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Alice Margatroid will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Alice Margatroid is a long running forced meme and roleplay template for lonely basement dwelling otaku to get off on one another. Alice occasionally pops up like syphilis on various chans but hasn't attained the popularity of even Milhouse yet, at least the one you see outside the games of origin of this character.

The video of her every intelligent gentleman is in love with is Marisa Stole The Precious Thing

I-I a-am s-s-so o-out o-of c-character!

The Original Alice

The Alice you picture when you play the games

Alice Margatroid originated as a character in the Touhou shooter series, a sealed world where lovely magical girls shoot the living fuck out of each other all day long with a billion lasers and shit.

She, like most of the characters, has had alternate interpretations of her personality, one that many tried to meld into the type of girl they really want to fap to when finding her smutty pictures all over the internets. One person did just that but instead of using their other hand to catch the soon-to-be dead potential christians in a tissue.....

The "Other" Alice

This Alice persona was created when a weeaboo faggot wanted other basement faggots to give him some attention. But the creator only succeeded in amusing a few while waiting for something better, like Milhouse. This "Other" Alice persona used here is NOTHING LIKE the original, instead taken, rammed up a donkey's shitter and given a good taste of swap.avi for good measure. The trainwreck that lurks around /b/ is the result, never popular, always trying, never achieving. Alice threads tend to be the same fag posting as the Alice persona and trying to "woo" Anonymous, it can only end in failure.


Alice will always talk with a bit of a stutter, and claims that this speech impediment is "B-because I love you s-silly!". As before, this is nothing like the original Alice Margatroid, instead used to try and gain something catchy for a meme, like typing like an epiliptic monkey is a wise idea in the first place.

  • "L-love will be victorious"
  • "L-love will prevail"
  • "Love i-is eternal"
  • "A-Anonymous!"
  • "Anonymous... w-would you like a hug?"
  • "L-let's cuddle"
  • "A-Anonymous isn't a hate machine, A-Anonymous is a love machine!"
  • "My love for you is l-like the whisper of the moon, like foam on the sea, m-my love is like the sun over damp fields*
  • *blush*
  • *hugs you tight*

And other such niggershit.


Even Milhouse gets better art than this.

Alice is drawn to rpfags (Or any other semi-regular chan presence) like a dead carcass attracts flies. Despite the fact that she participates in 4chan via rp, she has very astringently claimed that she is not a rpfag herself, when she is really full of denial and unable to accept the fag rpfags do not like her. She has even gone so far as to tsun rpfags when they are in her threads shitflooding it.

Alice has admitted that she wants to provide Anonymous with an outlet different from the usual hate of 4chan. For some this is true, but for others it provides a magnet for the hate. Alice believes that some Anonymous will want to cyber with her but like all unwarrented self importance, nothing is going to go her way.

Nobody brings fail like Alice!

Over the course of 2007-2008, Alice has taken many attacks for time and time again trying to force herself as a meme on /b/, like a fucking a glutton for punishment (Hey that IS a little closer to the real alice!)

There is plenty more shit but who fucking cares honestly? If you tried to follow it you'd have a brain hemmorage as your poor mind wants to commit suicide to free itself from knowing a cesspool like Alice actually exists and because you once fapped to Alice porn.

Other r-retarded crap

Alice has built the illusion that she really is popular, BUILT that illusion, with herself and her friends such as Navy-Tan ,Another posting persona based on one of those weird japanese things that stole Full Metal Jacket quotes to try and teach kids to speak about wincest in english. When going around other chans, Alice is generally followed by Navy and the two attempt very badly to troll groups they don't like or lie that they are popular to those that don't know them. This usually ends up like a car crash as they are promptly dismissed as spastic basement dwellers and thrust out. It looks set to continue till Alice is seen as a real meme, however Alice drawing her last looks certain to happen first.

The group of two focus mainly on Making her look as popular as possible Navy playing as anonymous in most of all threads, Navy also proposed as anonymous and got married to Alice in threads, so if you read a fag anon saying, you're married to her or any other lame shit it's Navy or Alice hiding out as anons trying to force the lame meme down your throat.

There is also a history with another posting persona faggot called Jack Spicer, who an heroed himself in a thread after seing fan art of him and Alice. The rest of the history with these two is again shit you wouldn't bother to think about while wiping your arse.

Her last name Margatroid comes from the character Murgatroid in the Agatha Christie book Ten Little Niggers.

Alice is her own greatest fan where ever she goes.

Present Day Activities

Nowadays Alice threads quickly devolve into tripfag chatrooms with weeaboos pretending they're having a friendly conversation when they're really just showing off how ronery they are. Flooding the thread with Guro or Shitting Dick Nipples is advised.

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