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An example of Zabasearch in action.

Zabasearch is a sort of real-world Frienditto, allowing people to search for information that they believe is secret, but actually is not, on the internets. This, of course, is causing massive amounts of drama.

How Zabasearch Works

Zabasearch simply scours the public records by name, and then publishes the information available to them. Often, it will simply have the last public record of where you lived, your last phone number, etc.

If you pay money to them, you can also see a satellite image of your last public place of residence, employment, and sexual position.

Typically, the "comprehensive report" that gets sent out later is very poor in quality and uses a lot of automated guesswork.

How Zabasearch Creates Drama

Namely, people are fucking stupid. No one wants to understand that there's only a limited amount of privacy one has, and most of the Zabasearch information can be found in the phone book. Ironically enough, those who are pissed off the most are also politically active, which means their public voting records are on display, too.

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