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Lj-favicon.png aria_star is one of the Lj-favicon.png sf_drama All Stars, along with ladygaia87, lizziey, and many others. Aria is well-known for littering the internets with drama, tl;dr posts and sharing too much information.


Aria can be summed up as: the most fucked up wannabe-pro-midwife-pro-life-father's-rights-advocate-former-head-of-corporation-backyard-breeder-seamstress-attention-whore-former-fattie-pro-ana-once-molested-fucktard-IVF-wanting -descendant-of-Pocohontas-omg-so-spensive-where-I-live-HEY-YOU-GUISE-I'M-GETTIN'-MARRIED-most-deserving-of-violent-painful-death idiot to ever hit the internets.

But don't forget that she's a expert on teachers, a professional woodshopper a licensed retailer, website designer,copyright expert and a computer tech!

Known Identities

LJ user Lj-favicon.png aria_star , also known as:
On Livejournal: Lj-favicon.png ms_erie, Lj-favicon.png koshka_aria, Lj-favicon.png clementswedding , Lj-favicon.png lemonchiffon (has since been deleted and taken over by a new LJ user who is not Aria), Lj-favicon.png ariaandlemere , Lj-favicon.png misti_selste , Lj-favicon.png theclementsbaby, Lj-favicon.png emmaspuppies , Lj-favicon.png apuppetmistress , Lj-favicon.png boundforcanada, Lj-favicon.png mrsclements Lj-favicon.png katelyn_rose, Lj-favicon.png pinkypinky78, Lj-favicon.png my_lady_aria, Lj-favicon.png bride_elle, Lj-favicon.png dancing_lyric, Lj-favicon.png hellototheworld, Lj-favicon.png idancegirl Lj-favicon.png damedelabeaute, Lj-favicon.png thelavenderlady and Lj-favicon.png christmasbride.

Aria's Myspace.

I'm Aria_fucking_Star bitch!!

Aria Austin on Facebook.
Aria as Alys B Cohen, fantasy author.
Aria's "couture" dress designs on Facebook. Become a fan!
Aria on Yahoo.
Aria's profile on "Dig a Tech Girl.
Aria's profile on OKCupid.
Aria's profile on SlashDot.
Aria's profile on Digg.
Aria's profile on Yahoo Answers.
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Aria on Revision3.
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Aria on, a legal advice website.
Aria on Aria's photobucket accounts: The Year 2006, The Year 2007, The Year 2008 Ms_Erie.
Aria's Spoonflower account. (Screenshot: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_Shop.jpg),
Also known as: ariastar, aria_star, monnonsharp, LadyArareiel, ajadoniz, siliconvalleygirlgeek, lemonchiffon, lemonchiffon1912, Misti Wiley, MistiSeleste, Charlotte Chastain, Victoria Rose, and Elizabeth Allen.

Her "fiance" who is her brother Cody Thomas: Lj-favicon.png popltree69
Cody's Myspace.
Cody Clements on Facebook.
Cody Clements on "Dig a Tech Guy."
Cody on Twitter.
Cody on Pownce.

"Personal" Life

For someone who believes that you should "never give more info than you have to," Aria's personal life is very, very public. For all but about five years of her life, she's lived in the San Francisco, California area. She grew up in a mixed-race, dysfunctional family. Her mother's family is a direct descendant of Pocahontas and a black slave, her dad committed suicide when she 23, although there has been a claim on who-knows-what that she made this up (Aria vehemently denies this). She has a brother who lives in Jacksonville, whom she hasn't had contact with since her father's death and occasionally mentions a sister, Rachael aka "Roo", who is a "sister by choice."

File:Aria nipples.jpg
What a crazy person's tits look like

Unsurprisingly, Aria does not have a college degree or a high school diploma.

Aria claims that she is related to the Duggars.

