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A face only a mother could monetize on social media
An adult specimen, sighted on the internet

The Zika virus is a blessing devised by a loving God to instill sexual morality and cleanliness into the promiscuous, slum-dwelling Huehue masses. Its crowning glory is competing with pre-existing Spic genes to shit out an even more retarded sprog.

The Inception

After the entertaining but brief and disappointing stint by Ebola-chan, the pixies of science slowly began concocting a seemingly weaker yet worthy successor. Zika-chan's might however, hails not from excruciating, violent deaths, but from her insidiousness. Indeed, in most subjects, she presents at worst, mild flu like symptoms, but in shitskin whores who avoided the stairs and coat hanger, she gnaws at the womb parasite's brain in question, resulting in it being conferred a head much more easier to grasp and hurl against a wall.

The invisible super hero was first discovered decades ago in the great ghetto and initially thought to be harmless, presumably because disease in Bongo Bongo land is so typical that's not called "disease" but an "everyday inconvenience". This is what happens without the white devil to provide structure and basic first world provisions, take note, niggers and Black Lives Monkeys. After causing minimal damage in French Polynesia, it then made its way to the Africa of Spic land where the real adventure began.

Of course, some people would like to feel a little more meaningful and significant than they actual are, and in the back alleys of the interwebs where the thought police don't lurk, enlightened individuals such as Alex Jones have jumped to the reasonable conclusion that the pozzed mosquitoes involved were unleashed directly in soccer Spic land by Bill Gates and/or Monsanto to cull a few pesky, extra oxygen-leeches.

Symptoms of Infection

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