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Peter and Baby.

Almighty LOL (alol for short) is a forum created at least 100 years ago on December 22, 2005 by Tokosan and Pidda, friends and allies from the YTMND community. As is to be inferred from its title, it is a goldmine of internet hilarity. Alol has been through many changes in management, and the ownership now rests with Oleander, resident neckbeard. It is currently the most popular of the X-YTMND forums after the death of Interflop. LOL DEAD.

A recent study conducted by the Internet Message Board Institute revealed that 94% of all AlmightyLOL forum members are virgins, second only to the Gamespot forums which scored a 100% in virginocity (also referred to as virginosis).

s is for samantha is an AlmightyLOL member who is fiercely protect by her e-boyfriend ... this however did not stop ED taking ownership of her, which pissed her e-boyfriend off enormously. Oddly she has a very high pitched voice which came in very useful later ;)
This negro is happy because he's flashin.
An ALOL member getting ready to own a n00b


An explanation of the mental illness inhabiting ALOL

Almightylol posters hold a general obsession with gay porn and recycled 4chan memes. The following is a list of past fads that could be considered original and not directly recycled from 4chan:

  • Peter And Baby, a set of images of a hairy Australian man taking a shower with his child, which is also the first result when typing the word "Shower" into Google Image Search. Usually used to suggest pedophilia. The appropriately-named Peter has a website.
  • Nigga Flash Squad, the posting of animated and sometimes pornographic gifs of black men flashing back and forth with a negative of the same image. Usually used to troll.
  • Wop, or other forms of racism towards Italian-Americans.
  • Seasoned Men, various images of naked old men[1].
  • Thom Yorke, lead singer of shit band Radiohead.
  • Circlejerks, a select few posters jerk off all over each other and roll around in each others semen because they all have the same theme of avatar
  • Bownasterm, a troll who has been posting things that no one cares about since 2004

Dildo Gate

In 2006 a moderator of "Norman-283" decided to pleasure his portly self with a dildo, which thereafter broke in front of many members of the ALOL community who had elected to watch Norman-283 via an Internet video link. The incident was instantly, and somewhat ironically dubbed "DildoGate". The events were widely broadcast and intermittently recounted several times across ALOL IRC and message boards. Some of ALOL's members expressed pleasure at the incident, which was in their view just desserts for Norman's alleged fraudulent activity regarding identity theft of certain unliked members.

ALOL activities

Most senior ALOL members spend all day talking on Teamspeak (as opposed to Ventrilo, because Admin andre is a Jew) about how gay they are and how little chances they have of losing their virginity. They also spend copious amounts of time playing World of Warcraft. In fact, the only prerequisites of gaining moderator status on ALOL is having a level 70 100 character in WoW as well as having absolutely no life whatsoever.

Coup d'état

On October 8th, 2007 admin Tokosan got raged about losing an arena match in The World of Warcraft. This resulted in him deleting the DNS entry for Almightylol and deleting the VB license as well. All this resulted in was the URL for ALOL being changed from to and a new VB license being purchased by admin SpiegalPwns. A bunch of people made up fake stories about Tokosan hating everyone and trying to kill fellow admin andre irl but in fact the two still played WoW together like faggots and partook in gay sex in between cybering on Xfire.

The LOLocaust

On March 24th, 2008, at approximately 12:29 PM, administrator [email protected], more commonly known as spiegalpwns or spiegal, became incredibly raged as a result of a slow build up of events. Due to accusations of touching underage girls, spiegal decided to ban each and every person who had made fun of him. This event has come to be known as The LOLocaust. This was followed by Andre removing his admin powers, causing him to rage, shooting hot dogs out of his ass and deleting the forum database. The new almightylol forums went back up shortly thereafter, and co-creators Tokosan and Pidda returned to adminship status.

Buildup to current state of affairs

After many months, andre grew tired of the large hosting bills coming from hosting the forum. He made several posts threatening the death of alol and that someone should step up and take the reins. That person was Oleander. He immediately confirmed oobleglork as the main admin, and to this day he runs the daily operations of the forum.

Doc Is A Faggot

Almightylol user Doc Comic is an obese autistic jew with absolutely no friends. In lieu of a social life he sits in teamspeak and latches on to other people's jokes, eventually driving them into the ground by repeating them with pathetically overenthusiastic glee. He is also crosseyed.

It should be noted that Doc periodically reverts this section of the ALOL article about him because he's a hilariously insecure faggot who breaks down over the slightest criticism. He constantly leaves ALOL over any insult directed at him, and comes back to where he's made fun of and owned almost every time he posts due to the sheer amount of gay shit he's pulled in the past. His most recent departure has been due to being owned in a game of Civilization 4 and ALOL discovering his embarrassing wikipedia activity. He has made several hundred wikipedia edits about comic book shit over the past 2 years. This is due to the fact that he's an incorrigible faggot nerd.

For the love of God don't go here unless you've already had sex or your chances of ever doing so will fall dramatically.

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