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[[|tl;dr|#weed during the raid]]:
[16:47] Flip: what the fucks up with the fucking bloody vagoo's? 
[16:47] SirSiriusGrave: im white, middle class 
[16:47] Insomniac: all my scholarships came from hours and hours of fucking essays and having a high GPA 
[16:47] SirSiriusGrave: but not american 
[16:47] dorkfish: SirSiriusGrave, but you're a foreigner. 
[16:47] DeadJew: no clue 
[16:47] Insomniac: i had to work for that shit 
[16:48] SirSiriusGrave: id prolly have a high gpa in the US too lol 
[16:48] SirSiriusGrave: with that fucked up school system of yours 
[16:48] Flip: I suspect Bloody Vagina. 
[16:48] Insomniac: SirSiriusGrave, most scholarships are private and they want to give it to minorities, especially immigrants 
[16:48] SirSiriusGrave: haha 
[16:48] Insomniac: and since it's their money they can discriminate however they want 
[16:48] DeadJew: No 
[16:48] DeadJew: couldn't be. 
[16:48] SirSiriusGrave: oh, so you're from india, here you go, lots of money 
[16:48] El_Santo_De_Espana: lol, someone's taunting the mods 
[16:48] bongcrosby: basically sirsiriusgrave 
[16:49] Insomniac: well you have to do a little more than that but there are plenty of em out there based on racial background 
[16:49] BloodyVagina: I dunno 
[16:49] bongcrosby: my friend is 1/8 native american indian 
[16:49] bongcrosby: and is basically getting a full ride to this one school 
[16:49] BloodyVagina: why would someone post bloody vaginas 
[16:49] nocturnal: why would you even count that 
[16:49] nocturnal: one eigth 
[16:49] bongcrosby: becuse it counts sir 
[16:49] SirSiriusGrave: i might go for one then 
[16:49] SirSiriusGrave: when i graduate 
[16:49] bongcrosby: apparently it's the legal limit or something for them to give you a scholorship 
[16:49] SirSiriusGrave: haha 
[16:49] Flip: youre all not real americans 
[16:49] BloodyVagina: I wouldn't post bloody vaginas 
[16:49] nocturnal: only thing icount is my mother is bosnian and my father is croatian, because they were born and raised there. but i'm swedish because iwas born and raised there 
[16:49] bongcrosby: if he has kids with a 0% native american woman they wont be eligible for it 
[16:49] BloodyVagina: they are nasty 
[16:49] Insomniac: i tried for an "Italian-American" scholarship but i couldnt find any documentation that my grandparents were from italy 
[16:49] Flip: all migraten europeans 
[16:49] BloodyVagina: someone else must be posting them 
[16:49] Insomniac: the fuckers came here illegally 
[16:49] DeadJew: I wouldn't post dead [[jew]], that's just wrong. 
[16:50] bongcrosby: i wouldn't post bong crosby 
[16:50] bongcrosby: cmon guys 
[16:50] bongcrosby: youre all sick 
[16:50] El_Santo_De_Espana: I suspect someone is trying to start a chan war... 
[16:50] El_Santo_De_Espana: :s 
[16:50] SirSiriusGrave: oh come on 
[16:50] BloodyVagina: ?? 
[16:50] bongcrosby: between which chans 
[16:50] SirSiriusGrave: i always thought 420chan was one of the more mature chans 
[16:50] BloodyVagina: I know 
[16:50] El_Santo_De_Espana: Which never happens 
[16:50] BloodyVagina: Bloody vaginas are sick 
[16:50] SirSiriusGrave: if they go for a chan war 
[16:50] SirSiriusGrave: i was wrong 
[16:51] BloodyVagina: sick faggot posting them 
[16:51] bongcrosby: i think 420chan was the one that had a pretty active /i/ for awhile 
[16:51] Flip: lol:P 
[16:51] DeadJew: i know
[16:51] DeadJew: did you know that [[over 9000]] jews were exterminated in the holocaust? 
[16:51] DeadJew: hitler did a great service to help keep our nations warm. 
[16:51] bongcrosby: according to our ED entry, the last i checked, we're the more mature respectable smarter chan 
[16:51] Insomniac: Sir... you're in a channel called #weed 
[16:51] Insomniac: that's a young person's drug 
[16:53] *** GiR has joined #weed. 
[16:53] *** Mode change "+v GiR" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[16:53] SirSiriusGrave: that doesnt EXCLUSIVELY consist of 12-year old boys 
[16:53] DeadJew: i smoke dead jews. 
[16:53] bongcrosby: and tbh, drug abuse is a TOUCH immature 
[16:53] DeadJew: you ever get high off a smoking dead jew? 
