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Something tells me that he isn't straight.

Ziron a.k.a aGaneofDeath, HekrenaLife (167449112), also known as Ren, Sakuya, and a million other names that change on a day to day basis due to him being a roleplay fag. Scratch that, just faggot in general. S/he is well known by Xat users for being the biggest whore in existence. (Which is a major accomplishment given the fact that 99.9% of all Xat is just whores anyways.) He's also a cloest furry, babyfur, and according to him, he's a a totally straight normal male. Names: ThatKidFromHeLL (119365379) aGaneofDeath (167449112)

The Early Life

The current Ziron.

According to the homo himself, Ziron was born, raised, and still is, Christian. (Even though the next day he said that he didn't believe in God.) Apparently, starting at the age of 5, he learned black magic. And anybody that pisses him off he threatens to burn their house down and kill them like he supposedly did to his 13 year old ex-boyfriend. I shit you not. And even though he can "burn your house down" and "kill you" he still constantly whines and cries then becomes a 1337 hax0r.

Current Employment

None. According to him he doesn't even sleep. Also notice that although he claims to be 16, he spends all school days at home. Don't believe me? Send him a message yourself and see. He's on 24/7, having sex with little boys, and when he can't find a little boy, he just goes for other's of his own kind. If you pay him enough he'll do ANY sort of sex with you. (Except for scat, because according to him scat is "freaky", even though his own existence is "freaky" all on it's own.)

BREAKING NEWS: He's actually a human whose soul was sucking into a computer and has been part of Xat's mainframe for 5 years. And he's the reason for Google's success.

Known Faggotry

All of his data, just for trolling. Also one of his masterful threats.

Ziron has been in so much Xat whore drama that any normal furry would have just gone ahead and became an hero by now. Sadly, he has not, and is still stuck on our planet, breathing our air. His most well known feat is hacking* the whorehouse known as Furries Den.

  • This only applies if you count "hacking" as going to a loltastic rage, erasing 5 messages from chat history, getting permabanned, then getting butthurt and ragequitting to be hacking. (Then this guy is a master.)

Also known for hitting on 13 year old boys, wearind diapers, crossdressing, denying it all even though there's solid-fucking-proof, and hopefully he will someday ragequit from life.

Ziron's Reaction To This Article

Ziron first saw this article and took it in good taste and didn't get butthurt. After X time doing Y activity, he decided to, in his own words, "cunt destroy" this page. After this he claimed the article was locked and could not be edited. (Aurora proved this wrong by adding "Needs more desu." to his script spam, just to piss him off.) Ziron later claimed that the article was locked and, once again, COULD NOT BE EDITED. And, once again, THAT IS BULLSHIT. As a matter of fact, the entire point of this edit was to prove that it could, in fact, be edited.

Bullshit exposed. In fact, it was only locked out to new users because of his fail attempt at destroying the article. Shortly after, he tried doing the same thing to the talkpage. Too bad cuntpasting shoddy html and javascript into a wiki doesn't work in a way like it would on a regular webpage. Fail.


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