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Anonymous editor's favorite reading (after wikipedia)

Anonymous editor (aka The Terror Admin) is a batshit insane Muslim Paki and unsuccessful terrorist. But on Wikipedia he is just known as a part-time Wikipedia administrator and part-time anonymous vandal. Like other Wikipedos (Jayjg, SlimVirgin), he lived in Wikipedo-infested Toronto.

Anonymous editor, like many of us, started editing Wikipedia as a normal vandal, but got increasingly frustrated when all of his useful vandal edits were reverted by so-called anti-vandalism page patrollers. Rather than leave Wikipedia, he decided to become an admin himself and destroy Wikipedia as a vandal-admin and terrorist from within. This would make him one of the greatest vandals of all time had he not been caught early in the game in an anti-terror raid.

Becoming an admin was hard for Anonymous editor. His first attempt was a big fail, but then he started kissing Wikipedo ass and promised never to edit the cabal's favorite articles. He finally was made an admin with the strong support of wikipedo-emperors Jayjg and SlimVirgin.


Wikipedia activities

His activities on wikipedia included removing information about the location of fire exits in the Canadian Parliament building from the wikipedia article, claiming that this information is against wikipedia policy.

Anonymous editor was always on a wikibreak on September 11 due to a religious holiday. This was always the best time to vandalize his user page, at all other times user page vandalism was reverted within seconds.

On his userpage, he proudly described himself as:

  • RELIGION/FAITH: Islamist (insane since September 2004).[1]
  • POLITICS: Islamist[2]
  • PROFESSION: Islamist convert and "useful idiot" [3]
  • I am a Major Islamic POV WARRIOR. I have no tolerance for those who do not follow the False Prophet Mohammed. Most of the time on Wikipedia, I am: Making a complete asshole of myself.[4]

Other wikipedos were as eloquent in their praise:

  • This guy is an Islamist and he is a member of a group of editors which continuously patrols Islam related sites to delete , white wash or revise any insertion that portrays his ideology unfavourably.
  • Cry foul to the masses all you want , it won't change what I have observed in the interactions I have had. The POV that I have observed is Islamist.
  • YOU ISLAMIST FUCK You Islamist bastards who see women as nothing more than brood mares to be kept at home barefoot and pregnant are the cause of immense suffering. Your adherence to the teachings of that totalitarian racist bastard is the reason there is war and suffering and racism in the world. I hope you rot in hell. You want to know why I am so thankful for men like Enviroknot? Because I can never go home. Because my family, who I thought loved me, will try to KILL me if they ever find me for leaving Islam. Because they tried to have me married off at the age of 12 to a 30 year old lecher. Because the only thing I had to aspire to was being dragged to some backwards shithole Muslim nation and becoming a way for some asswipe with no personal hygeine to get kids and have someone to beat on when he got mad. WELL FUCK YOU, YOU MYSOGYNISTIC BASTARD. LEARN ABOUT THE GODDAMN RELIGION. LEARN THE TRUTH. YOU KNOW NOTHING. [5][6]
  • You're just another mysogynistic Islamist. Grow a brain and stop dreaming of the 72 virgins, you're not getting any of them. And I hope no woman is stupid enough to fall in with you either.[7]

June 2006 terrorism plot: Epic Fail!

After being told on wikipedia that he would not get any of the 72 virgins with his wikipedia vandalism (see above), he decided to become a terrorist. But just like his wikipedia vandalism, it ended in an EPIC FAIL.

In June 2006, Anonymous editor suddenly stopped editing. This was when the islamophobic Canadian police conducted counter-terrorism raids in the Greater Toronto Area, arresting as many Wikipedos as possible in an attempt to stop Wikipedia's terrorism on the Internet. Jayjg and Slim Virgin narrowly escaped the raids, but Anonymous editor got caught and was never again seen vandalizing wikipedia.

His last edits before the raids were a bunch of random edits, like adding empty lines to articles he never edited before, clearly an attempt by him (or one of his wikipedo meatpuppets) to cover his tracks.

Post terrorism activities

Since the terror raids in June 2006, Anonymous editor has never returned to wikipedia, despite being an admin and self confessed wikipediaholic. However, the Canadian Coalition for Justice (CCJ) filed submission on behalf of some of the arrested with the United Nations Human Rights Council. The lawyer for the CCJ alleged on behalf of Anonymous editor that Canada was in breach of its international commitments because the arrested were not allowed to edit wikipedia.

A bunch of Wikipedos continue to ask about his whereabouts, having no clue that outside of Pakistan terrorism leads to long, long prison time:

Anonymous editor's admin privileges were removed in 2011.

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