[16:53] DeadJew: yeah, that's the stuff. 
[16:53] SirSiriusGrave: depends on how you approach it 
[16:53] El_Santo_De_Espana: Yeah, I migrated to 420chan as soon as i found out it existed 
[16:53] bongcrosby: im a drug addict but im still willing to admit that sometimes it makes people immature 
[16:53] Insomniac: SirSiriusGrave, we're smaller, we have more common grounds (weed), we get along better. NIGGERTITS is a mass of thousands of retards all yelling at once. Of course we seem more mature. 
[16:54] DeadJew: i'm addicted to dead jews, that's why i have to keep killing them. 
[16:54] SirSiriusGrave: that's what im saying 
[16:54] SirSiriusGrave: even if we only seem more mature 
[16:54] Insomniac: if we were as big as NIGGER TITS we'd seem just like them 
[16:54] bongcrosby: all chans suck pretty muc. 
[16:54] bongcrosby: theyre full of underage b&s which is why theyre so inactive during high school hours 
[16:55] Insomniac: look at DeadJew and tell me this is a mature channel 
[16:55] bongcrosby: sometimes the threads are funny but rarely theyre not 
[16:55] Insomniac: bongcrosby, how old are you again? 
[16:55] bongcrosby: 19 
[16:55] Insomniac: really? 
[16:55] bongcrosby: yeah 
[16:55] Insomniac: oh shit 
[16:55] Insomniac: i dont know why 
[16:55] bongcrosby: thought i was older? 
[16:55] BloodyVagina: wow more vaginas on /weed 
[16:55] Insomniac: but i just had you mistaken for stonedchef 
[16:55] BloodyVagina: who is tthis sick fuck/ 
[16:55] bongcrosby: ahhhh 
[16:55] Insomniac: i was going to say 
[16:55] bongcrosby: hahah never again 
[16:55] bongcrosby: but its ok 
[16:55] bongcrosby: i mistook you for opionomous more than once from bein too stoned 
[16:55] Insomniac: stonedchef is like... 12 
[16:56] bongcrosby: i understand how it is 
[16:56] bongcrosby: hahah yeah 
[16:56] bongcrosby: i think hes 16 [[irl]] 
[16:56] bongcrosby: but he's basically 12 
[16:56] *** frommen is now known as frommen|class. 
[16:56] Insomniac: i'm sorry bong, i've been up all night studying 
[16:56] bongcrosby: i dont blame you 
[16:56] bongcrosby: at least youre trying 
[16:56] Insomniac: i'll smoke with you later, will that make it all better? =D 
[16:56] BloodyVagina: oh wow 
[16:56] bongcrosby: yes 
[16:56] Insomniac: good 
[16:56] bongcrosby: if youre awake lol 
[16:56] BloodyVagina: MORE VAGINAS 
[16:56] Flip: fuck, you. 
[16:56] Insomniac: <------ 
[16:56] Insomniac: of course ill be awake 
[16:57] bongcrosby: good good lol 
[16:57] GiR: /weed/ is full of bloody vaginas again btw 
[16:57] DeadJew: fuck 
[16:58] BloodyVagina: FAIL 420chan Mods are full of Fail. 
[16:58] BloodyVagina: [[7chan]] mods are full of Win 
[16:59] Insomniac: leave 
[16:59] Flip: yes 
[16:59] *** sb has joined #weed. 
[16:59] *** Mode change "+v sb" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[16:59] loldongs: [[troll]] detected 
[16:59] sb: ooh where 
[16:59] DeadJew: troll? 
[16:59] DeadJew: where 
[16:59] Insomniac: guys i dont think he's a [[troll]] 
[16:59] Insomniac: let's listen to what he has to say 
[16:59] DeadJew: yes 
[16:59] Insomniac: i think he's making a valid point 
[16:59] DeadJew: let's do that 
[16:59] DeadJew: XD 
[16:59] sb: who 
[16:59] El_Santo_De_Espana: Bloody Vagina is a troll. 
[16:59] bongcrosby: i wonder if it would be inappropriate to abuse netjester to give me ops to handle this... 
[16:59] sb: ok 
[16:59] loldongs: lets argue with him and pay lots of attention to his every word 
[16:59] Insomniac: i think i've been convinced to hate 420chan now 
[17:00] BloodyVagina: DeadJew Is a [[troll]] 
[17:00] Insomniac: nocturnal!!!!!!!1 
[17:00] Insomniac: I FOUND YOUR COWL 
[17:00] DeadJew: !!! 
[17:00] DeadJew: how dare you 
[17:00] Flip: but tomorrow, I wil be smoking and toking again 
[17:00] DeadJew: i'm not a troll! 
