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The original notice (2006)

It's over. I'm closing Anonib. I'm tired of dealing with shitty webhosts.

My first webhost, Expensive compared to other hosts. They changed their TOS on me and forced me to move. I spent 3 days slaving over my computer changing several thousand files. NOT FUN. But I did it, and I manged to move the entire site to dreamhost.

My second webhost. dreamhost. It was great starting off. A lot of people came and I upgraded the site to the highest dreamhost had to offer. Cost me $80 a month. I used my food money to pay for it. I began eating a lot of ramen. A month went by with no problems.

Then the problems start. Over the next couple weeks, the website has been slow, very slow. Not only was it slow, it was plagued by downtime because they were fixing their broken networks. Fine, I can understand that, and they managed to fix it. But then another week went by and the site was still laggy. This, however, was my fault since I was stupid and didn't auto-end links when I created the Anonib forums. What happened next was someone kept clicking the "next" button several hundred thousand times, building a huge collecting of cache files that it was forced to search through. It took me 2 days to delete it all. I also found a porn site hotlinking every image on Anonib. I blocked their site. I thought the lag would end there, but it didn't.

Sept 18. I checked my site the day after I deleted the files only to find that it was down. Apparently, dreamhost decided to move my site to another server without any warning, and then sent me an email during the move process. They told me it would make things better.

On Sept 22. 4 days go by with incredible laggyness. It was even worse than when I had those hundreds of thousands of cache files. I sent an email asking them about it. I got the typical "oh, we're just fixing our servers" response.

At this point, I was hoping it would fix itself. But it got even worse.

Sept 27. LAG! Oh GOD, the LAG!!! During this time, the number of people accessing the site dropped by a lot. A LOT. But the lag got even worse, even though the number of people decreased!! I started looking for a new webhost, on a dedicated machine so it won't be so laggy. I couldn't upgrade anymore for dreamhost, they didn't offer dedicated machines publicly. Instead, if you ask them, they'll give you a 2.4ghz machine for $400 a month. Holy crap, that's more expensive than the house rent I have to pay each month. Not only that, it's a total rip-off.

I go look at other hosting plans. I talked to the hosting company paired up with dreamhost, called I sent them an email inquiry like dreamhosts asks. They give me the standard email, linking to their plans. I looked at it and sent another email if they could offer a G1.5 plan but with double the bandwidth transfer(2TB) and asked them what their Mbps was. If I need more power, I'll upgrade as I go along. It's now been 2 days since then and they still haven't replied, the bastards.

Ending. At this point, I'm pretty tired of this. My classes just started at UCR, and I'm getting sick of eating ramen, macaroni and cheese, and waffles. So I decided to end it.

Epilogue. What am I going to do now? I'm going to make a website that compares and analyzes webhosts. That way, someone won't go through the same problems I went through. Anonib was the first site I ever made and got totally ruined because of it. I started working on Anonib late january/early february. That was 7 to 8 months ago. I bought a hosting plan and officially opened the site on June 29. Yep, Anonib was only 3 months old before it died. I'll still work on it and it'll be up again someday, maybe when I get more money to afford a decent server.

During the next 3 days, I'll be ripping the site to my computer. Afterwards, I'll close the site and this message won't be here anymore.

The contact information above is for the former owner of Anonib.


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