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Where is my dox at, moron?
Fatass james2.jpg

Zyce/Unciform/James (James Bryan Moleneri) is a morbidly-obese, grisly, britfag that thinks he is a 1337 hax0r. James, of course, is from the Xbox 1337 hacker group of homosexual little immature children that spend all day playing Call of Duty. He is supposedly in college, but in all honestly there is no logic in how a fat fuck basement-dwelling loser could get accepted into any kind of college. He also lies about smoking marijuana because he thinks that makes him one cool bastard! He thinks he's a "undoxable hacking god" for living in England and using Linux. Recently a friend taught James how to partition his hard drive to install Ubuntu on it. The self-proclaimed hacker just has one more thing to fuel his ridiculous mentally-incompetent egotistical rant. He enjoys eating fattening foods, acting like an idiot, and pretending to do drugs. Upon all of his faggotry James, the fat fuck, dates girls online because of the fact that he is too ugly to be seen as attractive by any kind of female that lives near him.

Leet CoD Trickshotter

As mentioned above, James enjoys playing Call of Duty and participates in what is known as "trickshotting". This is basically making movements on the video game, ones much like someone suffering from cerebral palsy would make, in order to get a cool final "killcam". Yes, it is gay as it sounds, and that is why James participates in it. He spent his days recording video game footage being the normal homosexual autistic gamer that he is. Soon, for whatever reason, the fat fuck known as James would become interested in being a hax0r. While this was a fatal mistake on his part he thinks he has a God status because of that fact that he is not on the US Whitepages.

Hacker Status

Eventually James thought it would be ok to become a real hax0r. He registered on HackForums, opened a PayPal account, bookmarked Whitepages, partitioned his hard drive, and installed Ubuntu. Not knowing any bash commands James was quick to look like a faggot. He also uses free VPN services that do a piss-poor job of hiding one's identity such as VPNGate. James is too poor to afford anything that would really help him though. Most of the time he sits on his home connection through Sky, a British internet provider, and still claims to be "undoxable". Most of his threats (empty threats) consist of swatting and sending pizzas to one's house. He has never even done this though. The only things James actually does is say the phrases "dox me" and "where's my dox at".


im going to open a billmelater account with the last 4 of your ssn and charge 1k to your mom's ssn


I have Linux. Please root me. I'm an unrootable God.


What's a virtual machine?


u know much about linux/dual booting off windows?


ur a harmless skid dox me


What is a user-agent?


you guys can't do nothing to the God himself?


I am undoxable


is there an aim method?


do u have the isp dox method for east link canada ?


do u know the twitter phone number method or something?


is there a hotmail method?


by screenshotting backtrack open on ur crashbang



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