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Pretty much.

Yooka-Laylee is the 2017 version of Mighty No. 9: a Kickstarter-funded trainwreck, complete with SJW pandering, e-celeb drama, Internet shit flinging and broken promises, all wrapped around an overhyped, cost overrun "spiritual successor" that only aging nostalgiafags trying to relive their days as a kid with their Nintendo 64 would happily play.

In our opinion, just play the original Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel, Banjo-Tooie. You'll have much more enjoyment than this shitshow of drama.

Broken promises

Hey, remember when you were hyped to buy Yooka-Laylee on the Wii U? Yeah, well, too bad, it's canceled, and you're never getting that donation refunded either. If you're a Nintendo dork who's thinking "Who cares, I'll just get the Switch version of the game," you better like digital downloads, because the Switch won't be getting a physical release.


When JonTron went on a livestream with sister fucking League Of Legends player Steven "Destiny" Bonnell to debate, Jontron said some questionable things about blacks and immigration. When the Fags at NeoGAF caught wind of this they autistically screeched at Playtonic Games to dropped his ass for having opinions that aren't popular with their user base. Due to Playtonic being a studio that celebrates diversity in all its forms they announce JonTrons removal becasue of him having different opinions.

Though some argue it makes sense from a business stand point to remove Jontron so it doesn't negatively effect sales, the results was many cancelled pre-orders, backers demanding refunds and Playtonic mass banning people from the steam forums for calling out them selling out to SJWs.


The Yooka-Laylee Shitshow
CuckTron wishes Playtonic the best of luck with their launch of Yooka-Laylee.
No pandering here, no sir.
This video will give you more enjoyment than Yooka-Laylee.


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