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It's like getting hit by a train with a pen up your urethra.
The user-friendly layout of Ychan.

After searching for the source of AIDS that has been polluting the webs since at least 100 years ago, it was soon discovered that newfags were indeed the culprit. Of course, this is not to deny that there exist no other sources of fail. Like a parasitic skullworm, new *chans shit has been popping up all over the Internet as breeding grounds for the many legions of newfags who have yet to call the world as their own virtual sandbox. Ychan is one of them. I do warn you that before personally going to this website to check out the faggotry for yourself, that there is some shit that just can't be unseen.

Ychan is yet another furry image board that was created by furfags... for furfags, because one furry image board just wasn't enough. They presume that with enough *chan boards dedicated to furry pr0n, newfags highly susceptible to infection will accept it for a lifestyle choice and an acceptable internet subculture, instead of the sick fetish that all Anonymous know it to be.

The thing that deviates Ychan from other *chans is the fact that users have the option to register to post. Otherwise, they can go Anonymous. Ychan should be visited only if you are either a furfag or a member of an elite force to troll the site by any means necessary.


The avatar used by anonymous members. Oh Exploitable!

Ychan? I say, Ynot-chan! Each of Ychan's boards are diverse in their own subject matter.

Shit list

Ychan is unique only because of its shit list. Otherwise, it would be like any other furfag image board. Ychan has a set of impossible rules to follow, and if any of their members makes a mistake, they are picked out of the ranks. Because furfag admins can be so easily butthurt, this puts their members in constant state of fear of posting anything on the 'do not post' list. This is why all the "art" on ychan looks like a five year old drew it.

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