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Some DevianTart's fanart of Aasha ("Original" leader) dressed up as a pirate. Probably the only cool thing about him.

The AAHC aka The Anti Anti Hentai Club, has been active for 4 years, at least 6 forums, and hundreds of members. Kicked off several free-forum sites (and some what weren't), the club has since split into two factions. The classics are made of uncompromising levels of Fail.


Newgrounds, Jewgrounds, Cum On Toast

The AAHC was originally a thread created on the Newgrounds forums, sometime around the year 2003. Maybe October. 'V1Master', an NG member butt-hurt that a thread called the Anti-Hentai Club existed on the BBS (for the sole purpose of being against all the hentai threads being made), took some advice from his opponent 'Ugly Bastard' (the leader of the AHC) and created a thread to oppose theirs. Hence Anti-Anti-Hentai. What a great train of logic that is.

Sadly Newgrounds doesn't allow people to post pornographic images, but that didn't stop the plucky adventurers from taking quizzes about their favourite kind of rape and role-playing as generic anime stereotypes. The thread managed to accumulate over 9000 pages and just as many enemies, including a moderator called Dobio. Also a man pretending to a girl, calling himself 'Aasha', became the new leader of the club after V1Master couldn't be bothered to run it anymore. Aasha wrote stories focusing on an underage squirrel named Risuo'ona, which is Japanese for "cockslap", and her daily adventures revolving around being raped by trees.

The original thread has long since been deleted off the face of the planet but that didn't stop the inevitable illegitimate offspring that were to follow.

This is what The Redangleprince wishes he looks like.

InvisionFree Willy

Sometime around the stagnation of the NG BBS AAHC - say, October 2004 - some bright spark called 'The Redangleprince' decided to set up a forum on InvisionFree thinking that the people at IF, in their infinite wisdom, wouldn't cotton on to their ToS-breaking Soggy Biscuit parties. It didn't last - the forums were deleted on the month of January 2005, the result of an anonymous prankster having reported the AAHC for using rubber walrus protectors.

Responding quickly and calmly to the situation, the administrators of the AAHC - Redangle, Aasha, and some other queers - got together on AIM for a 10-hour yiffing fest. The result being the good people of the club setting off to make several new forums, although eventually everyone got back together and made a new forum on InvisionFree again anyway. What the shit.

In celebration of Aasha's one-year-rule of the club, the Redangleprince declared a 'Kurt Angle Week', in which everyone's avatars and signatures were themed upon the aforementioned American spandex model. And then some people got upset so Redangle roleplayed them into submission. Yes, a wrestling roleplay.

Meanwhile the NG BBS AAHC was deleted during March 2005. And nothing of value was lost.

Risu, an underage anthropornorphic squirrel, apparently sucking the cock of Britfag member Steven M, as drawn by 'Original' leader Aasha. This was enough to make him quit the club.

Lol, Internet

An administrator of the AAHC, 'Baron von Bad Guy', offered to buy a website and host the AAHC on it for free. Long story short, the site was called Lolinternet, Baron found a new friend called 'RabidEchidna' and power wars started. Redangle and the gang got butthurt because Rabid kept editing their beloved club and depriving them of their lolifutaguro doujins, and Baron started initiating power wars to fuel his ego. You know, because he had ownership of the site.

To cut a long story short the AAHC migrated elsewhere, and Lolinternet vanished into obscurity in a matter of weeks.

At some point on the next site (titled two Britfags called Steven M and Zanelli were promoted to administrators and started construction on the site. They intended to use the site as their secondary school sixth form IT project, but failed miserably when the site was hacked by a random stranger and everyone lost the backups. Good going, guys.

Common material for their fappings.

The Banana Splits

After the site was hacked and generally messed around with, the AAHC moved to another website (cunningly titled and then had more organisation problems. New admin 'Sickboy' financed and thus gained control of the site, and a lot of people got pissed off at him for it. Then the site was hacked again, for the lulz.

In a shocking and unprecented twist, The Redangleprince revealed his master plan to split the Anti Anti Hentai Club into two factions, and promptly jumped ship with half the members. The remaining club members formed the 'Original' (or New Breed) club, whereas the egomaniacal faux-French douchebag dubbed his crew the 'Classics'. As has been already mentioned, both sides are made of uncompromising levels of fail. Some members choose to hang out at both sites, and some chose to leave entirely.

Also, all this time people have been duped into thinking Aasha, sometimes leader of the club, was a girl. The Redangleprince, being the egotistic buttfag that he is, took great delight in telling everyone otherwise, and the internet discovered that Aasha was in fact a man pretending to be a girl. What a surprise.

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