[17:00] nocturnal: Insomniac: lolque? 
[17:00] sb: why i love 420chan 
[17:00] BloodyVagina: lies 
[17:00] nocturnal: cowl? 
[17:00] Insomniac: yeah 
[17:00] Insomniac: i wear it 
[17:00] nocturnal: [[wtf]] is that? 
[17:00] Insomniac: and no one knows who i am 
[17:00] Insomniac: i become the gray fox! 
[17:00] sb: cowl is a cow 
[17:00] * Insomniac puts on cowl 
[17:00] nocturnal: you must be thinking of some other nocturnal 
[17:00] nocturnal: there is one on undernet 
[17:00] *** Insomniac is now known as The_Gray_fox. 
[17:00] nocturnal: or ircnet 
[17:00] nocturnal: i forget 
[17:01] The_Gray_fox: no 
[17:01] The_Gray_fox: actually 
[17:01] The_Gray_fox: i'm talking about Oblivion 
[17:01] bongcrosby: fuck 
[17:01] bongcrosby: i'm so stoned 
[17:01] bongcrosby: and haven't eaten 
[17:01] The_Gray_fox: there is an item called "Nocturnal's Cowl" 
[17:01] bongcrosby: and i have class nOW 
[17:01] nocturnal: oh 
[17:01] nocturnal: i don't play that 
[17:01] bongcrosby: like im already gonna be 2 min late 
[17:01] *** The_Gray_fox is now known as Insomniac. 
[17:01] Insomniac: bongcrosby! go 
[17:01] DeadJew: you can't hide the fact that you're a [[jew]] from me, Insomniac. 
[17:01] El_Santo_De_Espana: I play the shit out of oblivion 
[17:01] Insomniac: now 
[17:01] sb: oh 
[17:01] sb: i dont play oblivion 
[17:01] DeadJew: I can see your giant nose through the cowl. 
[17:01] bongcrosby: im going im going
[17:02] El_Santo_De_Espana: I propose we sage the bloody vagoos . 
[17:02] sb: yeah 
[17:02] bongcrosby: im the posterchild of jeopardizing edumacation for weeds 
[17:02] Insomniac: and learn it good 
[17:02] sb: go get your learn on 
[17:02] sb: go already! 
[17:02] BloodyVagina: thanks! 
[17:02] bongcrosby: i was the one stoned all day in high school [[cutting]] classes to get lit 
[17:02] BloodyVagina: yes sage the bloody vagoos 
[17:02] bongcrosby: and i already skipped this class the last two days just because fuck it 
[17:02] Flip: bongcrosby, that is what I have now cut out. 
[17:03] bongcrosby: and i'm very prone to deciding last minute to just not go to class and continue smoking 
[17:03] Insomniac: i burnt myself melting a glass rod in High School 
[17:03] Insomniac: good times... 
[17:03] sb: bongcrosby, go to school 
[17:03] bongcrosby: im goin! 
[17:03] Insomniac: DO IT FAGGOT 
[17:03] sb: but driving high is awesome 
[17:03] bongcrosby: its the last hit 
[17:03] sb: if you've already got a little buzz, you're good to go 
[17:03] Insomniac: -.- 
[17:03] sb: ok last hit 
[17:03] *** Siensis has signed off IRC (Quit: Leaving). 
[17:03] BloodyVagina: DOO EEEETTT 
[17:03] Flip: I used to skip classes 
[17:03] *** KlaY has signed off IRC (Quit: Download IceChat at (Link: 
[17:03] Insomniac: "There's last hits and then there's last hits" 
[17:03] bongcrosby: ok im done 
[17:03] BloodyVagina: sage the vaginas 
[17:03] DeadJew: sage 
[17:03] bongcrosby: ill be back around 420 prob 
[17:03] Flip: FUCK YOU bloodyvagina 
[17:03] sb: ok go go oo 
[17:03] DeadJew: fucking jews posted those vaginas! 
[17:03] Insomniac: ... 
[17:03] bongcrosby: tootles <3 
[17:03] Flip: oh noe 
[17:03] Flip: dont 
[17:04] sb: have fun 
[17:04] Insomniac: why arent there any mods around to ban BloodyVagina and DeadJew? 
[17:04] Flip: don't fuck the bloody vagina's 
[17:04] Flip: blegh 
[17:04] Insomniac: hey 
[17:04] Insomniac: sb 
[17:04] El_Santo_De_Espana: Sage the bloddy vagoos 
[17:04] DeadJew: because, Insomniac 
[17:04] *** dorkfish has signed off IRC (Read error: Operation timed out). 
