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The sentence "Y helo thar!" is most commonly used as a greet for anal sex on the Internets, usually aimed at newbies on a forum or in a chatroom. An example of this sentence:

<Newbie1> Hello, I am new to this place!
<Regular> Y helo thar! Buttsecks? lolol
<Newbie1> Eww, go away you freak!
...30 minutes later
<Newbie2> Hello folks, I'm new here!
<Newbie1>Y halo thar! Buttsehks? ololol

...and thus the endless cycle continues.

aye-aye tharr, maties
You know you want to
Jack likes buttsecks


There are a lot of varieties of this sentence:

  • Y helo thar, butsecks? LOLOLOL
  • y hallo thar buttsehks
  • y halo thar buttsecks?
  • y hello thar
  • y halo thar
  • y halo

There are endless possibilities.

What to do if you're a victim

If you happen to be a victim of this sentence, then you have great reason to panic. The most common thing to do is to try and stay calm while you block this person with the block feature available in the forum or chatroom.

How to use

This is an IRL example on an unsuspecting Internet tough guy:

[00:24] <kingpawn> you wanna say somethin?

[00:24] <T_guest576> Y halo thar butsecks? lololol

[00:25] <kingpawn> ya hello there acewipe lololoool

[00:26] <T_guest576> acewipe? you can't spell lololol

[00:26] <kingpawn> aww

[00:26] <kingpawn> too bad i can still kick you but

[00:26] <T_guest576> you take it up the butt? lololol

[00:26] <kingpawn> lolooollool http://www.imagefap.com/image.php?id=1696695455

[00:27] <T_guest576> lololol

[00:27] <kingpawn> i shove it up yyour mommas loolollol

[00:27] <T_guest576> I shove it up your sisters

[00:27] <T_guest576> lololol

[00:27] <kingpawn> yea.. keep thinking

[00:27] <kingpawn> you took an hour to come up with that??

[00:27] <T_guest576> your sister likes buttsecks

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