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Toumal doesn't make his own art. His fantards do. Such as The Dragoneer who has drawn a lovely picture of Toumal shoving a dildo up his asshole while masturbating.

Yiffstar is a haven for furries of all sorts, but mostly the talented writers of the furry world. It is run by Toumal, who wishes he was an orca. Yiffstar provides these writers a place where they can finally post their stories in which their self-inserts have sex with every single one of their characters, and then they fap to it. If they get bored, they make more characters, have themselves have sex with them, and then fap to this.
Yiffstar is essentially what you get when you combine DeviantART FurAffinity, LiveJournal, and FanFiction.Net. It is a cauldron of untapped furry drama and fail.

The Stories and Art

The fetish list.

85% of the stories written on Yiffstar will make your English teacher cry. The other 15% will make your English teacher vomit. There are nearly 20,000+ yiff stories on the website and 15,000+ drawings. Many of them depict Pokemon and Digimon shitting in each other's mouths or something, and have sex acts in them that are not only unfathomably disgusting, but also physically impossible which only furries are able to get off on. These are some of the many fetishes and sexual acts you will find in the stories and art on Yiffstar.
If reading things that would make Tara Gilesbie scream in terror at the poor grammar and acts depicted was not bad enough, you can also view these unspeakable things in picture form. Artists spend hours laboring over their $500 drawing tablets to create pictures of dragons in diapers taking a spunk bath, lovingly slapping them up on the site for their rabid fans. If anyone comments on the shoddy shading, lack of light source, poor anatomy, or any of the at least 100 obvious flaws that any artist worth their salt would have not done, they simply cry "that's not a flaw, that's my style!!" and will BAWW to mods to ban you after deleting your posts, leaving in the flames their fans will invariably send your way for having said the art sucks.
Those who do not have obvious flaws in their artwork are pretty much trace-artists copying off others' art. Only in furrydom is referencing a pose line for line not considered art theft, yet drawing a simple black wolf will cause furfags everywhere to scream "you stole my character!".


As if the stories and shitty artwork weren't bad enough, users can post their own journals. Most entries discuss why the user thinks they are better than everyone else or how their life sucks. Most of Yiffstar's members who read journals will agree with it. Anyone who states their own personal opinion is banned from making posts about the writer's other pieces of work. It is a system that can only rival the Hivemind.

YiffStar Chat

Log in screen for the Yiffstar chatroom.

When people in the Yiffstar chat aren't yiffing or sucking Toumal's dick, they're chatting about the hardships of their lives and how unfair the world is to them. The chat rooms are usually buzzing with aspies, emo fucktards, and douchebags who think they're smarter than you because they went to college.
Like any social beehive, the chat room can be disturbed if you carefully engineer drama - accusing someone of homophobia or some other form of bigotry usually does the trick.

YiffStar Forums

The Yiffstar forums are a treasure trove of lulz which have sadly gone unnoticed due to other forces on the Internet. Notorious furries such as Blackwingdragon retreat here to lick their wounds, however there's no such thing as a calm furry forum; drama always must ensue, and it does. What is sad however is that there is no one present to take advantage of the drama. There's many a lulzcow but no one to milk them.

How to Troll

Well, that explains all the dolphins and killer whales.
  • Do not be argumentative with the fucktards; it will get you banned very quickly.
  • Do not target individuals there; the mods are of Hasty Banhammer. Instead, find their contact information on other sites (most give it freely and Publicly!) and troll them there under a different name.
  • Pick a highly-debated subject (like Abortion or Bestiality), make a thread about it, and wait about 20 minutes. Instant drama!
  • Greet newbies and mark down genders. Note which ones become "females" later. When they post in the "Females looking for..." forums, post that they are actually male with screenshots if possible. Use this tactic sparingly; the mods are cautious.
  • Talk about anti-furry TV/articles with links, especially while new. Act like they are facts and say "you just wanted to see if it's true". Ensure that you play dumb, and not angry, or you'll get banned.
  • Post screenshots with personal information in it (ex: I MONGLE DOGS! I wear Diapers and dress like a little girl when mom's not home!) in the box below. Crosspost links to the uploaded screenshots in places the sick fuck tends to frequent under another name, saying you found it here.


Things You Can't Unsee About missing Pics
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Yiffstar has recently moved to SoFurry; by ridding the internet of one website, it comes back in another form. What is lulzy about this however is the fact that it is clearly a clone of FurAffinity, and it is causing massive butthurt amongst the furry writers present on both sites.

  1. Make an account Here
  2. Head to the chat room
  3. Complain about the site betraying its writers/roots/shit like that
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!

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