[17:04] sb: ya 
[17:04] DeadJew: 420chan mods are made of Fail 
[17:04] sb: up Insomniac 
[17:04] Insomniac: can you ban someone for a specific ammount of time on IRC? 
[17:04] sb: sup* 
[17:04] DeadJew: 7chan mods are made of Win 
[17:04] DeadJew: amirite? 
[17:04] sb: nooo idea 
[17:05] sb: probably 
[17:05] Insomniac: i'm going to try and get [[banned]] for a few hours 
[17:05] sb: why 
[17:05] Insomniac: because i need to study and i keep procrastinating 
[17:05] Flip: fuck [[7chan]] 
[17:06] Insomniac: i didnt know 7chan still existed 
[17:06] DeadJew: XD 
[17:06] El_Santo_De_Espana: With a cactus 
[17:06] DeadJew: no 
[17:06] DeadJew: with a bloody vagina 
[17:06] DeadJew: yours,. 
[17:06] *** totaldazz has signed off IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer). 
[17:06] Insomniac: hmm 
[17:06] *** Mode change "+l 75" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:07] *** bongcrosby has signed off IRC (Quit). 
[17:07] BloodyVagina: you're right Deadjew 
[17:07] *** Mode change "+l 74" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:07] DeadJew: I'm right.
[17:09] Insomniac: i've been studying for 6 hours 
[17:09] Insomniac: ;.; 
[17:09] DeadJew: bawww 
[17:09] Insomniac: well the thing is i have to use the computer 
[17:09] El_Santo_De_Espana: Anyone got saviorchan running? 
[17:10] *** loldongs has joined #weed. 
[17:10] *** Mode change "+v loldongs" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:10] sb: Insomniac> because i need to study and i keep procrastinating 
[17:10] DeadJew: go cry in the fire with the dead jews, [[furfag]]. 
[17:10] Insomniac: i do 
[17:10] El_Santo_De_Espana: Sage bomb the vagoos 
[17:10] sb: then what are you fussin about 
[17:10] Insomniac: ugh i'm just being a baby 
[17:33] nocturnal: lol one or two niggas, do that shit round here and you won't see that joint again 
[17:33] nocturnal: a stranger just passed this j to me in my own hood and he's all alone, that means free weed for me and my friends 
[17:34] m0lly: shit 
[17:34] m0lly: i wouldn 
[17:34] m0lly: t care 
[17:34] m0lly: i've got more than enough cash to replace it 
[17:35] *** lw0x15 has signed off IRC (Read error: Operation timed out). 
[17:36] *** lw0x15 has joined #weed. 
[17:36] *** Mode change "+v lw0x15" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:36] nocturnal: i have no cash at all right now. gave it all in advance for my new apartment =/ 
[17:36] nocturnal: but i need a place to live bad, i'm totally out on my ass by the end of november 
[17:37] *** Flip has signed off IRC (Ping timeout). 
[17:40] m0lly: ahaha 
[17:40] m0lly: nocturnal 
[17:40] m0lly: sell your ass for me 
[17:40] m0lly: and i;ll let you stay at my crib 
[17:40] BloodyVagina: vaginas 
[17:41] nocturnal: m0lly: if u were a chick and lived in sweden i would totally do it 
[17:41] nocturnal: i think i could live as a [[sex]] slave 
[17:41] m0lly: no. 
[17:41] nocturnal: i could eat a turd or two of my own 
[17:41] m0lly: not like that. 
[17:41] m0lly: i mean go outside 
[17:41] m0lly: stand on the corner 
[17:41] m0lly: and suck some businessman cock. 
[17:42] nocturnal: anyways, the library is closing so i gotta get 'home' and cook me some dinner 
[17:42] m0lly: kk 
[17:42] m0lly: bye 
[17:43] nocturnal: np: Lady Sovereign - Blah Blah (Public Warning!) 
[17:43] *** Terminal has joined #weed. 
[17:43] *** Mode change "+v Terminal" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:44] loldongs: » Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower :: 04:01 
[17:44] Terminal: Brilliant song 
[17:45] m0lly: i miss being able to enjoy music about opression 
[17:45] m0lly: too bad i'm not a loser anymore. 
[17:45] m0lly: (Link: 
[17:46] m0lly: i respect and enjoy paul 
[17:46] Terminal: It's a funky tune. 
[17:46] m0lly: mmm, but 
[17:46] m0lly: there's a lot of funky tunes 
[17:46] Terminal: Yes, but not all of them are that funky. 
[17:47] m0lly: well i know quite a bit of funky tunes 
[17:47] *** Phoenix_Wright has joined #weed. 
