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Police.gif V& FOR 2 YEARS

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Zeekill (Powerword: Julius Kivimäki) is an attention whore and a 13 year old boy, but more importantly, a non-hacker who believes the internet is in his control. He is Finland's answer to hann, in that all his "work" is based upon standing on the shoulders of giants and waving their flag around his head like an American at a 4th of July Coors party. He is currently employed at Nokia and sucks at Quake.

<zeekill> ddos comi

<zeekill> n



I do SE, make idiots like zeekill go ddos sites like mossad, and post it on #ed


—an FBI informant explains how easily manipulated autistic security faggots like Zeekill are.

In zeekill's fight against anonymous, he has also supported them at every turn by being easily manipulated into such moves as the ddos against the mossad.

<cheese> hit mossad.gov.il
<cheese> :)
<zeekill> k
<cheese> one ip
<vacant> which target you hitting
<zeekill> k
<zeekill> mossad
<zeekill> in a sec
<vacant> k watching it
<magneto> @wserver mossad.li
<FAGGOT> couldn't connect to mossad.li:80 :(
<magneto> ded
<zeekill> no
<zeekill> @wserver mossad.gov.li
<magneto> o sry
<FAGGOT> couldn't connect to mossad.gov.li:80 :(
<zeekill> not ded
<magneto> ded
<zeekill> wat
<cheese> It's just you. http://mossad.gov.il is up. 
<zeekill> your shit is broken
<zeekill> neways
<vacant> @wserver google.com:80
<Zalgo> Title: www.mossad.gov.il (from mossad.gov.il, to www.mossad.gov.il/default.aspx)
<zeekill> waiting for it to go down
<FAGGOT> google.com is running gws
<FAGGOT> google.com redirects to http://www.google.com
<FAGGOT> www.google.com is running gws
<Zalgo> Title: Google (at www.google.com)
<zeekill> hosting bots on a server dwaan gave me
<vacant> hmm
<zeekill> and I get like 100 second lag here
<magneto> lol
<vacant> k
<vacant> watching it
<zeekill> dwaan lix dix
<vacant> how long you THINK it will take
<cheese> if you really did Tango Mossad down..
<zeekill> k ded
<cheese> oh fuck
<zeekill> its ded
<cheese> oh fuck
<zeekill> you
<vacant> nice
<vacant> you did it
<zeekill> lick 
<zeekill> dix
<cheese> FUCK...
<vacant> +1 zeekill 
<cheese> dude
<zeekill> wat
<cheese> you just owned an intelligence agency...
<cheese> fuck!!!
<zeekill> who
<zeekill> cares
<vacant> cheese: tell him you are sorry now
<vacant> now!
<cheese> i'm sorry
<zeekill> gonna stop ddos
<cheese> you are GO!
<vacant> ok
<zeekill> rather not burn all these roots
<vacant> you proved it
<cheese> GOD!
<vacant> btnet isnt godlike
<vacant> but still
<vacant> good one
<zeekill> Its like 
<zeekill> just a few roots
<zeekill> I should load more
<magneto> null it
<zeekill> but I'll have to do it manually
<vacant> how many zee
<cheese> your as crazy as that root kid
<zeekill> magneto: na man I am firing at other shit
<magneto> o ok
<zeekill> hurf
<zeekill> Unlike root kid I am out from the reach of feds
<zeekill> wat
<zeekill> my grammar confuses me
<vacant> how many roots
<vacant> for the gov hit

I guess nobody told zee that jews don't play

Panda Security

his little panda security stunt and with #antisec hacking the site is what will get his ass hauled by SUPO to Spain


—Our FBI informant explains exactly how pro-anonymous this simple-minded luser is.


The reason everyone is stuck at 94% is because zeekill, a person we have heard of before, is attacking our seedboxes.


[email protected]

<Zeekill> I regret creation

<Zeekill> I regret ever starting the chain of events that created anonops

<Kottizen> and that's why you're ddosing them?

<Zeekill> Yes

<Zeekill> Pretty much


—Zeekill explaining his USI pathology as an excuse for ddosing anonops. This luser obviously had nothing to do with anonops founding, or we'd see his nick in The owned list from carlos1337. Does he think he's carlos too now?

[13:20:38] <zeekill> https://sites.google.com/site/lolanonopsdead/

[13:20:55] <zeekill> Anonops no longer deserved to exist

[13:20:57] <zeekill> thus removed

[13:21:26] <zeekill> thus people in list were removed too


—Zeekill's USI has him thinking he's Ryan Cleary.


Although Zeekill's primary nemesis has always been anonymous, he has managed to misfire on numerous occasions. On one such occasion he managed to ddos a network of programmers - not even anonymous.


—Anonymous is curious why an unrelated network is being packeted.


apparently someone got mad @ me ddosing lulznet and took my botnet down"


Zeekill in #anonops, crying about great justice being delivered.

This autistic luser was g-lined after threatening to ddos the network. He responded to this by packeting until a CS III instructor was angry enough to repossess his botnet and disable it. Upon discovery that somehow, all the roots that other people had given him had been init 0ed, he realized that he was only the second person in history to fail CS III and retired to his mother's basement to sign onto steam, hopefully to never be seen again.

07:40:02 |~nachash > Ok

07:40:04 |~nachash > I am not
07:40:07 |~nachash > explaining that a third time
07:40:10 |~nachash > Go sit in the corner
07:40:15 |~nachash > and don't forget to put your dunce cap on
07:40:23 |~zee > ok
07:40:27 |~zee > will do


Prison Career

Zeekill has had a lot of good ideas throughout the course of his life. He thought it would be a good idea to steal credit cards, and then brag about it. He thought it would be a good idea to SWAT people, and then brag about it. He thought it would be a good idea to intimidate, harass, and threaten an FBI agent and a police officer, and then brag about it. He thought it would be a good idea to call a registrar and sweet-talk them into giving him access to the website for an organization that certifies ethical hackers, and then brag about it.

In Finland, the typical punishment for any crime, from jaywalking to murder, is a stern talking to. After Zeekill stole Snowden's dox, however, it was decided that he needed to be locked up. In a European jail. Where he would be allowed to have his TV and video games. But Zeekill couldn't handle it, and misbehaved in pussy prison, so they started to move him to a more restrictive facility. However, that facility was full, so they just sent him home, and made him promise to not go on the Internet.

Whoring for attention with Lizard Squad

Julius Kivimäki didn't receive much attention from his peers as they were too busy getting drunk, he was forced to search elsewhere for attention, and at what better place can you find attention than the internet? He saw the massive amounts of attention Lulzsec and Anonymous received, and he was in awe. So much attention! he thought to himself as he connected to Darkode IRC, a place full of kids just like him. Julius Kivimäki is one of the key persons in Lizard Squad, the same Lizard Squad who have been using their totally awesome h4xx0r sk1llz to take out networks. Using his mothers debit card he's been able to buy booters for more than $1000 from HackForums where he started his journey. In reality Julius Kivimäki is nothing less than a vile little attentionwhore who tries very hard, but yet comes up short. In desperate of receiving some attention, he did an interview with BBC where he showed his face, and later got arrested. Due to being a minor, he'll most likely be released.

See Who is in Lizard Squad?


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