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The infamous bench scene.

Yaranaika (Gay Moonspeak for "Let's fuck", or more specifically, "Shall we do it?") is a meme that originated on 2ch when somebody posted Kuso Miso Technique, a bara (IRL gay yaoi) manga about a mechanic who hits on a college student and has gay sex in a public restroom. Eventually, the meme made it to 4chan as well and still remains lulzy to this very day.

Yaranaika according to Wiki

When Abe is performing fellatio on Michishita, Michishita couldn't hold his bladder and accidentally urinated in Abe's mouth. Abe then suggested that Michishita should empty his bladder in Abe during anal sex, and Michishita did so. When it is Michishita's turn to be on the receiving end, Michishita let his rectum loose and defecated on Abe's penis, much to the dismay of Abe and the embarrassment of a middle-aged man walking by, who was overhearing their conversation.

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