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Zareth IRL. Imagine this guy dressed as Sonmanic and you have his true form. His mouth is wide enough for dem horse cocks.

Zareth, a.k.a. Dillon Hawkins, is a 20-year-old furfag from Newfoundland, Canada. Zareth is a very open babyfur and diaper lover, although denies his zoophilia, even though he has been posting in pro-bestiality forums since 2007. Zareth, aka Dillon Hawkins, has secretly admitted to blowing a horse and having sexual relations with 3 dogs, one being a Great Dane and the other a German Shephard, probably while on route to Staples, where he works. Zareth posts on many different bestiality-based forums, such as BeastForums, Zetaforums and probably asking for videos of men and women fucking snakes/dogs/cats/horses/you name it, while claiming he isn't a zoophile.

Zareth has the fursona of a Panther, just so he can be friends with Karadroth, the owner of NuzzleFuzzle, who shares the same fursona. Zareth probably already admitted to Karadroth that he was a zoophile before this was written, like he did with a few other friends of his, with some of those friends running the fuck away.

Also, he's into fucking inflation.

Zareth the dogfucker

while not a zoophile per se I do enjoy watching the videos and seeing the pictures.


—Zareth on BeastForum in 2007, claiming to be a 21-year-old cop from Texas since he was underageb& back then.

When Zareth posted in zoophilia forums, he always claimed he was just in it for the porn. This is an outright fabrication, seeing you don't have to join a zoophilia forum to get animal porn.


6:23 PM - {BFG} Zareth [dinner]: I wear thongs :3


Hey, awhile ago I'd seen a petlust vid of a man and a husky, it was docking (though mostly oral), curious if anyone can link me to a thread or download link, my computer recently crashed, so I lost the vid and the guy who sent it deleted it, so I figured i'd ask here ^_^


Kay, its with a green haired girl with her, I think is a big black lab, the dogs paws have like velcro or tape on them probably to stop scratches, he eats her out very nice (its a pretty high quality video) and its got good sound. ran for about 10-20 mins or so. maybe half hour? Saw this awhile ago, would love to see this again.


Zareth also has a love for watching snakes get fucked. Due to his whole-heartedly sickfuckery, Zareth is found unappealing even to zoophile standards:

we dont do the whole "reptile" thing here. reptiles are "primitive" beings, and dont have the developed brain, as primates, mammals, etc. They can't "consent" to sex, and wont seek it out really, outside of their own mating habits. Laying still/not attacking so you can be penetrated, isn't considered consent, in reptiles, amphibians and avian species.


—Dobies, disgusted that Zareth didn't want horse porn.

Dobies said it well. Snakes are sensitive points to zoophiles. You can penetrate into a big snake cloaca, but you can hurt him/her easily.



It is also confirmed that Zareth has a pet dog, and since he's 20 and lonely due to his lust for animals over people, probably abuses it daily.

y'know, I realized something. My dog doesn't like peanut buter, but he goes bloody bonkers over cheese o.o


—Zareth's dog lieks teh bukkake

Zareth's butthurt

After reading this article, Zareth tried to hide his zoophilia by changing his account name on Zetaforums to Osmoses, logging in after over a fucking year of not using it. Not only does this confirm that he is linked to the account, it also confirms that he is a moron. The thread on his request for snakefucking can be found on Google Cache expired. Clicking his name here used to go to a profile with his updated name. He's now baleeted the account in hopes that it's going to make a difference in the fact that he is a sick fuck.

He's also pretty much locked down all his other profiles too including his Facebook, to conceal his dox (although, hasn't helped). He also claims that the dox mentioned here were fake. If that were true, why were his internet lawyer friends trying to remove them?

Since this article, and after failing to stop himself from getting trolled, Zareth plans to report this article's original writer to his ISP, in the hopes that anything will actually happen. Of course it will, and the author will be disconnected from the internet permanently due to Zareth's excellent e-lawyering. He's also attempted to recruit his friends as White Knights, in the hope that they will do something. Instead it backfired, leaving him even less friends. Zareth will probably keep digging his own hole until he quits the internet. He is still a potential lolcow as he has already hidden away from his favourite chat group. Zareth is also editing out old forum posts in the same community out of paranoia.

IntelMiner lurks ED under the handle of SpecOpsBear, and tried to remove the dox on the original article but ended up getting B& for a few days. At other times, he is busy getting everyone on ED to hate him through his terrible editing, thus ending up getting banned for his edit wars.

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