[17:47] *** Mode change "+v Phoenix_Wright" for channel #weed by FBI. 
[17:47] DeadJew: i'll let you stay in my crib, nocturnal. 
[17:47] DeadJew: did i say crib? 
[17:47] DeadJew: i meant crypt. 
[17:47] DeadJew: it's a crypt, just for jews. 
[17:48] Terminal: These skullptura rips take ages to extract. 
[17:48] Phoenix_Wright: I have a crypt in my back yard 
[17:48] Phoenix_Wright: seriously, I live by a grave yard. 
[17:48] *** Phoenix_Wright is now known as Numbers. 
[17:48] m0lly: why have a crypt? 
[17:48] m0lly: man 
[17:49] m0lly: i'm just gonna have a dungeon 
[17:49] m0lly: like that one old guy 
[17:50] Terminal: He inspired me.

<Kirtaner> i really appreciate leaving tons of utter shit 
<Kirtaner> all over 
<Kirtaner> yeah nice job mods 
<Kirtaner> can 
<Kirtaner> t even watch 3 FUCKING BOARDS 
<Kirtaner> useless douchebags 
<Spardot> wow I like passed out. 
<FutureDays> is 420chan back ? 
<m0lly> yes 
<m0lly> kirt 
<m0lly> >can i be a mod 
<FutureDays> didn't know kirt 
<Spardot> Uhm you didn't exactly mention them anywhere. 
<Kirtaner> THERE WAS 20 PAGES 
<m0lly> you should have payed attention 
<Kirtaner> OF FURRY PORN 
<Spardot> >_> 
<Spardot> and like 
<m0lly> back there 
<Kirtaner> IN /WEED/ 
<m0lly> months and months 
<Spardot> people sleep 
<m0lly> kirt 
<m0lly> kirt 
<m0lly> need help? 
<DeadJew> lol 
<DeadJew> 420chan mods fucking [[fail]] 
<m0lly> i'd offered time and time again 
<feem> ?trace gline nick DeadJew duration 17y reason bye 
<-- DeadJew has quit (G-lined by feem) 
<FutureDays> hi feem 
<feem> anyone responsible for posting this shit on my servers 
<m0lly> and i offered to pay feem even 
<feem> gets glined and permabanned 
<feem> at least 
<feem> if i were in charge 
<m0lly> but no, i'm apparantly not good enough to delete a post or two 
<m0lly> i don't know how much effort that takes 
<m0lly> does it take much? 
<FutureDays> m0lly: yes 
<m0lly> oh 
<m0lly> right 
<FutureDays> and everybody hates you for that 
<Kirtaner> cool 
<Kirtaner> 90 percent of /weed/ 
<Kirtaner> is [[furry]] 
<Spardot> I am doing si, feem. 
<darghe> goddamnit 
<darghe> b4 it was bloddy vaginas 
<Spardot> well not a lot of people know the site is up 
<darghe> wtf 
<FutureDays> Spardot: How do i emergency boards 
<Kirtaner> 420CHAN.ORG 

�03[20:12] * Sparto ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:12] <Sparto> Hiii [[7chan]] 
[20:12] <PandaFister> hai 
[20:12] <Sparto> can you do me a favooorr. 
[20:12] <Sparto> where are your mods. 
[20:12] <%darghe> hallo 
[20:12] <PandaFister> <--- admin 
[20:12] <Sparto> hi. 
[20:13] <Admin> no me 
[20:13] <Sparto> 
�03[20:13] * Oboe ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:13] <Sparto> please go on a banning spree in this thread. 
[20:13] <Sparto> thanks 
[20:13] <Oboe> ...??? 
[20:13] <%darghe> oh my 
[20:13] <Oboe> the hell was that for a boot? 
[20:13] <%darghe> sparto.. I think the raid or something stopped 
�03[20:13] * Cryomancer ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:13] <Sparto> we don't appreciate this kind of stuff and yeah, just asking. 
[20:13] <PandaFister> lmao 
[20:13] <%darghe> like a hour ago? 
[20:13] <Sparto> I know but we don't appreciate this thread 
[20:13] <Sparto> of people bragging 
[20:13] <PandaFister> who was posting all those jew pics 
[20:13] <PandaFister> sick bastards 
[20:13] <%darghe> I see 
[20:13] <Sparto> and now they're threatening to use /weed/ as a reg. target 
[20:13] <Sparto> so if you could like. 
[20:13] <Sparto> yanno. 
[20:14] <Sparto> deal with this. 
�02[20:14] * Ralph_Nader ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]�) 
[20:14] <Sparto> it'd be appreciated. 
[20:14] <%darghe> I discuss it in our mod channel 
[20:14] <%darghe> its this ok for now? 
