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Asking for it

Yosuga no Sora (ヨスガノソラ) Sky Of Connection is a hardcore, Japanese manga, Animu and visual novel that centers on the Weaboo fantasy of Twincest or getting to Fuck and/or rape their twin sister because they're too hideous to get someone of their own that isn't a part of their family tree along with the other weaboo fantasy of being hot enough to get a harem of willing girls willing to fuck them without having to pay for it first.

The story focuses on fraternal twins Haruka and Sora Kasugano who are forced to go live on their grandmother's farm because their pagan Azn god decided to give their parents life's big banhammer when it killed them in a car wreck just for Shits and Giggles.

Like so many Japanese twincest stories, the main characters have an intense spiritual connection due to their being born twins, their occasional playing the old in/out game while in their mother's uterus, having similar souls and being so physically alike. The whole story is just a set-up to get the twins to finally play Hide The Tuna Roll by having them rationalize every reason why they shouldn't be fucking.

Like a 7th grade emo, the majority of their excuses revolve around how they were unfairly uprooted from their happy home and lives because, GOD forbid, their parents died and instead of going outside and making new friends while living on their grandmother's farm, they'd rather wallow in their own self pity. Furthermore, the story plays on the masculine idea of men having an inmate desire to protect. The story focuses heavily on Haruka's sister, Sora, being frail and ill and will always be in need of someone taking care of her.

If you know anything about twincest stories then there's no need to tell you that Haruka and Sora fuck like a Japanese tentacle monster happening on a sorority house during a pajama party.


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The whole plot is designed to work like a pedophile's fan fiction where, in story, his daughter has a sleep over with her best friend for one reason or another. Some time during the night, the mother and daughter need to leave the house, for one reason or another, leaving the daughter's underaged friend all alone with the father. What start's off as innocent play, like tickling, quickly turns into hard core consensual fucking where a 12-year-old girl is more sexually experienced than the most street wise hooker or porn star partying at Charlie Sheen's house, making the whole event perfectly justifiable to the writer's morality with the added bonus of, while Sora is hiding away inside her grandmother's house like a 40-year-old manchild, Haruka is outside getting friendly with and fucking all the neighborhood girls before he finally fucks his sister.

Simply, Yosuga No Sora is a weak story that relies heavily on Fanservice while using plot devices from weak 1970s romance, such as Love Story, where the viewer knows that the brother and sister will be fucking by the end of the story because they spend so much time together and just has to stick around to the end to see their expectations answered.

Love means never having to say you're sorry because you didn't wear a condom with your twin sister.

Love means never having to say you're sorry when you've knocked up your twin sister


Sora Kasugano

Sora Kasugano is your basic, petite, quite, fragile type fuck hole that all the Weeaboo boys want to go to Japan and fuck but she'd rather save herself for her brother's steaming piece of man meat than touch their fat, sweaty asses.

Her excuse, or rather the creator's excuse, for wanting to fuck her twin brother is that she is denied a normal life due to her many illnesses and that she never got to know her mommy and daddy because they died when she was 3.

Most of her time is spent Schlicking on the internet, as a way of trying to seduce her brother while he sits at her side and to learn some killer sex moves when she finally does seduce him.

Like most teenage girls, a majority of her time is spent thinking about sex, just not with you, and how to properly seduce her twin brother. Ways have included climbing into the bathtub with him, stroking his cock while he's asleep and just undressing in front of him while screaming, "Fuck me, my Samurai lord!" Unsurprisingly, she gets the preggers from her brother and in the sequel, Haruka na Sora, they get married because Japan is an anything goes country that lets brothers and sisters marry.

Haruka Kasugano

Haruka Kasugano is the lucky bastard, in story, with a ten inch dick and a harem of Women at his fingertips. When he isn't being slowly brainwashed by his sister into a world of perversion, incest and rationalizations from her such as the Bible condoning incest with Lot and his daughters, he is busting nuts on every girl in his school.

Where his sister Sora might be a whiny little Crybaby that goes on and on about how she can't get over her parent's big banhammer after 10 years or how sick she is and needs Haruka around to take care of her, Haruka is the type that accepts life as it is and carry on.

Most of the possible romantic paths in the story are simply booty calls, but if Haruka follows Sora's path, he will find out that she is the one and they become committed lovers. During the story line he is caught Giving the bone to the dog by Nao and Kozue who express their disgust with him and question why he has to screw his sister when there're so many hot pieces of ass that are more than willing to fuck him.

After some series soul searching and some attempts at breaking up with his sister, Haruka realizes that his little sister is the best piece of ass that he has ever had and after he and his sister cosplay the two-backed monster one too many times, he knocks her up with what will probably be a banjo playing kid with webbed feet.

Akira Amatsume

Haruka's classmate and former Shrine Maiden of her adopted grandfather's Shinto shrine up until she meets Haruka and gets renamed Shrine Whore.

Basically your hyperactive, ADHD, character that runs around like they've eaten a hand full of speed. Because of her innocent/stupid personality, she is often taken advantage of by the elderly who want her to clean their houses, cook their dinners, chase ghosts out from under their beds and getting made to go pick up their porn as it is released.

All she is is a recycled version of Kigome from Inuyasha, with the added bonus of having the embarrassing secret that she may be the illegitimate daughter of one of the main female character's father.

Kazuha Migiwa

Another Animu cliche. Kazuka is your always present, well educated, entitled and well cultured rich girl that has, somehow, been blinded by current liberal sensibilities and has come to love people more than money.

Fans have speculated that she and Akira echo Haruka and Sora in that they might be, and the story heavily suggests that they are, Scissor sisters in that Kazuha is aware that Akira is her illegitimate half-sister but she still harbors sexual feelings for her.

Nao Yorihime

Your basic big titted, Anime hottie that has a genius level IQ, is absolutely gorgeous, is well versed in making many different and tasty sammiches and loves to fuck.

Despite her absolute Mary Sue perfection, Mao is the sexual predator of the area and Raped Haruka a year or two earlier. Because she was his first, Nao's raping Haruka proves that Surprise Sexing someone can actually be a good thing and can lead to strong romantic feelings and a friendship between the rapist and their later consenting partner.

Despite Nao being the neighborhood Sexual Predator and all around sick fuck, she chooses to end her relationship with Haruka when she walks in on him boning his sister because incest is just too creepy for her.

Other Characters

Really of no importance, as most of them are used mostly to either branch off a plot or motivate a character with advice or pressure.

They mostly serve to, painfully, pad the story like the many filler stories that plague Naruto so that the manga can catch up with the anime.

For instance, Ryouhei Nakazato is Haruka's loser friend that serves as comic relief because Ryouhei thinks he's uber cool and can Chris-Chan pick up girls with his lame lines such as, "Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you." His whole role in the story is to point out the obvious and tell the character how to fix it through advice.

He's basically Yoda if he were a D-Bag, wannabe stud with no real experience when it comes to girls.

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  • National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.HOPE (4673).
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