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Someone wanna help this guy?


Girlvinyl, trying to be nice.

Saga of Stupidity

Original Email to Girlvinyl

Dear GV...i needz halp!

Ive been told that you are not supposed to type an unused name an then click "create this page?", and that you should'nt make an article with a name like What am I supposed to do instead?

Trying to Help

Just create it in your user space. Instead of making an article:

make it:

get it?



Troll/Moron Discovery

evil_weevil: is anyone fucking viewing this shit?

Established troll. Ignore.


Killhamster knows what is up.

What Happened

So he goes and literally makes Your user space/your article name...

  • (Plumbing log); 16:03 . . Piercedanon (Talk | Contribs) flushed "Your user space/your article name" (wtf is this?)


Stupidity mot.jpg
Get a brain morans.jpg

4:03:48 MATTY-X: who the fuck is Wiseone?
4:04:04 Hitler: wat
4:04:12 MATTY-X: I can see everyone got pissed at him earlier or something
4:04:20 MATTY-X: that user who made that shit post just now
4:05:04 MATTY-X: guy who just made that
4:05:08 dan: oh god
4:05:20 dan: i tried to help that dipshit on the list
4:05:25 dan: that sherrod was talking about
4:05:30 Hitler: fuck him
4:05:36 Hitler: fuck him in the ass, dan
4:05:40 dan: lol yeah
4:05:43 dan: for being dumb
4:05:52 Hitler: you can rape him if you want
4:05:54 Hitler: do it
4:05:55 Hitler: DO IT
4:06:07 dan: ill probably give him more help
4:06:12 Hitler: don't
4:06:17 dan: okay
4:06:18 Hitler: he had his chance
4:06:28 MATTY-X: "Don't make it again"? What makes you think you ahve the authority to control what another member posts here?
4:06:29 Hitler: I give people 2 tries
4:06:37 dan: how hard is it to understand "your user space"
4:06:39 MATTY-X: he posted that on Pink poodle's talk page
4:06:41 MATTY-X: lol
4:06:44 Hitler: lol wut
4:06:46 Hitler: srsly?
4:06:51 Hitler: I'm going to fuck him up
4:06:53 Hitler: hold on
4:06:54 MATTY-X: yes
4:07:17 Hitler: link
4:07:18 Hitler: plz
4:07:23 Hitler: link to section too
4:07:30 MATTY-X: k
4:07:38 dan: fuck him up forever...he emailed me back
4:07:38 MATTY-X:
4:07:41 dan: "thanks"
4:07:43 dan: *facepalm*
4:07:49 Hitler: kk
4:10:43 dan:
4:11:00 evil_weevil: is anyone fucking viewing this shit
4:11:06 evil_weevil: who is michael flores
4:11:10 evil_weevil: that dude is fucking lolling me
4:11:11 dan: a retard
4:11:13 Hitler: where
4:11:14 Hitler: ?
4:11:16 evil_weevil: yeah dude
4:11:18 evil_weevil: hes a serious retard
4:11:19 dan: on the list
4:11:22 Hitler: ah
4:11:25 evil_weevil: Michael Flores to users-owner
4:11:31 evil_weevil: P.S. Please insult/mess up the profile of user "Matthew 10:38" with those
4:11:31 evil_weevil: pictures of people with poo smeared on their penis & grenades crushing their
4:11:31 evil_weevil: penis because they performed a non-ethical action by saying I was a
4:11:31 evil_weevil: fucking retard who should kill myself.
4:11:39 Hitler: LOL
4:11:42 Hitler: HAHAHGAGHAH
4:11:49 dan: i told him to make his edits in "your user space/your aricle name"
4:11:49 proxor: i can;t live, if lving is weevout you
4:12:05 dan: so he made [[your user space/your article name]]
4:12:11 evil_weevil: lol
4:12:15 proxor: xD
4:12:18 proxor: incredible
4:12:19 MATTY-X: what a jackass
4:12:19 Hitler: I am not on the user mailing list T.T
4:12:20 dan: so stupid, he has to be a troll
4:12:25 evil_weevil: dunno dude
4:12:28 Hitler: he's just a nigger
4:12:34 evil_weevil: i think hes probably that stupid
4:12:41 proxor: impossible
4:12:42 evil_weevil: hes clearly seriously autistic
4:12:49 Hitler: yes
4:12:50 evil_weevil: man i have like this thing
4:12:51 Hitler: lol
4:12:57 dan: im actually laughing out loud
4:13:03 Hitler: same
4:37:16 DONTHAX: damn i didn't get to be on the log =(

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