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Ali Akbar knows how to climb the ladder to the top.

Ali Akbar is a fabulous upstanding new conservative activist of mixed ancestry. He has also been sexually servicing the recently outed gay republican Karl Rove for years.


A Troubled Youth

Ali had some trouble when he was younger, very serious trouble indeed. These experiences both tested his character and revealed important skills he would rely on during his rapid advance in the political realm.

National Bloggers Club

Not one to be discouraged, @Ali found god and turned his life around, founding the National Bloggers Club with the man who would later become Mitt Romney's social media director, @BillMurphy.

Things really started moving for the intrepid pair after Ali befriended none other than Karl Rove. The two men reportedly have an excellent working relationship and the future looks bright for all parties.

Ali got billionaire Foster Friess (middle) to fund the National Bloggers Club. The man on the right is Robert Stacy McCain, a prominent conservative columnist who has been honored for his work on race relations.

Photo from the future

2012: Controversy & Chaos

However, Akbar's climb to conservative stardom has seen a number of ugly setbacks during 2012, including a noisy dispute with another leading conservative.

Most puzzling of all has been the focus on this seemingly innocent gaffe by Murphy.


A Solid Future

Despite the troubles Akbar has faced the future must be bright for a young man with such high powered contacts.



2013: The Honeymoon's Over

Ali signed would-be Congressman Curtis Bostic, word of his prior indiscretions quickly made its way to the Charleston Patch Akbar was quickly and publicly shown the door.


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