Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this

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PWee28 : The retard was asking for it

I make stuff that I want to make and, more importantly, enjoy making. If people don't like it, that's fine but I don't think this justifies slating it just because it isn't a video of someone being punched in the face.



Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this

In the Beginning

The embarrassment of being punched by this faggot
Has its roots in medieval culture.

PWee28: Filmmaker, vlogger, douche, and someone who is asking for it, decided to make a video to tell the people of YouTube what he was thinking of (hint: sucking cocks).

Realizing that nobody gives a shit, Neil from Holloway decides to punch him in the face seeing as he had nothing better to do - a result of being too scared to go to the Odeon cinema because of all the niggers talking loudly on their mobile phones.

Of course, this resulted in much lulz and fapping from /b/tards and YouTubers everywhere. It soon became a fully-fledged meme, but was unfortunately forgotten about last Thursday.

The Original Clip! Original Comment Thread - troll here!! plzthx

Ah fuck, I can't believe you're trolling my videos

PWee28 soon made the video private, but then made it public again, after he was butthurt when people were realizing the genius behind punching this faggot in the face rather than his OMG!!! FILMMAKING SKILLZ YO! Trolling the comments of his posted videos soon became a lulzy pastime. However, you can't comment on his user page.

UPDATE: The video is made public again.!

I Can't Believe this Serious Business!!!

The internets were ablaze with lulz and drama last Thursday when the poster of the original video discovered that, with the use of very sophisticated technologies, his videos were being reposted on the YouTube! ZOMG!!

Ah fuck, I can't believe you've done this.


—PWee28 - just after being punched in the face

This is copyright infringement! I haven't given these users the permission to re-post my work. People aren't taking me seriously because of this video and I want it down now. I'd hate for this to become a legal issue.


—PWee28 - incapable of believing you've done this.

I've taken the original down before as I'd been blasted by other users insisting that my other work 'sucked' or was 'shit' because it wasn't as simplistic as that one was. Now I've set it back to public again seeing as several people have hosted copies of it, I figure it's not going away. I'd appreciate it if you'd keep comments relating to it in the comments section for that video only.


—PWee28 - giving up just like the American he wishes he was.

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