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Zac Bertschy is a fat ass burnt out Reject Weeaboo who is currently to this day the executive editor of Anime News Network. However, beyond that scope, he is a nostalgia ridden hambeast responsible for the creation of Colony Drop, the current fiancee of fucktoy weeaboo Hope Chapman Jesuotaku of TGWTG fame, and an overall irritable bias bending fact cooking California dwelling tumor that thrives on the blood and rape produced sexual fluids of anime fans everywhere.


Currently does not have a soul, though he attempts to express it through bitterness and "witty", "snarky", and "biting" snide "sarcasm". He is also a pro self insulting hypocritical Japanese purist, specifically stating that if you aren't Japanese in origin, you aren't exotic enough to be used, abused, and raped by him, and that you are less than trash because all anime has to be from Japan or you're not anime, just a wannabee.

He prides himself as a Democrat, although his views are just as bad as any Social Justice Warrior and Male Feminist. He is a frequent advocate of Anti-Moe Japan, and claims that all of anime that like moe and cute things are pedophiles; there won't be any time you hear him not yell about how his precious hobby of anime has turned into things he's seen as "kid's stuff" and not make him look like the tough cool self pretentious faggot nerd he is. There was at one point a time where he got angry at anime fans about a show that hosted airsoft guns[1] and moe[2] lolis and ragged at them just to get some steam off out of his asshole; ironically, he is married to a woman 10 years younger than him (he was born in 1980; Hope was born in 1990; MOTHERFUCKINGMATH!!). Guess like any hypocrite high standing pasty judgemental fuck who sits in a cushy job, he sure enjoys his hypocrisy and closet skeletons, huh?


Ties to Colony Drop

Sometime during the mid 2000s, when anime was turning away from old hat to new faces regarding story content and material for shows, Zac was very butthurt about how Japan wasn't catering to his favors. You see, after several years of being an anime fan, a lot of hard cores at their 20s usually A. Get a life, B. Say fuck it and just embrace what they like even if the times change, or C. Move on to other things. Zac did not enjoy that, and instead chose the embittered, deluded elitist forum lurker path of being a whiny culturally non existent hypocritical First World privileged spoiled fatass that he was, much like any Reject Weeaboo and Japanophile that thinks they own the country, despite never having touched foot in the country other than the typical week long vacation in Tokyo and forever having first impressions when a cute Japanese girl leaves your stupid pasty ass and when a Japanese salaryman pushes you down, fucks you in the ass with a samurai sword, and then runs over you like the doormat you are. Being a fat loser like Arudou Debito and motivated by bitter resentment because back in your AMERICAN hometown, you never took the lesson to fuck over your aggressors and instead took the path to remain as the pussy deprived dickless vindictive nerd you are, isn't that right Zac?

Back to the point, much to any of our surprise, *GASP* Zac had friends! OMFG And after getting together after luring underage b& at an anime convention and raping her gangland style, they decided to do what was never done before: Put up a cool *FUCKINDUMBcoff* anime website, because anime creators and producers weren't sucking their dick anymore. What a fuckin' surprise.

Anime News Network Career

Well.... Where do we begin.

Zac's career all started back in 1998, when he was a rising young star in the world of anime reporting and journalism. Into 1999, Zac set foot in ANN's first days- And so, begins his severe fall from grace.

Zac is quite known for being a fair AHAHHAHAHA fuck no hahahahaha no no no no no no he's not. Hahaha... Zac is actually quite a bitter oldfag who's long grown out his Animu Fan Club card from college. Not only fat, bulging fat and titanic whale fat but he's also tinges with pasty tired and weathered "I hate the fucking job" all over him. Believe us, when you see a picture of him, you'll know.

Anyways, Zac's the kind of reviewer, much like those of the epic and lulzy Zoe Quinn and whomever fucked up the ladder on GamerGate at Kotaku, only he's gone far, far under the radar due thanks to the garb of obscurity and how anime was long a niche and leet nerd underground fuck you to normfags and elitist white people. He's infact gone and done his Zoe Quinn level style of reviewing for YEARS (counting 17 now) since Anime didn't suck his dick like the levels of Gundam 0079, Cowboy Bebop and Akira.

