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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
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Guise please take me seriously, but I'm blurring my face out


Of all the Tarlets that populate the wonderful site of Deviantart, of all the political retards, whether liberal or conservative, or libertarian, there is Zane1193 (Powerword: Zane Schelfer), delusional redneck who compares everything that he disagrees with to Nazism while acting like a Nazi himself. In Zane's world all liberals are communists, socialists, fascists, and Nazis, yet All conservatives are correct in his world. Past his political beliefs, he claims he's 30 years old and has spent almost all his time on Deviantart. He hates gays, yet defends Omegalore, which makes him a Pedophilia apologist. He also is most like a closeted faggot who is trying his best to hide his sexual impulses to fuck Jesus and Alex Jones in a big huge orgy while sucking Ron Paul's dick.

More Kool-Aid?

Zane crying on ED's Deviantart page that he might get a page on this website. Note his lack of an avatar, for he expects to be taken seriously.

Zane loves to abuse the term "more Kool-Aid?" because he thinks he's correct about everything, when in reality, he's the kool-aid drinker. He also doesn't realize that 90% of Deviantfart is made up of obese and diabetic basement dwellers, and can't drink kool-aid, either way, it's just example of his stupidity and inability to catch sarcasm and irony.

What Zane does in his free time

Zane's journal when he realized he has an ED page.

Zane has spent almost all his time on this shitty website, he usually likes to follow people who have different political beliefs just to debate and insult them, yet when you're critical of his political views, you're automatically a rude Nazi liberal hag. He has no social life outside of dA past posting pics of himself with his face blurred out. He also apparently cares for exotic animals in his free time. Knowing him, he probably sticks his cock up the poor animal's ass while blaming all his Liberal hag haturz.


Zane is a confirmed Lolcow and will aggressively respond to any comment no matter how trivial. He has responded dozens of times to the comment "ok". If you do not mind being repeatedly insulted by him, repeatedly posting "ok" will result in a new insult every time.


While bashing libtards for their colon rollin', sluttiness, pimping, and faggotry, he writes journals about all of his threesomes with bisexuals, and while attacking fags openly defends pedophiles like Omegalore.

Information for Those Insane Enough to Fall for Him

Zane is very paranoid and hides his face on every picture. He would however, show you his butt so sex would be possible, however awkward unless masks are your thing. In all likelihood he wears a mask at all times when out of his basement to hide his fugly face.


Zane1193's Personal History:Skipping Ahead,Part 2a

The events chronicled in this journal take place after I was questioned about the Forest Fire and deal with my College Life primarily.I've discussed attending College and rooming with one of my best friends who was Bi,now I'll fill in the details from that period in my life.

If you've read my previous journal,then you know "Alex" and I had an interesting and somewhat depressing 1st semester to say the least,our remaining time in College was no less interesting but not nearly as stressful for either of us,with a few minor exceptions.

After "Alex" caught "Bob" cheating and lying he slowed down his dating/sex life with gay/bisexual men considerably,and turned his attention to girls,something that didn't sit well with the bar's owner and some of the customer's when they found out a few months later, "Alex" was worried he might lose his job. "How can you be Bi ?" they'd ask,then,they'd say,"You're just confused and need to make up your mind." Quite a few of them were somewhat hostile to him after he "came out" as it were,these older men just couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that he liked both sexes.The Incident with "Bob" was common knowledge at the bar and I honesty think that's what saved "Alex's" job,the owner and the customers thought he was just upset and this Bi thing was a faze.Today,being Bi is widely accepted in the gay community but back then it apparently wasn't,at least not in our area.

I've commented before in various post's that "Alex" and I shared a few girls on several occasions,and by share I mean engaged in a threesome,all I can say is that we were young,in College,away from home for the 1st time and wanted to be free to experiment.Neither "Alex" nor I were serious about these girls and they obviously felt the same way,so no one was emotionally hurt from these encounters.

"Alex's" most traumatic breakup with a guy after "Bob" occurred about a year later,he met "Greg" at the other gay bar in town and their relationship lasted around 2 1/2 months."Alex" found out "Greg" had been living with another man for years,and that they had an "open" relationship. "Greg's " lover traveled out of town frequently due to business,and he and "Greg" were free to hook up with other people so long as they didn't tell each other about it. "Alex" surprised "Greg" in the bar one night and gave him a hug,only to have his lover get up in his face,demanding to know why "Alex" was hugging his "husband". After "Alex" explained his side of the story the man said,"You seem like a nice kid,I won't mind if you keep seeing "Greg" when I'm out of town." However,"Greg" was angry with "Alex" and wanted nothing else to do with him.His lover turned on him saying,"Why are you mad at this kid? It's not his fault,you should have told him the truth!" "Alex" left that bar heartbroken again,it'd take him years to admit gay relationships are very different from straight ones,and realize the best thing for him to do was turn STRAIGHT.