[20:14] <Sparto> No, I want it gone. 
[20:14] <%darghe> well I cant go and do things on my own 
[20:14] <Sparto> We've always had decent relations with you guys and we're not sure why you 
[20:14] <Sparto> why not? 
[20:14] <%darghe> people got suspended for that 
[20:14] <Sparto> You're a mod. 
[20:14] <%darghe> we act democratic 
[20:14] <Sparto> p4 will understand 
[20:15] <Sparto> me an' him be tite 
�06[20:15] * PandaFister would much prefer a demarchy 
[20:15] <%darghe> I understand completly 
[20:15] <%darghe> wait 
[20:15] <%darghe> p4ch3c0 
[20:15] <%darghe> p4ch3c0 
[20:15] <%darghe> p4ch3c0 
[20:15] <Sparto> I'd prefer you just go on a banning spree and get rid of this shit, thanks. 
[20:15] <Sparto> I'd ask kakama but he's all 
[20:15] <Sparto> omgah take break from [[internets]] 
[20:15] <%darghe> hmm he was here yesterday 
[20:16] <Sparto> yes that's when he decided. 
[20:16] <%darghe> oh why? 
[20:16] <Sparto> Because, now i want the thread gone. 
[20:16] <%darghe> woa.. hold on 
[20:16] <Sparto> if this happened on our chan, it would already have been gone as we don't approve of raiding other relevant chans. 
[20:16] <Sparto> they're also threatening to post cp 
[20:17] <%darghe> ok thats bullcrap 
[20:17] <Sparto> so yeah, it could get your shit in a lot of trouble if we took shots. 
[20:17] <Sparto> so remove everything 420chan related. 
[20:17] <The_Government> chans: serious businedd 
[20:17] <The_Government> ss 
[20:17] <The_Government> asfjaslkfj 
[20:17] <Sparto> shut the fuck up. 
[20:17] <The_Government> fuck you 
[20:17] <%darghe> ^ 
�03[20:17] * The_Government was kicked by darghe (I banned you b4�) 
�03[20:17] * The_Government ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:17] <Sparto> I don't appreciate my fucking [[chan]] getting "raided" by a bunch of morons. 
[20:17] <%darghe> >:/ 
[20:17] <The_Government> lol 
[20:17] <Sparto> you should ban them anyways. 
[20:18] <The_Government> dramaaaaaaaaaaa 
[20:18] <Sparto> they're morons. 
[20:18] <%darghe> poeeee 
[20:18] <Sparto> so fix it. 
[20:18] <The_Government> hey saz I didnt know you hung out with such thin skinned faggots 
[20:18] <%darghe> poe 
[20:18] <%darghe> poe 
[20:18] <%darghe> wait a [[mom]] 
[20:18] <Mouse> ? 
[20:18] <%darghe> POE 
[20:19] <The_Government> poe 
[20:19] <%darghe> >:/ 
[20:19] <%darghe> POE 
[20:19] <Sparto> are you fucking kidding me. 
[20:19] <Sparto> grow some balls 
[20:19] <Sparto> and mod. 
[20:19] <The_Government> yeah really 
[20:19] <%darghe> =0 
[20:19] <Sparto> if there is shit that someone else wants removed. 
[20:19] <The_Government> I'd respect you a little more if you just [[banned]] me 
[20:19] <Sparto> something that could cause chan wars 
[20:19] <The_Government> instead of calling for mommy 
[20:19] <Sparto> I'd do it. 
[20:19] <Sparto> :/ 
�03[20:19] * Kirtaner ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:19] <Sparto> we don't have this problem with our s.. 
[20:20] <Sparto> oh boy. 
�03[20:20] * darghe sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]* 
�03[20:20] * The_Government was kicked by darghe (=0�) 
�01[20:20] <poe> poe's here 
[20:20] <%darghe> poe.. whatyer think? 
[20:20] <Kirtaner> YOU'RE WORSE THAN OUR STAFF 
�02[20:20] * Sparto ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: leaving�) 
�01[20:20] <poe> lol 
[20:20] <%darghe> its not our fault that yer mods didnt delete 
�02[20:20] * taiga ([email protected]) Quit (Operation timed out�) 
�01[20:20] <poe> that's not exactly true. 
[20:21] <%darghe> oh? 
�01[20:21] <poe> if you were a 7chan mod, you'd know, kirt 
�01[20:21] <poe> not you, darghe 
�03[20:21] * darghe sets mode: -b *!*[email protected]* 
[20:21] <Kirtaner> D&B 
�03[20:21] * Fi3p ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:21] <Kirtaner> GO 
[20:22] <Mouse> someone called? 
