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Tim wearing his very first Yoshi costume. Note his dad forcing him to wear it.
Moar liek, Yoshi-lordy assface, amirite?
A great example of Yoshi-lord's art in a nutshell: Unfunny and hatefull to all characters that are not his.

Yoshi-lord, AKA Tim, is yet another happy tree friends obsessed fur-fag that posts crap on deviantART for all other faggots, dykes and retards to see. He also thinks he is some kind of celebrity. Tim likes water, the color blue and weed. He hates fire, the color red and the economy. He claims to be very skinny, wear glasses and that he is friendly, wich are all signs of being a basement-dweller. Did we mention that he's a ponyfag now? Yep, to make him even more of a lolzcow, he's one of the cancer that idolizes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Being an Asshole

Tim is as great at drawing shit art as in being a self-centered asshole. He expects all his viewers so love and worship him above all and to make themselves available for secks at any time (and thats exactly what they give him). When you add him to your watchlist (God forbid), don't be surprised to find a comment on your page like 'Ah, yet another fan of mine' or 'Glad you have found your God, my disciple'. Kinda like his journal entries like 'The king is back!!111ELEVENTYONEONEONE!'. Also a nice one is 'I guess I'm inspired by the artists that came before me. They had so much skill and creative characters, I was driven to be like them, and now I feel as if I am one of those people...If only they were still around to see what I've become'.

This was his reaction to this article: 'How cute, I'm popular enough to be hated...I've seen tons of these about other users, some people have too much time and hate on their minds.'. No, asswipe. You're not hated for being popular, because you're not. You're hated for being an 'ASSHOLE'. Also note how he doesn't give a living shit about pages about other (l)users, as seen in the follwing quote:

Those articles are just attempts to smear good names like mine. Of course, most of the articles have a point, though. Most of the users on DeviantArt are losers...there should be more articles, really. Halfhuman, AnnieTheBeaver,J44,chaotixgirl.. just to name a few..



i'm a fag. my name should be yoshi-fag


—Yoshi-lord's new persona: Yoshi-fag


{The following information is all fact.) Tim had a pretty rough childhood. From the age of 3 the only clothes Tim got to wear were Yoshi costumes. Tim has had 15 Yoshi costumes in total. Because of this Tim has grown the idea of being a Yoshi in human form. Sometimes his parents would set him on fire and beat him up with sticks for 3 minutes. He killed his parents when he was 13 years old. At 14 he was raped by who? you!

His evil plans

Yoshi-lord wants to get revenge on his twisted childhood by dominating the world, together with his lover and crackwhore Tori Sue Heck. He has made various plans, like using an army of furries or building a giant Mecha-Tori, or both, but an official plan still has to be confirmed. Known plans include:

Tim will proberly do all of the above in the order they are listed here. When he will, there shall be lulz indeed.

He's gonna QUILL you! Yes,Tim expects you to go ROFL LMAO now!

Whiney Little Bitch

Tim had his own Der Untergang during the time he wrote this journal entry. The stark reality of every DeviantART is hard for him to sink in.

That's it, this has gone TOO far!

Finding that no one gave a fuck about him anymore, Yoshi-lord decided to do what every lolcow does whenever they stop getting attention and need to be milked. He went BAAAAAWWW like every whiney bitch does.


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 12, 2006, 7:37 AM

'After being here for a while after having been gone for a number of months, I can't help but feel like things have changed a lot in my time away. First of all, people I used to watch have stopped submitting art or even showing up altogether...On top of that, the ones that are still around have gone through almost complete metamorphosises, it's almost like they're completely different people. I feel like people have forgotten about me, or just stopped caring weather I was around or not. The people that used to like my art, fave it and comment now and then just don't do anything these days, and it just makes me feel like I'm being shunned or blanked out like some kind of nobody! Am I the only one that remembers what true friends used to be!? '

I'm being shunned or blanked out like some kind of nobody!



'People just seem to be leaving, or forgetting what they meant to me as friends and fans. It's like ripping the petals off of the flower I call life, and every day that shows signs of people casting away the memories they had of me causes this flower to slowly die...I don't want to sound like the complete opposite of the optimistic I'm known as, but my heart can only endure so much rejection before it finally stops hoping and starts believeing what may someday become the truth. Has my time finally ended, have I been to the peak of my success and been pushed off the edge of my ladder to success? I hate to think in such a way, I mean I REALLY don't like to think this way...But, I'm scarred that these thoughts will become reality for me at this rate. '

Has my time finally ended, have I been to the peak of my success and been pushed off the edge of my ladder to success?



