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The look of adequacy. was a trolling/satire website established in 2001 for the purpose of publishing lulzy articles. Since by that time most people were beginning to figure out that the Onion wasn't for reals (though many still struggle in this regard), and other satire websites filled the useful gap of providing outrageous bullshit suitable for posting on forums and getting everybody mad, the fake articles were mostly about nigras, television and other shit. Because of the sensitivity of these subjects, it caused quite a bit of lulz and drama.


Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Several years ago the crew made a drama-inducing article about finding out if your child was a h4x0r, which caused many lulz when loving parents everywhere prevented their children from using the internets. The article was pure lulz to anyone who was not a dumbass. They are also the inventors of the terms "Lunix" and "Linux Torvalds".

Trolling effectively trolled Jimbo Wales himself, getting him to say he was a anarchocapitalist gay and also kind of a gun nut. He also posted racist and homophobic comments, saying muslims are all "murderous thugs", and was butthurt about 9/11.

See here for "Kill Yr Idols: Osama Bin Laden", here for the exposing of wikipedia as an objectivist circlejerk, butthurt about 9/11 here and his account right here.

Users of Adequacy invented the term "IP Tokens", which could be used by Hackers to steal important information from your computer. This lead to many online ad pop-ups saying "your computer is broadcasting an IP address!", which scared faggots to buy firewalls and install antivirus. They spreaded all this terminology to important computer sites of the time like [H]ard-OCP or in Usenet.

After the Anthrax attacks on 2001 to US Politicians and Media, users of started a petition to change "Anthrax" music group name to "Basket Full of Puppies". This caused an enormous butthurt in the group:

Some asshole from something called the Adequacy Org. e-mailed us demanding that we change our name. The guy is clueless. He talks about our new album called Spreading The Disease, calls us Grind Core, Death Metal and Speed Metal. He thinks we named the band last week to 'take advantage of this horrific situation.' Last week…..twenty years ago……. No big difference there. What a jackass.


—Scott Ian

In 2002, ex-stripper and Playboy model Koleen Brooks made national news when some trolls from Georgetown voted to recall her from her position as the town's mayor. The model gave an interview to the site saying what she was doing as major.

From Adequacy came out the story that Britney Spears was a man with a 6 inch cock, this reached the news and Britney was quickly compared to Dana International (jew trap). Then Adequacy users started spreading online that Britney doesnt admit being a male to preserve the right to wear blue jeans.


If you browse on Adequacy polls section you wont find any non-ruined or unlulzy poll, this suggests that the community was Jew-Free and out of SJW target. Members of the site often spread Poll-ruining cancer to other enemy sites such as [H]ard-OCP or AOL chats.

Wars and Enemies

  • [H]ard-OCP: a hardware forum full of cancer. It was the victim of flamewars started by adequacy users.
  • Kuro5hin: It mainteined a small war with Adequacy in 2001, the admins of both sites started it, during the campaign K5 articles were crapflooded
  • Scientology: Many users from Adequacy came from alt.religion.scientology and in every article they could, they called CoS a terrorist organization.
  • Israel: Because JEWS DID WTC
  • Open-Source movement
  • LGBT

Death and Rebirth was shut down on 11 September 2002, which suggests foreign involvement. However the site is not up and running again, adding yet another troll site to the cancer-ridden face of the internet, it remains as an archive.


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