�01[20:22] <poe> come on kirt 
�01[20:22] <poe> it's funny 
�01[20:22] <poe> stop being such a wart 
[20:22] <%darghe> Kirt I mean.. we get cp EVERY FUCKING DAY.. if not twice 
�01[20:22] <poe> yes, you're the victim this time, but what's it matter? 
[20:22] <%darghe> we dont whine bout that 
�01[20:23] <poe> is the [[internet]] that serious? 
[20:23] <%darghe> we just delete and move on 
[20:23] <Kirtaner> you're fucking useless 
�01[20:23] <poe> it's funny, kirt 
[20:23] <Kirtaner> i like how none of you care about keeping dumb shit away 
�03[20:23] * The_Government ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
�01[20:23] <poe> it's not dumb shit. 
�01[20:23] <poe> it's funny. 
[20:23] <The_Government> hiiiiiii kirt 
[20:23] <The_Government> are you the real kirtaner 
�03[20:24] * taiga ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
�01[20:24] <poe> when shit happens to us, then people post about it on your boards, and it's actually bringing FAIL or content to the board, would you want us to make you delete it?
[20:24] <Kirtaner> poe: this place has gotten even worse. cool. 
�03[20:24] * You were kicked by Rufus (Don't use the word \"FAIL\" on this channel!�) 
Session Close: Thu Nov 13 20:24:40 2008 

Session Start: Thu Nov 13 20:24:44 2008 
Session Ident: #7chan 
�03[20:24] * Now talking in #7chan 
�03[20:24] * Topic is 'YOUR EGG CREAM MR. REDMOND�' 
�03[20:24] * Set by Teffen on Thu Nov 13 07:14:05 
[20:24] <Kirtaner> actually 
[20:24] <Kirtaner> we DO delete it 
�01[20:25] <poe> that's silly of you then... 
�01[20:25] <poe> no offense 
[20:25] <Kirtaner> more like we actually care about trying to curb [[drama]] 
[20:25] <PandaFister> Kirtaner, can I petition you to remove the fullpage ads? 
[20:25] <Kirtaner> this shit is why we might be dropping a *chan name 
[20:25] <Kirtaner> starting fresh 
�06[20:25] * Oboe catches fire 
[20:26] <PandaFister> there goes your userbase 
�01[20:26] <poe> drama is funny. as long as it's not serious [[drama]]. 
[20:26] <The_Government> what was the name of that adtrw goon you let fuck you in the ass kirt 
�03[20:26] * darghe sets mode: +v The_Government 
�03[20:26] * darghe sets mode: +v Kirtaner 
[20:26] <+Kirtaner> pandafister: most of our old timers want us to do it 
�03[20:26] * darghe sets mode: +m 
�01[20:26] <poe> why don't you blame your mods for being inattentive then blaming us for the raiders posting it on our boards? 
[20:26] #7chan You need voice (+v) (#7chan) 
[20:26] <+The_Government> you're not sarah palin you don't get to ignore important questions kirtaner 
�03[20:26] * lotus sets mode: -m 
[20:27] <+The_Government> come on 
�01[20:27] <poe> why don't you blame your mods for being inattentive then blaming us for the raiders posting it on our boards? 
[20:27] <%darghe> lotus I wanted to keep unrelevant comments out 
[20:27] <@lotus> my bad, darghe 
[20:27] <%darghe> oh ok 
�03[20:27] * lotus sets mode: +m 
[20:27] <+The_Government> "unrelevant" 
�03[20:27] * darghe sets mode: +v poe 
[20:27] <@lotus> The_Government he's german 
[20:27] <@lotus> forgive him 
[20:27] <+The_Government> oh 
[20:27] <%darghe> forgive me 
[20:27] <+The_Government> you're forgiven on account of your booze 
[20:27] <+The_Government> carry on 
[20:29] <%darghe> Kirt.. do they actually raid anymore? 
[20:29] <%darghe> or just discuss it at our board? 
�02[20:29] * Admin ([email protected]) Quit (Operation timed out�) 
[20:30] <+The_Government> why are people talking to kirt like he's an important person and not an anus stretching pile of flaming [[faggotry]] 
[20:30] <%darghe> I dunnor 
�03[20:30] * Fi3p ([email protected]) has left #7chan 
[20:30] <@lotus> actually 
�03[20:30] * lotus sets mode: -m 
[20:31] <+The_Government> [[7chan]] has far too many rules and not enough balls imo 
�01[20:31] <+poe> agreed 
�01[20:31] <+poe> this is why i'm refusing to take down the sticky. 