As for me,I was working a full time job during the day and going to classes at night,Monday through Thursday,within a year I'd started working another part time job and began volunteering at a private zoo on the weekends,about 100 miles away.The owners allowed me to stay in their guest bedroom,most of the exotic animal photos I have posted in my gallery were taken at their zoo.A girl named Joy worked at the zoo,she and her mother helped me with my College Papers and we became romantically involved.However,it didn't last but we remained friends,so much so that my mother and I were invited to her Wedding,I've lost contact with her over the years,but in my heart she remains a good friend.

Another friend I made at the zoo was an older man named John,I still have contact with him on occasion,he kept cougars,wolves,coyotes,Irish Wolfhounds and a Snow Leopard in his backyard.John took care of some of my pets a few years later,I'll go into more detail on that in a future journal.

During this time I managed to make the dean's list at school,a feat I could never have accomplished without being Bi Polar.I was working a full time job,a part time job,going to school full time at night and volunteering each weekend at the zoo,I was only sleeping a few hours each night,but I was filled with huge amounts of energy,sometimes being Bi Polar has it's advantages.

The only stressful situation I had at the time was an especially troublesome professor,who attempted to embarrass me in class by starting an argument over the fact I'd spoken to the school secretary instead of him over something incredibly trivial.Several of my fellow students expressed their support but none of them would help me by filing a complaint with the College.This professor announced to the class that he was looking forward to teaching me next semester,it didn't take a genius to figure out what he meant by that. I wish I could've taken a picture of the expression on his face when I told him I'd be taking that particular class in a neighboring county where the College had a just built a branch campus.

My family treated me remarkably well during this time in my life,of course it didn't last.

That's all I have to say concerning my last 2yrs of College,if I feel like sharing anything else about this time period I'll write another journal.



—Well it's about damn time!

Now I can write 50 journal entries on Ed/Hag Trolls just like I promised I would!

Of course,I won't stop at 50,no not at all!

So stick around folks and see just how creative I can be at describing the absolute worst Troll Trash on the planet! And by that I mean the teenaged FAGGOTS and UGLY FAT WHORES who run Ed!

I mean,I could talk about how most if not all Fleamale members of Ed never post any pics of themselves here,but I've already covered the fact that they're fat disgusting slobs that would cause any sane conservative male to willingly sleep with a retarded warthog rather than swap spit with one of those horrible harpies.

Yes,I could mention that a group of them feel asleep on the beach and Greenpeace Volunteers thought a mass stranding of whales had taken place and attempted to roll them back into the water,but that's old stuff.

As for the so called "males" of Ed,it's common knowledge the CDC is studying the microbial lifeforms found in their rancid butt custard,and have discovered several new Liberal strains of STD's. Not surprising really,as most of them have had their backsides plowed more times than my great grandmother's cornfield!

However,if you run out of gas those freaks can be useful,since they're so good at sucking they'll have no problem using a siphon,after all they've had plenty of experience sucking on hoses already!

DISCLAIMER!!! This journal is in no way directed to the senior members of Ed,many of whom I know and have some amount of respect for. I know you're not responsible for the current Ed page about me.

This is Zane1193 wishing all REAL Conservatives and Christians well!


Zane upon discovering his ED page.



—Since the absolute worst pieces of untalented subhuman troll trash on the planet have decided to write a page about me,it's only fair that I show them how it's done and I'd like to invite decent members of D.A. to join me!

If you'd like to participate please comment on this journal page,as I come up with some truly awe inspiring art,literature,etc... on the vilest subspecies of LibTURDS on the planet.

I'll be writing about their repulsive physical appearance,DEATHSTYLE, shame of their parents giving birth to such creatures,inability to function without illegal drugs,the fact that any one of them has more sexual experience than any 3 porn stars you could name,and that their bedroom antics would make a Tijuana Donkey Show not only seem boring and tame but wholesome family entertainment by comparison.

I'll post a warning so folks can opt to keep their lunch down and young children won't be traumatized for life.

I'd like my readers to vote on the various entries in the series.

DISCLAIMER!!! This journal is in no way directed to the senior members of Ed,many of who I know and have some amount of respect for.I know you're not responsible for the current Ed page about me.

This is Zane1193 wishing all REAL Conservatives and Christians well!


He sure is clever at making comebacks, at least he got one thing right about Ediots.




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