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Foundation25 March 2012
Major Boards/b/, /yu/,
Epic Wins

YuChan is a Yugoslav imageboard that started out as an exclusively Slovenian Chan.si, but was later rebranded to accommodate for a wider audience of all ex-Yugoslav nations. For a brief time it had a rival YugoChan. After a month-long fight for Yugosphere *chan populace dominance YugoChan surrendered and ceased operating, leaving YuChan as the main imageboard for the region of ex-Yugoslavia. The generic name assigned to anonymous posters on YuChan is Sakib, originating from a meme.

The primary board of YuChan is /yu/ where a wide range of discussion topics take place, revolving mainly but not exclusively around issues related to the nations of ex-Yugoslavia, which is also where the majority of the site's posters are from. The most commonly used languages are English and sometimes the languages of ex-Yugoslav nations. Posters on /yu/ are assigned a flag of the country from which they post and an ID unique to them withing a thread to prevent samefagging. Posters from ex-Yugoslav nations also get a red star next to their flag, while posters detected to be using a proxy are given a triangular P icon.

The official language of YuChan is Kajkavian but other languages such as Serbian and English are used as well, albeit frowned upon.


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