[20:31] <%darghe> kinda agreed 
[20:31] <@lotus> The_Government, you know who to blame 
�01[20:31] <+poe> it's bringing FAIL and content to the board, no reason i should remove it. 
�03[20:31] * You were kicked by Rufus (Don't use the word \"FAIL\" on this channel!�) 
Session Close: Thu Nov 13 20:31:32 2008 

Session Start: Thu Nov 13 20:31:36 2008 
Session Ident: #7chan 
�03[20:31] * Now talking in #7chan 
�03[20:31] * Topic is 'YOUR EGG CREAM MR. REDMOND�' 
�03[20:31] * Set by Teffen on Thu Nov 13 07:14:05 
[20:31] <+The_Government> actually i don't who is it 
[20:31] <+The_Government> is it saz because that'd be pretty funny 
�02[20:31] * six|out ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: bbl�) 
�01[20:31] <poe> is kirt even still here? 
[20:31] <%darghe> I dunno 
[20:32] <%darghe> maybe he just lurks 
�03[20:32] * Admin ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
�01[20:32] <poe> maybe 
[20:32] <+The_Government> maybe the tremedous shame he shold feel for his existence has finally caught up to him 
[20:32] <+The_Government> and now he's in a fetal position under his computer desk 
[20:32] <%darghe> =0 
[20:32] <%darghe> pics 
[20:32] <+The_Government> don't we have enough pics of kirtaner 
[20:32] <%Weeabot> you earn you 10 questions kirtaner is playing by the <censored> olololol 
[20:32] <+The_Government> seriously 
�01[20:33] <poe> silence weeabot 
[20:33] <%darghe> I guess 
[20:33] <+lust> lotus sucks dicks 
[20:33] <%Weeabot> the silence shaked head. 
[20:33] <+lust> the end 
[20:33] <%darghe> but is there a "too much"? 
[20:33] <+The_Government> yes 
�01[20:33] <poe> conversation is over if kirt isn't gonna talk anymore. 
[20:33] <+The_Government> there is 
[20:33] <%darghe> <poe> conversation is over if kirt isn't gonna talk anymore. 
[20:33] <+Kirtaner> ur gy 
[20:33] <+The_Government> gline that motherfucker 
�03[20:34] * m9105826 ([email protected]) has joined #7chan 
[20:34] <+The_Government> there is no reason to allow that faggot on your server unless it is to [[troll]] him 
[20:34] <+Kirtaner> conversely who the fuck are you 
[20:34] <+Kirtaner> some random irc troll 
[20:34] <+The_Government> YO MOMMA 
[20:34] <+The_Government> fuck you 
[20:34] <%darghe> =0 
[20:34] <%darghe> now now 
[20:34] <+The_Government> I'm a nobody 
[20:34] <+Kirtaner> lmao 
�02[20:34] * Tab ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Tab�) 
�01[20:34] <poe> lol 
[20:34] <+The_Government> which is a hell of a lot better than what you are you goddamn laughingstock 
[20:34] <m9105826> lol 
[20:34] <%Weeabot> lol 
[20:34] <@lotus> lust; agreed 
[20:35] <+Kirtaner> gb2fyad 
[20:35] <+The_Government> lol fyad 
�01[20:35] <poe> kirt, i don't expect you to remove content from your boards for any reason, it tends to be hard to come by on chans nowadays. 
[20:35] <+The_Government> try again 
�01[20:35] <poe> so it's not fair that you should expect us to. 
[20:35] <+Kirtaner> you come off a a [[retarded]] SA drone 
[20:35] <+The_Government> I am 
�01[20:35] <poe> i don't go to SA. 
[20:35] <%darghe> a a 
[20:35] <+The_Government> but i'm not a fyad 
[20:35] <%darghe> :/ 
[20:36] <+Kirtaner> sh/sc!

<Kirtaner> seriously it's like i'm the only person on any [[chan]] that even gives a shit anymore 
<poe> your modding staff is kind of lacking, but consider this, how often do you have to put up with this kind of shit, and how often do we? 
<Kirtaner> our staff is lacking because we have a high turnaround rate 
<Kirtaner> we hire people 
<Kirtaner> they fuck up in a day or two 
<Kirtaner> and get fired 
<poe> *shrug* it's a drug chan, it attracts druggies. 
<poe> did you think they'd all be really fuckin' smart or something? lol 
<poe> this is also the internet. 
<Kirtaner> we just have unreasonably high standards 
<Kirtaner> it's what keeps us going 
<Kirtaner> and keeps us with a large amount of fans 
<poe> one thing's probably true though, there are definately a lot of trolls on 7chan. 
* poe is now known as DeadJew 
<DeadJew> lol