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What he looks like normally.
What he looks like in a fursuit.
Yes, they even have forums.

YiffyTube.com is the YouTube rip-off site that features only furry sex videos. It currently has Channels for your viewing pleasure, such as Clean, Solo Male, Solo Female, Straight, and Gay. It also has a forum which is completely not empty.

Website Down

The website is down 90% of the time because the basement dweller owner has shitty bandwidth.


The TOU is a lulzy enough read on its own, as the person who modified whatever boilerplate they found spells like a retard. However, there is a gem to be found in section C-5., which states the following -

C. In connection with User Submissions, you further agree that you will not: 5. submit material depicting or implying ...beastiality

So... wait, what?

Ways To Troll

  • Make negative comments to every video.
  • Leave gay comments in the straight section.
  • Leave religious comments in the gay section.
  • Post as angry but confused PETA members.
  • Rate popular videos 1 star.
  • Post videos of bestiality on Yiffytube.
  • Goatse the forum
  • Post human porn or any other type of porn that does not include anthros.

Update 10/21/2012 Dead and gone

The site is now dead due to rabies and AIDS and is not expected to return anytime soon.

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