'For those of you who still remember the days you used to watch, comment and talk to me, a reply would bring hope to my heavy heart...I can hardly believe I'm typing this kind of neagtive self-doubt, but that's just as unbelieveable as the fact that some of my oldest friends have forgotten all about the special bonds we used to share. I've always felt like the one person that brings together people from all over just for the sake of friendship and fun, but those fond memories are dying steadily with every day that those old friends remain as neglectful as they have been for a long time now...Why, why do the ones I get closest to abandon me as if I'd never known them? Don't they understand the feelings they're hurting when they turn their backs on the friendship they had? Sometimes I feel like the only one left that still cherishes the time when friends were around every corner, while countless people on my watch list that seem to believe I'm not worth befriending anymore... '

For those of you who still remember the days you used to watch, comment and talk to me, a reply would bring hope to my heavy heart...



'I'm not about to start pointing fingers, but I can guarantee that all the people I thought of as I wrote this journal won't bother to click or read this at all...Which makes me wonder if writing this was worth the time and emotion that was spent to make it, guess that's just my optimism trying one last time to call out the names of those that left me after the times we spent together. No matter how much hatred I throw around, there's always that piece of kindness that makes everything seem much less serious than it really is...I'm doomed to be forgotten, just as I'm doomed to have my message unheard by those who really need to see it. For the first time in what seems like ages, I actually feel like life isn't worth the pain it causes'

After that all his slaves came crawling back from their slavepit and the lulz carried on.

I didn't know you feel like it. Because i do respect your work. i know it takes long time to do these. and you sure deserve more attention for your work. I don't know how to help you with that thought. i am just a humble member of DA.



aw man, i wish i could help other than replying! heh.



I feel like a bad person now. D:>



Hey, you still got me man!



I'd suck your cock if I would'n be such a fucking dyke!



His other Journal Entries

On his Journal of Sat Feb 3, 2007, Tim made a joke. He started his entry with the word 'So, what's been cooking in my life recently? Let's see..' and ended it with '...Well, there you have it. Oh-no, I forgot to turn the heating down when the cooking was done! BLARGH!!. Thinking it was funny or something. In fact he has used this as a running joke trough ALL OF HIS FUCKING JOURNALS SINCE THEN. WTF! (Also, stop F***ING FORGETTING TO TURN DOWN THE HEATING!! Apparently, the phrase "learn from your mistakes" doesn't apply to you.) Also a running joke is whenever he gets a fav he goes all 'thanks, I'll put it with the rest. *Opens up a box and barely fits the new fave inside*. What an asshole. Going 'thanks' as if he means it..make you feel special..

In short, I'm sick of being belittled and stepped on. I won't accept it anymore...If this place wishes to prod and push me in such ways, I may soon see little reason to remain a part of DeviantART.


— Yoshi-Lord

Outrageous Quotes

Some quote's of Tim, from various sources. Mostly DA.

  • 'DA is a great place for artists like myself, too bad there's so many peaple who are my fans, while being shit artists. I should start my own website with only my art'
  • (To a flamer) 'I dont care about your critisism since you are even worse at drawing then most of my fans. '
  • Responding to someone thanking him for the fav (yes, even Tim faves occasionly) )'Thanks Marnodor, hope my gallery isn't too big for ya. ^^;'HINT! HINT!'
  • (Responding to someone asking to be friends)'You can watch me if you like.'
  • (To another artist, about a pic made for Tim) 'Thanks pal, even the scruffiest of characters look presentable in your style'
  • (Opinion on fan fic) 'Putting the fact that making a fan fiction based upon a flash series about animals getting killed is a lame-ass idea aside, this fan fic sucks balls big time. The way you write scenes is a laugh, and so is the way you use the characters. They just have a huge orgy together, exept for Flippy. Like..he's the only character that doesnt have any sex in the whole story. That doesnt make sense to me.'
  • (Respondnign to comment: 'Thank you for the faves o great one!') '"Great one?" I like the sound of that.'. I bet you do, you self-observed piece of crippled horseshit.

Ihave no idea, but I can tell you this much...Once enough interest is generated, people start to feel the momentum and energy and often jump up to host it, in the hopes of crowning an upstanding champ. Who knows, it might even be me!- Response to the news another HTF Tournament is in town.(Or forums).

  • (Commenting on the page of fellow HTFfag) 'And yes, ED is a fucked up place filled with jealous and enveous punks who want to cause pain to hide their own. Assholes.' Wow, he really loves us.
  • (Commenting on an Art trade picture of one of his character... Naked): 'It looks better than I thought it would be, I mean your gallery is full of shit but this is great! I guess you worked harder for the picture because you like my gallery HINT HINT! ^^'

Video Footage

Rare footage of Tori Sue Heck and Tim.
Yoshi-Lord recently made a video for all those haters out there.
He makes a solid statement.


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