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ITT: We help a lonely anon by suggesting painless ways to an herpo.


—Some guy who fails at life

An Herpo is the act of attempting to do something profound, but failing so hard at it (and life in general) that you cannot even get the most basic details right. In the process, you inadvertently provide boundless joy to millions through the epic lulz your failure has produced. It is also a funny word to say.

On the evening of June 23, 2010, a 'sad, lonely anon' was (apparently) contemplating an hero, but needed some guidance and support in his decision. Naturally, he turned to /b/, as they are renowned for their compassion, maturity and totally solid advice, particularly in serious and solemn situations. In writing his request, he in fact asked for advice on how to an herpo, which then sparked a lollercoaster of a proportion /b/ rarely sees these days.

Immediately after reading his lulzy request, the b-tards began pissing themselves at what they had quite accidentally stumbled upon: that rarest of internet beasts, the unforced meme. The lulz continued unabated as literally dozens billions of anons did their best to bring 'an herpo' into their internets vernacular, creating awesome shoops and posting witty, clever and totally original usages of their new favorite phrase. The thread did indeed reach epic proportions, and at that moment a new meme was born.

I haven't attempted it yet, and I'd really prefer my suicide not be a meme. I suppose you could say I've failed at life though.


—OP, attempting to salvage his dignity (and failing at that too)



—A helpful anon



—James, asking what we are all thinking



—Anon, being super witty

im a yiffer and im laffin at you lol


—You know its bad when furfags feel superior to you

OP here.. I'm not a troll. And it was just a typo. I meant an hero. Suck my fat dick, you faggots.


—OP, laying down the law

You see OP, you tought you sucked in life, but you created a moment of epicness!... by failing SO HARD. But this is how life is. Now be an herpo!


—Who says anon isn't supportive?


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