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Hide your sons!
File:Stancl new social network.jpg
Anthony's new social networking page on the Waukesha County Sheriff's website.
File:Stancl goodbye tweet.png
Anthony Stancl toots his last tweet.
File:Stancl for obama.jpg
Stancl campaigning for Black Jesus.
File:Stancl campaigning.png
Sex Offenders for Change.

Imagine being a fugly gay beaner in high school. Now imagine wanting to see a lot of your male classmates naked. Especially the younger ones.

If you can picture this, you can successfully enter the mindset of Anthony Stancl, an unfortunate pervert whose internets work had epic lulz/trolling potential. Stancl's failure did prove one thing, however: Fred Phelps was correct that fags like 'em young.

What Mr. Stancl Did

Anthony, when he wasn't beating off to the abundant dongs on 4chan, decided it would be productive to pretend to be a girl online to get n00dz of his classmates. Of course, since he was thinking with his cock instead of his brain, there were numerous holes in his plan, the largest of which included him not being female (yet).

On Failbook, Stancl made two fake profiles of 16-year-old girls, which photos of jailbait likely from the source. He messaged 31 of his male classmates and hit on them. The cyber secks got so hot the fake female got n00dz of all of these teenagers, the youngest of which was 13.

Now in possession of legitimate CP, some argue Stancl should have cut it off there. Being the horny bastard he was, however, he thought it would be better to meet these classmates IRL. Since he hadn't solved the problem of not actually being a girl, he realized that IRL secks with the teens would be difficult. Thus, he decided to put them through a test, making the boys perform sexual acts on the girl's "male friend," if this didn't work he would blackmail them with the threat of "if you don't let me stick my dick in your fakecunt I'm going to spread my pictures of you all over school, by the way, do you have any little brothers?". Stancl took pictures of all of this, of course, so he could fap to it later.

How He Got Caught

Because his collection of CP was so large, Stancl decided he needed a day off of school to sort through it. Being the wise man that he is, he decided the best way to do this was to call in a fake bomb threat to his school. The FBI traced the call and immediately V& him, and seized his computer for investigation. Unfortunately, Chris Hansen was covering other stories (there had been a Pedobear sighting in a neighboring town earlier that day), so he was unable to properly pwn Stancl.


Stancl faces at least 100 years in prison, he of course will get cunt-punched in his pseudocunt by big black men. I mean he IS more dangerous then Andrew Erickson, having ELEVEN COUNT THEM TWELVE felonies under his belt now, the guy is so bad ass that he OOZES TESTOSTERONE from every orifice of his body. With number twelve being a bomb scare I mean seriously, one would hope at LEAST for something worthy of EPICLULZ. Link to the Wisconsin Court website is here. [[1]].

On February 24, 2010, Stancl was sentenced to 15 years prison, 13 years probation, and promised a star on the Sex Offender Walk of Fame.

Que Sera, Sera. 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

Added Lulz

Not only was Stancl an epic troll, he was a vocal Obamafag. Shocking, isn't it. The blog was, of course, removed within seconds of his arrest.

But truly, the only lulzy way for this to end is for everyone including the victims to be charged with statutory rape.

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