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Zachery Knight Galifianakis is a fat, greek, stand-up comedian best known for his work in The Hangover, and his Comedy Central stand-up specials. His comedy routine mostly consists of him being a retarded manchild, and playing with his piano.

The Hangover

Zach went from fat indiefag to overrated piece of shit

Between Two Ferns

"Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianaki" is a series of mock interviews done in a talk-show format, in which Zach trolls celebrities for being the stupid, uninteresting faggots that they are.

A Vodka Movie

Collaborating with Tim Heidecker and Eric Weinheim, a series of videos were posted on Youtube to promote Absolut Vodka's shithole excuse for an alcoholic beverage. Enormously unfunny, some argue that it"appeals to a certain audience with a refined sense of humor"

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