His reviewing can be summed up like this:

Moe, Cute, Schoolgirls, not made for men = Trash

Anything with guys in it and is SUPER MATURE = Trash

Anything Shounen = Trash

Anything Artsy = Trash

Anything too Japanese = Trash

Evangelion = Trash

Anything by Hayao Miyazaki = 8.8/10

Anything that was approved by the basement dweller American Anime fandom = GOLD 10/10

"Anything that was like Cowboy Bebop and Gundam and caters to my tastes" = ORGASM 10/10

You see, it's not really hard to know why people don't like him. Much like any eager dumbfuck who thought that they were gonna get shipped with a big budget blockbuster title to jack off and lathe admiration onto when they think that reviewing will get their foot in the door of whatever big budget entertainment industry they aim for, Zac's truly a shining example of the wannabee critic.

What is the wannabee critic?

The Wannabee Critic is the kind of stupid foolish fucktard fag who has a very narrow view of the world, follows the ways of sucking the literal cock off of people than following their own discretion, and sits around doing fuck all instead of reading, studying, or going outside. Zac's never had that spirit that all of our beloved badass or smooth talking or stylish or charismatic whomever protagonists and heroes that are paraded in public has- ie "FUCK YOU IT'S MY LIFE". When one has to be a critic, a series of criterion must be formed so that a basis of standard can be known to know whether or not something can be considered art or shit. As we can all see, Zac... Has none of that. What, an anime reviewer gets his criterion from going on his own impetus and will to study actual Japanese culture and actual things so that he knows what the fuck is different from whatever and has a broad but defined and focused definition of what's going on and to make a definite decision?

You want to know why this shitminstrel is on the level of That Guy With The Glasses and Kotaku?

He said "WELL TAHT'S BULLSHITE I'M A GENIOUS AS IT IS FUCK KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING IM A REVIEWER BECAUSE I NEED TO GET LAID" and followed it in his heart since he set foot on his quest of self centered deluded dumbfuckery. That's why he's a fuckin' Wannabee Critic. That's why he IS lumped with those fuckers. That's why he has an article here at ED. If he didn't the writer wouldn't be wasting his fuckin' time with this shit and would be jacking off to his porn stache right now in peace, away from anyone, but NOOOO.....

Aside from the fact that he came from the generation that gave us Skinamax and the likes of Dinosaur Island, in short, Zac is a very fuckin' bad reviewer. What the fuck else do I need to say more about this loser?

Click this shit. Fucking click it. [3]

Go through all of this shit. I dare you. Every fucking word he says, it's just oozing with that aforementioned shit. Does it need to be hammered into your head like a fuckin' nail? Anyways.....

Since 1999, this has been his thing. Don't get us wrong, there are fair reviewers out there, but we can safely say that there are plenty of people like him who were inspired by him. Hell, look at Bennett the Sage and Jesuotaku. Look at Colony Drop and THEM Anime reviews. It's not hard to say why ladies turn away from anime nerds and why they don't get laid. They're fuckin' assholes. What a legacy.

Getting asshurt and staking his professional career in sake of fighting with those online? Yeah, he's done it

Another amazingly bad thing he's done is his Agony Aunt/Uncle/Dear Abbey style editorial of HEY, ANSWERMAN!

And this is where shit gets LEGENDARY.

The Cancellation of Kodomo no Jikan: ZAC'S PENILE ANTI IMPOTENCE TREATMENT

You know, I remembered hearing about this title back when our lolicon wars were raging, but I never really looked it up; your synopsis there doesn't mention how old the Rin character is, so I had to look it up.

She's in 3rd grade. And apparently this manga is pretty popular with the loli crowd so I have to assume it's unsubtle about what the point of the whole thing is.


While I can't possibly endorse this release - the whole concept makes my flesh crawl - so far, not even the hardcore gay porn you find in manga aisles has managed to cause any kind of a stir. This is - I think, anyway - the first lolicon title that's explicit enough to be released here with shrinkwrap, so the potential for danger is probably higher than it is with yaoi manga, but for right now I'm not sure I'd be panicked about this release.

