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The predicted outcome

The 4chan-Tumblr War is an ongoing war between two of the Internet's biggest watering holes for overweight antisocial nerds, 4chan and tumblr. Sparked in 2010 with Operation Overlord, it has manifested itself in multiple raids between the two sites even to the present day.

Operation Overlord

The first major raid on tumblr, and bigger than the 2014 raid.

The Great /pol/ Social Justice Raid of 2013

After two years of only minor activity between the two sites, /pol/ reignited the war with a raid on SJWs, thus reminding the SJWs to Check their own privilege

Independence Day Invasion

In 2014, a fake blog set up by /pol/ managed to fool 4chan into raiding tumblr, which of course only resulted in the destruction of tumblr's most popular tags.

Operation Timebomb v2

Also in 2014, Operation Timebomb v2 took place with the goal of synchronizing shock image posts on tumblr at the same time. It turned out to be a colossal failure.

Valentine's Day Massacre

After 2 more years of little activity other then occasional shitlfiging, at least 100 anons gain a lust for lulz and invade Tumblr on the 14th of February, 2016, 4pm EST. The butthurt managed to leak out onto youtube among other places.

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