YoungTubers, and even left a support message on their Snapvine account. Nico is a well known boylover, and makes no secret of this, frequently making videos proudly wearing his BoyChat shirt. Irish282 and LoganSperman2 are currently in high gear damage-control mode to control the episode. They've unsubscribed Nico from the HelpTruth channel, and deleted his Snapvine message to the kiddies.

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DJ Ytask loves those Young Tubers United
Irish282 updownmostly ytask.jpg


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Young Tubers United is part of a series on YouTube.



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