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YouTube Poop is a term used to describe YouTube videos that consist of a bunch of clips from random cartoons mashed together with shitty jokes and over-used running gags. The name is a rare display of competence from YouTube as it shows that they recognize these videos as shit. Similar to AMVs, but much, much worse (don't ask how that is so; noone knows why). The first YouTube Poop was I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL by SuperYoshi. In a shocking twist, some people who make these videos scarcely use these clips, opting for either their own memes or something more "original". Regardless, most YouTube Poops are surprisingly popular, enough so to have spawned a site. According to that site, many good memes are considered old and forced, which is so true it's not even funny. These YouTube Poops are also posted in many an article (mostly the Sonic the Hedgehog article) by attention whore YouTube Poop makers so they can attempt to get recognition. Many parents and their kids have seen this epic fail, so they criticized the YTP society and blocked their kids from watching videos on YouTube.


The Myth

Some YouTubers believe that YTP is created by SuperYoshi, or some asshole who doesn't have a life. Some geniuses believe it was created by MrSimonAlt. Who gives a flying shit? For all of the retrofags out there who has watched at least 100 animations from Last Thursday, they believe that YTP All your base are belong to us (except the longest-running shows) that were canceled around....1995-2002. lulz

The true predecessors

Daffy Duck

Myra Breckingridge

It's okay if you fapped to this.

Some ausfags

The true predecessor of pooping has been traced back by Aspies to the mid-80s. That was when an Austrian artfilmfag named Martin Arnold started cutting up video tapes and film strips of old movies no one remembers and taping them back together so that the same scenes repeat over and over and it looks like the characters are humping things. His most famous "movie" came about in 1998 when he tore up VHS copies of Andy Hardy, and created Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy. Unlike his modern day successors, filmfags cream themselves over his work and try to claim that they contain symbolism and said humping represents hidden Freudian desires in the actors or some shit. Same filmfags would probably never be caught dead watching a Youtube Poop.

AKA Cult Toons

In 1999, Cartoon Network U.K. took Arnold's methods and added childhood nostalgia to the mix with Cult Toons, a remix series that aired on the late night block aka Cartoon Network. This cut up classic cartoons and used memes derived from black person movies and other lame-ass shows to really add little new or relevant to the series being used for the memes. So successful was this that CN canceled it and replaced it with endless reruns of Space Ghost and failed pilot shorts from Seth McFarlane.

Typical Youtube Poop



He is thou whom openeth Pandora's anus and first scateth upon YouTubius. (A.K.A. THE FUCKING CREATOR OF THIS SHIT)

The faggotry that started it all:


Though banned from YouTube, Igiulamam lived on through her other account, Youtube-favicon.png oiramapap before retiring to become a furfag on DeviantArt. She is especially popular for her Robotnik music videos (or YouTube Poop Music Videos, YTPMV's), including "Tomorrow I'll", "It's From the Show", and "Robotnik's Tea Party". She was exposed for the furry she is at one point, but refused to admit just how sick she really is.

An example of the shit she creates:


Best known for his Robotnik poops, which are all shit, as well as his erotic relationship with haggis, as well as Coming Soon on Sesame Street, Ideh, and Diploma Dope. He started the pingas meme. His alt account is KingStegBlob, which he just uses to upload episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario and the Captain N cartoons, as well as the "Sonic Sez" segments from said Sonic show. His most noted sexual fantasy involves him becoming the owner of the moon, which he enjoys shoving in his anus. (He has a contract to prove it. Unfortunately, due to a time paradox, it expired 1,239 days ago, just like him. Boo-hoo.) He's also a /v/irgin, which just adds to the fail. Currently claims to have retired.

mrSimonAlt (also ElectrictheCheese)

The most disgustingly popular of these cunts. He is an all-powerful britfag and faps to pictures of himself. His over-inflated ego could fill the Pacific ocean. Wishes he wasn't a virgin such as the majority of his fanbase.


Terminally unfunny cunthead who thinks ear-rape and shitty WMM effects are the paragon of hilarity.


"Deepercutt, when it comes to love he's dust, when it comes to being lucky he's dust" -Kroboproductions

Deepercutt is one of the best poopers, he is a awesome 13 year old boy who is a black person.

Deepercutt IRL



An extremely lackluster pooper with no idea what he is doing. Retarded users watch his videos. He was once suspended. This caused a bunch of stupid ass fanboys to get butthurt. But he eventually got his account back for spending good time for something this serious. If you give a big enough shit about it, you can read about it on his dA account.

At one stage he released a video revealing that his dog had AIDS or something and asking everyone to pray for him; so evidently he is a Christfag; which puts him on a whole new level of retardation.

His account was hacked by Capcom, and it was closed. Gay members whined for a bit and things have cooled down. He plans on releasing his poops into theaters and getting fucked by the MPAA and returning to Hell to animate for assholes who don't respect him anyway.


Pooper who makes lulz by making cartoon characters fuck each other with awesome sentence mixing in WMM.

Hot orgies!

KroboProductions[Now Dikekike/KroboConjunctions/Nigger]

An unfunny furfag who creates incredibly slow-paced poops. He hasn't made anything since last Thursday, so they've turned to Deepercutt. With 22,775 subscribers, he was probably the next self-indulgent subscriber fanservice whore.


Unfunny Jew who tends to think that sentence mixing about incest, furfaggotry, and phallic body parts is entertaining. Also has real videos, but nobody cares about that shit.


"Scary" YouTube pooper who is in no way similar to LinkOnDrugs. Currently claims to be a woman. Couldn't even spell it's own name right (there are 2 L's in falafel)

re-uploaded for your enjoyment because even it refuses to watch its own videos


Probably the most unfunny of the bunch, mainly due to the fact that his videos typically consist of nothing but poorly done sex jokes and Adobe Premiere effect spam. That being said, almost any of the faggot 13-year-old boys currently taking over this site's niggerbase will argue that cs188 is the best motherfucking pooper in the world. He is also known for liking Nickelback.




A Canadian basement dweller that makes ear raping poops. When he cannot come up with ideas he adds excessive sauce and sex jokes.




He is a American douchebag who does black jokes and uses only one source since he cannot use other sources.


Boxxy dressed up as a youtube poop whore who likes "Big black cock" and likes to suck Deepercut's penis all the time. She has a obsession with Bill Cosby and usually makes poops of old TV shows that nobody cares about.Is also unfunny and a hick of cs188.


A total pussy of a Pooper, who is notorious for his insistence on keeping his poops clean. This of course horribly limits the shit he can do, so his videos are largely composed of nothing but swapping words around here and there, or forward-reversing so much that half of any given poop is just people going "Sus" over and over again.


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