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The largest Zelda fansite on the internet, Zelda Universe is home to tens of thousands of aspergers-ridden manchildren and 13-year-old boys that spend every waking moment of their lives talking about Zelda. The actual community is something akin to Gaia Online, complete with boards for Zelda-themed role-playing and places to post your shitty anime fanart and sprite comics. Needless to say, this has provided rife opportunities for trolling on Anonymous part.



—A ZU member spitting the usual nonsense


Summer 2006

Late night on July 26, 2006, a screencap of a forum post from the Zelda Universe was posted on /b/. The post, of a webmaster who had heard of the Habbo raids, was pledging for ZU to help Habbo Hotel in a massive counter-attack. Though it was soon found out that this post was simply Photoshopped, Anonymous was bored and decided to invade anyways. Within minutes, the vBulletin paradise of 25 thousand Zelda fans was turned into a wasteland. Upon realizing that simple moderation couldn't handle this menace, the staff of ZU temporarily shut down the forums in order to clean up the mess and wait until the attack died off.

Soon afterwards, another thread was posted on 4chan, scheduling a second raid for August 2. According to an anonymous who was in 4chan's IRC room at the time, the mods were considering taking it down, that is, until one of the mods from ZU came to 4chan and started taunting /b/ with words like "You act like i've never seen 4channers in action. I eat trolls for breakfast." With fighting words like that, the raid was back on.

All through the next day, July 27, /b/tards were hitting ZU's Media Wiki (now gone) as a preliminary strike. However, most of the attackers left once it was found out that one Anonymous was using an AutoHotKey script to deface ZU Wiki pages in bulk. By the time the attack was finished, around 600 pages were deleted, and the admins who were too retarded to figure out bulk reverts spent several hours manually fixing every single page on the Wiki.

In the days leading up to August 2nd, dozens of accounts were registered by Anonymous to prepare for the day of reckoning. However, August 2nd came and went with no invasion, which was previously being regarded as the most Epic Fail in /b/ invasion history until Anon followed up on it a year later. (See below)

Summer 2006 Gallery

Summer 2007: THE REMATCH


On July 26, 2007, on the one year anniversary of the ZU attack, Anonymous decided to return to Zelda Universe to finish the job they left unfinished so long ago. What eventually started with simple crapflood soon escalated into an all out hacking, when one anonymous bruteforced the password to the server control panel, which was revealed to be 'apassword11.' Soon, the entire mod team was deleted from the forums and replaced with a crew of /b/tards, which was made all the better by the fact that the owner of the site was fast asleep in his home in Canada. Having complete control over the largest Zelda fansite on the internet, Anonymous took advantage of their coup d'etat by crafting a whole new design for the forums, banning members left and right, and basically making themselves at home as more and more /b/tards flooded in to their new home. However, in their eagerness, they managed to accidentally break the entire site. Lacking any kind of real technical knowledge to get the boards going again, Anonymous turned the homepage into a redirect to Last Measure, breaking browsers everywhere. Eventually, the homepage was blanked, and then changed to a flash animation of Stalin and Lenin before the hosting account was suspended.

ZU returned to its normal state early on the morning of the 27th, and all seemed well after that. However, on the night of July 29th, anon had once again broken in, deleting mod accounts on the boards and once more replacing them with their own team of /b/tard admins to wreak havok in the boards. This time, usernames were posted publicly in 420, which would be given admin powers on ZU. On top of that, Captain Cornflake had developed a fake interstatial ad for "PC Tune Up," which was placed on ZU, offering a free scan for "viruses and AIDS." Of course, if you clicked the Scan button, it would send you to Last Measure. If you didn't, it would redirect to a battered forum. This went on for several hours until Anon received a tip that the owner had been contacted by ZU staff. Despite the heavy use of proxies and tor, no chances were taken on evidence being obtained, and several anon quickly wiped the entire web server before the owners managed to regain control just mere minutes later.

Let it be known that even though it took Anonymous a year to follow up on their promises, they succeeded their previous epic fail with a far more important epic win. And that is all that matters.

Summer 2007 Gallery

Zelda Universe becomes Desu Universe

Your one and only source for everything desu

Peace had once again washed over the battered Zelda forum. However, it was not to last, as several months later out of the blue, Anon came, saw, destroyed and closed ZU once more on the morning of October 29th, 2 hours before the weekly ZU backups. Getting in through an undisclosed vulnerability in ZU's Coppermine installation, Anon quickly overtook the forums and the site, commandeering a couple admin accounts and swiftly redesigning the homepage to "Desu Universe." The entire staff then had their forum accounts deleted as Anon started handing out admin access to anybody who asked for it and proceeded to once more make waste of the forums.

One of the forum admins tried to combat /i/ by deleting the config files for ZU's CMS and forums, hoping it would stave them off by having non-functioning forums. In retaliation for having their fun ended prematurely, they proceeded to nuke the entire SQL database, wiping the forums to a clean slate that had to be restored from week-old backups, causing the community to bitch and moan that all their important posts over the past week were gone forever.

...scratch that, now it's Gardening Universe

Hey kids, isn't it fun to garden with plants?

The night of July 26th, 2008, Anon returned out of the blue to remind ZU that they NEVER FORGIVE AND NEVER FORGET. Possession of the site lasted an hour and a half, resulting in ZU being rebadged as "Gardening Universe," featuring Marty Chang offering gardening tips. Eddie Murphy also made an appearance, asking users to write a new movie script for a cross between Zelda and Beverly Hills Cop.

Don't Worry, His Dad is Asian

...and you're done.

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