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Jewcat, also known as Zionistacat, was genetically engineered in a secret Israeli biological weapons lab. This monstrosity is Israel's secret weapon against the Middle East in the long standing Jews v. Arabs case that is presently being settled out of court.

Paranoid scientists created Jewcat in response to fears of Kitler, not realizing in their meth-induced psychosis that Kitler is actually only an ordinary housecat. Jewcat itself was once thought to be a myth; an angry, chubby housecat with a kippah strapped onto its head. However a previously-censored image stolen and leaked by the Israeli Goyim Espionage Network (IGEN) from the Israeli invasion of Lebanon proves that Jewcat is a weapon of war.

Meme Status

Although its image has been spammed across internet message boards, social networking communities, etc., Jewcat has never reached meme status. Given the internet community's a) love of cats; b) hatred of Jews and c) current acceptance of Kitler's status, it is highly likely that Jewcat will be elevated to the level of "minor meme" sometime in the future. Only time will tell.

Jewcat on the Internet

Cat JEw.gif


Jewcat imitators and Jewcat variations (sometimes in the LOLcats style) have appeared on Flickr, including:


Very strange black-and-white cartoon of a Jewish cat

The Adventures of Jewcat, part 1

The Adventures of Jewcat, part 2

Cat wearing a Star of David

Annoying woman tries to force her cat to eat matzoh ball soup

Boring video of some asshole trying to "convert" his cat

Another asshole playing Shabbat Shalom right next to his cat's head

I feel bad for the cat. Animal abuse trying to convert it to jew. Who want a jew in their house anways?


jason22160, responding to YouTube Favicon.png a failed conversion attempt

Jewcat Image Gallery

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Jewcats in their Jew hats

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