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Kill it before it lays eggs.

Tanya Sangsnit (aka Yuikami, Snapesnogger v2, Snapesnogger: Electric Rape Boogaloo) is your typical, everyday devianTARTlet with a burning desire to destroy everything with a vagina on the internet in order to keep all the virtual cock for herself. Her main fapping material is the massive gay fuck-fest that is Team Fortress 2, for which she has created a 'self insert' which she hilariously calls an original character. Said character then proceeds to get up to some wacky hi-jinks with the men of TF2. A few of these activities include raping them (sometimes with her own tentacles), slut shaming every other woman on the planet minus herself and sucking any cock which enters a 100 mile radius of her. If it can be classified as male, she'll make it fuck her.

Men are stable minded because every war was started by women, amirite?.
The last thing you see before your ass is destroyed.
Proof that Bitchkami is nothing but a spoilt fat leech that lives off her parent's money and buys nothing but expensive, worthless shit while claiming that's she's broke.

The Drama

In all honesty, this topic could drag on to the moon and back. Tanya follows regular TARTlet behavior meaning that she gorges herself on every scrap of attention that human beings show her, be that positive, negative or just plain trolling. She partakes in this hobby largely on tumblr where her grotesque following of white knights and brown-nosed fans worship everything she shits out for them. It is also on this site that her previously admirable artistic skills took a nosedive into the ShitFort as she decided to give up on genuine practice in favor of tracing over meme's with her own image and 'drawing' more dildo related jokes than this universe can physically contain. Some of the more idiotic humans among us have decided to feed her through the tumblr ask system, nearly always as anon. This, however, allows for more lulz to arise as Tanya proceeds to track the anons to their addresses or blogs and do absolutely nothing about it (except possibly posting a badly drawn meme of herself), proving just how badass she truly is.

Her Love For The Dick

Tanya has a special place in her heart for cock or anything that has a cock (or tentacles) on it. This insane infatuation allows her to delude herself into believing that cocks are the supreme beings of this earth, whereas anything without one is about as important as a condom to a trekkie. This in turn allows her to think that a cock has every right to stick itself wherever it wants and in whoever it wants. Her point of view on such matters is as follows;

I couldn’t care less about violent, sex, rape and drug when it comes to role-playing. [And maybe I do ‘very little’ in reality]...I don’t give a damn if you’ve been though shitload of problems those were causing you mental instability shit sickness, and I also couldn’t care less about other human-beings except the ones close to me.


Her love of the cock is so obsessive that she even resorts to taunting her own gender in favor of it. In fact, it seems that she does not consider herself comple- excuse me, her characters, are not complete without a dick rammed into them. Her mental train of thought can be considered as such; COCKCOCKCOCKCOCKCOCK.

Original Characters and Self Obsession

In truth, both of these things are one and the same. Tanya's mental obsession with herself extends into the real word through her original characters which partake in the usual Mary Sue exploits (and more). Her favorite little depiction of herself and most extensively used at the moment is her TF2 character, The Messenger. This darling little fuckwit replaces the more convenient methods of communication such as a telephone, computer or announcement system (which already exists in-game). Basically she runs around the game maps doing nothing but get in the way and, of course, all of the men love her without question. Her obsession started as most do, on deviantART. Here is where she, like so many others, began her descent into the shit-filled inferno that she dwells in to this day. Her self-indulgence started out rather tame, consisting mainly of a predictable OC and badly written fanfiction of the fairly obscure Polish game, The Witcher 2. It was, however, already obvious that she loved the cock, the main focus of her art having to do with her and a male character interacting in some stupid way. Slowly but surely, she gathered a small army of fans whom she would train constantly until they evolved into the massive force of white knights that she controls today. Eventually someone introduced her to Team Fortress 2 and any hope for her salvation was lost.


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