Is it gross and wrong? Yes. Do I wish Seven Seas would just leave this particular Pandora's Box alone and maybe consider not releasing comic book kiddie porn? Of course. But they will anyway. Maybe we'll get lucky and nobody will buy it and they'll stop barking up the pedo tree, but for now, we just have to hold on and hope that this is silently put into only a few markets, disappears, and is then never heard about again.


Try googling Nymphet and Answerman together. Anime News Network's got that search locked down harder than Kotaku does about shit on Zoe Quinn and Hideki Kamiya.

To bring context to this amazing, unaforementioned, and unyet heard of incident....

Answerman was an editorial periodical piece started by Fatass Bertschy in January 17th, 2001 (Hasshin!) and lasted up until November 28th, 2008 (So Long, Suckers!).

In this brilliant display of time and cause, not only this comes to show how far and bitter Zac has come to this current day, but also showcases a brilliant and lulztastic filled case of what one fat, illminded and dumbass fuck will take to get all of the moeh animu off of his shelves in the US.

On May 18th, 2007, war was beginning. Kodomo no Jikan was a series made by a woman and was made for Japanese audiences out in Japan. However, when Del Ray Publishing decided to port it out to the US, they went with the name Nymphet. As if that name isn't as fucking subtle as Lolita.

Sometime during this, Zac was frustrated. He had enough. He woke up tired, grumpy, and with frustration to take out on. Every woman he met rejected his advances. His dick was hard. He realized that using his fandom as an excuse to be cool wasn't working out for him and that in actuality he was a fucking loser. But then he heard about Kodomo no Jikan. Moe animu. With lolis. He knew wat to do He was ready. Because he was an anime reviewer and some low level blue collar stiff fuck out of California, he did it. He put on his Answerman fucktard costume, zipped down his fly, screamed for a second because he is a scrawny sounding fuck and tore his vocal cords, and leapt out onto the streets and into the airport to go to Tokyo for his mission of securing the future of mango and animu in the face of the dreaded moeh because it threatened his manhood.

He yelled at creator Kaworu Watashiya with all of his might and came as hard as he could. He yelled the fuck out at her, telling her that she was a "stupid nip cunt", saying she knew nothing about girls, nothing about ladies, nothing about anything, because she was from Japan and because he was from America, because we all know that in America gender equality and sexual responsibility is the highest throughout the world. His jizz splashed on her face, and he yelled at her to lick it off or else he would track her down and rape her for great justice and tape it live for her editors and all of the Japanese nation to see because he was that important dammit. And all in the purpose of desiring her to stop creating Kodomo no Jikan because he did it for the children. Mara bless his stupid crazy batshit gorilladick raping insane self.

It would make any SJW Feminist proud to know that he did this and forever, he became an unknown hero of Internet Humanitarianism and White Knighting everywhere in the White People dominated culture enforce Murica forever. He was then awarded an Enlightening and Saving the Stupid Nips special medal by himself made of paper machaie from his cum and piss and whatever moeh manga he got after beating up whomever innocent bystander on the street that crossed his path.

In reality though, Zac pretty much at this point was the original faggot that EVERY SJW and White Knighting Internet Humanitarianism fuckhead ever DREAMED to be, years before their fucktard agenda and desire to rule the world because power is fear and evil apparently. Through his faggot fat ass and his high seat throne, he essentially told off a Japanese woman that her girl centered series about a girl third grader who had shit parents and needed a fuckton of life guidance and that the story was willing to go into more controversial gray area territory of sexuality, perceptions of being admired, and gender roles through a very, very young protagonist responsibly without sexual undertones that their culture was totally okay with, was awful, dirty, pedophile attracting, not to his tastes, horrendous, sinful, blasphemous, and outright evil to everything anime that was to him, his other likeminded cocksucking ilk, and all of his faggot orgy engaging faghomos on Colony Drop without even looking at a page of it. To this day, he is admired by them and daily he gets letters of recommendation that his pure male fandom is willing to jerk him off and make him feel like the Animu Hero Kingu he is.....

