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He actually believed he was pregnant.
Pretending to be Deviantart-favicon.png SpunkyWulf

Yoko Beaumont, AKA Billy Horton, Indigo-Nightfall, colleen_kiyoneko, amongst others, is a 25 year old furry who spends most of his time online impersonating artists and random furries he finds on Furaffinity, DeviantArt, Steam, Furcadia, IMVU, Star Trek Online, The Gamma Quadrant, OSGrid, and Second Life, just to name a few. He also has a habit of taking the identities of people who either call him out or don't go along with his whims, and has even taken the identity of the dead. He then uses their identities to stalk and harass other users and generally makes them out to be bat shit insane while the real identity holders are generally oblivious to his antics. Yes we're serious.

Examples of Yoko Beaumont's insanity

When Yoko initiates contact with someone, it is usually under the guise that he has caught someone else, usually an alt or “distant relative” of his, using their art and/or posting it under their name or he will claim to be someone else who has caught him (Yoko) impersonating them. He will often make up false personas on various websites and interact with them, all with the same insane and controlling mentality that he has. His list of aliases and identities on Second Life alone is, literally, over 9000. These include such names as: Wolfwing String, Isinia Pearl, Flonne Rae, Prowl Shamrock, Chloe Quar, Sodina Tremor, Timber Orsini, Tristan Bosatsu, Tryss Nightire, Yoko Beaumont, Marbles Foxtrot, Broken Galaxy, Shankles Foxtrot, Yoko Beaumont, Nyghtwulf ninetails, Fiona Marksman, Sera Speigel, Sera Minotaur, Fox Brandes, Little Lockjaw -frozen, Elisali Karu, Sapphire Rajal, virtigo41 Sideshow, lufia foxdale, Thanatos ikura, Drae Laville, luna monitor, sera minoaur, kitsu nico, Emerald Mimulus, Lucy Lighthouse, Tryss Nightfire, Sprixer Aeon, Shankles Foxdale, Sera Spiegel, Strider Enoch, Starchaser Inaka, Validantes Wylie, Narusegewa Galli, Inuki Lionheart, Tundra Galaxy, Tau starsider, Evangeline Spires, Renn Tigerpaw, shaylee feiri, paige applemoor, romy spires, nova dexing, chi byron, katty laviscu, marilyn Boxen, lia parkin, tana randt, Mai Kanya, kiri mistwalker, nevin tiponi, Sierra Omizu, Merlot Afterthought, Madison Oxygen, Chino Torok, Da Chrome, Nniki Adder, Sodina Tremor, Sparks Runner, LunaSpirit Neiro, Oleander Rhapsody, Mariko Melody, Anailaigh Engineer, Caramel Titanium, Sunstreak Coy, Kahula Aries, Feral Bluewood, Gier Cyr, Nightgazer Silverspar, Whinge Dagger, Little Pussycat, Starchaser Inaka, Marbles Foxtrot Emerald Mimulus. More to come, we're sure.

He also once tried to charge one person $30 (reduced to $15 because he is so nice) to participate in his cybersex role play universe, on top of being updated as to her where abouts every hour of the day under the threat of being banned from his site. The absurd rules go on and on.

He has also tried to silence the furries on FurAffinity; many have made journals warning other potential victims about this bat shit crazy fucker and his equally insane behaviour. He doesn't take too kindly to this, and as such has contacted FA admins to remove any journal made about him on the grounds of harassment to try and hide his behaviour even more.

Impersonation? On my internets?

One of Yoko's more infamous activities which he engages in, is the impersonation of artists based on the information that is publicly available, including art in most cases, to try and defame the person in question, piss them off, or fulfill some desire that he has to be someone else.


Yoko was recently caught scamming furfags out of their welfare checks on the Second Life HUD "Tintagel Empire". For the full scoop visit their website, which includes more of his antics. They've posted the original article about him in the hope that someone will report him to the internets constabulary, which is a common furfag method of spreading shit about other furfags, somehow unaware that all this does is inform trolls that they're butthurt and easily scammed.

Good show, gentlemen.

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(With money scammed off other people).

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