However.... Zac still felt rornery. The fact that he attracted MALES didn't do anything. Sure, he cummed onto Kaworu Watashiya, went to Japan..... but it was all in a fleeting moment. He was still empty. He felt there was still more to do..... TO BE CONTINUED

And this did happen, to be exact.


"the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent...." When your stupid fucking news site has a fat bitter piece of fucking garbage who is a human being, yes they fuckin' do! Bias, anyone?

The original discussion there was about Oh! My Goddess; Bamboo Dong reviewed the latest volume of the TV series in her column, Shelf Life, which sparked some controversy in the forums. Someone claimed that Belldandy was the perfect woman (shortly before claiming that anyone who dislikes the series must be in a deluded minority), and that she embodies the ideal that all men fantasize about.

I took offense to that. I've always seen Belldandy as an emotional doormat; she's an unrealistic fantasy, written to appeal to men who apparently want to marry someone who's almost completely subservient and eternally patient. She loves to cook and clean! Her eye never wanders toward other men! She supports Keichi no matter how badly he screws up! Heck, she doesn't even argue with him!

To me, she's basically the idealized 1950's housewife stereotype, a hoary old cliche leftover from the days when gender politics were swept under the rug and females were still considered second-class citizens. I don't "fantasize" about being married to someone like that, and I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there who are with me on that. Don't get me wrong; Oh! My Goddess is a decent show, but I don't enjoy it because I'm secretly in love with a cartoon character.

The argument was then extrapolated to female characters in anime as a whole, and how they're written. Sure, moe is certainly a phenomenon, and the Japanese are cranking out shows to appeal to that audience by the dozen. While that's definitely a trend - and shows like that are growing more and more popular as time goes on - there are a wealth of what I'd consider "decent" female characters.



Hooked by Hope Chapman

Telling Nash Bozard to kill himself

"I never liked Nash before. I REALLY don’t like him now." - Regarding Nash Bozard


Where is he today?

Hiding behind titles like he usually is. Not that we have a problem with it, at least he's out of the fucking view. We can see the moon now!

Why this article exists

You see here peons and children, in the spirit of the creators of the Colony Drop article, Zac Bertschy is pretty much a horrible, awful, hypocritical, unproductive, malign-influenced shitbag of a person. He essentially sits atop of what is essentially a fundamental news source for all things anime, and proceeds to shit on it to trickle down so that his own agendas can be achieved by making it as good of a news source as Kotaku. He is a huge ethnocentric weeaboo who has shown himself as a Japanese purist, and though he hates weeaboos, he has the same spirit of any wapanese parading asshole who claims that Japan should be their United States of America and suck them off due to having the same deluded self righteous attitude and skewed viewpoint on the world because they are pussy deprived and got one too many wedgies in high school, and deliberately takes them out on people just so that he can feel better about himself. Zac also found a true other in Hope Chapman, who is a cheating backstabbing dead body ladder climbing slut with as much virtue as him, and are a match made in heaven (The Buddhist heaven where the Dick demon Mara ensnares all in delusional and evil ways in fact and yeah he is the Christian God). Best of luck to him, because that point when she divorces his ass, steals his house, forces by legal right to hand over his assets and fucks another guy up Shithead Cocksucker Stiff Space Mountain he's gonna need it.

So instead of being anyone grateful, adventurous, insightful, and pretty cool, Zac is infact none of these things. He is essentially a Social Justice Warrior Internet Humanitarianism parading Moral Fag White Knighting hypocrite racist, self centered fatass, and demeaning, insult spewing, hate spreading, and expression trampling shitbag who thinks you're less than human if you like Anime not like him and draw anime if you're not from Japan. There's more to this list, but that would take centuries, as would any other asshole documented on this site. So add on if you like.

Other names he goes as:

  • Goku420 - Used this as his moniker on That Guy With The Glasses [4]

Let him know of his renown and fame!

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