When Aria was 17, she got engaged and planned her wedding for Feb. 14th, like the basic bitch that she is. But the guy understandably got tired of her stupidity and began beating her ass, which this batshit crazy cunt deserves. God's work is what this stalwart gentleman did. She says she broke up with him, but he probably dumped her as she walked in him and a hawt Mexican ladyboy playing hide the weenie. Aria met her next prey "fiance," Cody, online at Revision3. Despite the fact that Cody was still officially married at the time, their courtship officially began about five months after he and his ex-wife, Randi, separated, definitely before a divorce could be final. So she's a homewrecking jezzie on top of her myriad other flaws. Cody and Aria remain good friends with Randi and plan on inviting her to their wedding.
This is how they will tell Randi he's dicking around with someone else.
Cody works at an Apple store as a "Genius". Aria is unemployedself-employed. She spends her copious amounts of spare time trolling the internets, breeding with lots of dogs, and buying dresses to sell as her own which, as another sign of her derangement, she sells at a loss. Not surprisingly, none of Cody's friends accept him marrying Aria and all of them hate her and want her to die. Who could blame them?
If Aria didn't love the drama, she would ditch the name Aria and makea new persona. But she keeps using her name because she knows we'll find her and the drama will start. But it's okay, she wants it and we're not going away.

Wedding Planning
After less than a year of "dating," Cody and Aria decided that they wanted to get married, though she gives the qualifier that they've been "very good friends" since 2006 and got to know each other that way. One little teeny problem with that, though: Cody is still married. Whoops!

Aria originally wanted to get married on March 14, 2009, solely because it's "pi day." However, due to IVF financial complications, they have changed the wedding date to Dec. 5, 2009. Cody's parents are against his sham of a second wedding wedding, so they are going to DIY the majority of it. Aria plans on stealing making her dress, her bridesmaids' dresses, the flower girl dresses, and maybe Cody's tux.

Like everything else in her life, Aria is not shy to admit she has fertility issues that can most likely be attributed to her extreme weight-loss techniques*, although she claims her fertility problems are the result of a car accident when she was 18. But her "bad service" post does not mention a miscarriage at all! Aria is too selfish to just adopt so she has resorted to the idea of In Vitro Fertilization.

Despite her desperate desires to get pregnant, Cody and Aria do not have the money to get IVF. Therefore, she has started an IVF fund that anyone can contribute to in order to make her dream of squatting out a child come true. She pimps out this IVF wishing fund just like she'll pimp out her crotch-dropping one day. Her fiance's health care plan has recently made IVF more financially feasible. The jury is still out on whether a doctor will actually let her pro-create, though Aria managed to start IVF treatments in January 2009. She has already picked her children's names:
Girl names: Charlotte Rose, Elizabeth Lily, Veronica Violet
Boy names: Kevin Joel Alexander (to be called Lex), Logan Norrin Xavier.
"Girls would be named in that order. A boy would get which name felt right. We do NOT plan to have five though!!"

You can read the latest on her IVF journey, including her defense against the meanie heads who want her to adopt, in her IVF blog. Maybe one day she'll get it that if they don't have enough money to have in vitro, they can't afford to raise a kid. In vitro is only $15,000, but raising a crotch-loaf is over $400,000.

If there's a merciful god, any boxtrot she queefs out will die while she's holding it so her heart will die along with her will to force another generation of her genotype on the world.

As of December 5, 2009, Aria "gave birth" to a daughter, Charlotte Rose Clements, on December 3rd. According to her wordpress blog, the birth was "traumatic". Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it was. Made-up events aren't traumatic.

As of March 25, 2010, she's been stealing pictures of a baby to claim as her own for months. Pictures of her with a baby are her with a realistic "reborn" doll she scammed from Tracy Arnold of Moviegowns. What a surprise. A human she says she made a doll made by Tracy.

Oddly enough, her "daughter" has a profile on Facebook and seems to be quite good at the insipid flash game called Farmville. You can find videos of her daughter Charlotte on her Youtube-account.

Aria has posted on Freejinger under the name Elle and later LisaM. As Elle, Aria has discussed child-rearing and spanking her daughter. When other posters questioned her parenting techniques, Elle became defensive and passive aggressive: "Banana, quit being a fucking bitch and insisting I'm a lazy parent. I spend more time with my child than you do with yours, guaranteed. I'm with her 24/7, including when we sleep, and it's been this way every day and night of her entire life."

"Professional" Life

Backyard Breeding:
A "backyard breeder" is that person who has a multitude of dogs/cats/guinea pigs/jennets/frogs/etc. because they have not gotten it through their head that the male animal and the female animal will keep having sex over and over again and this sex will end in a litter of critters, until you get them spayed and neutered.
Aria? She doesn't quite get that either.

Aria chronicles her backyard breeding in Lj-favicon.png emmaspuppies. She claims she's a responsible breeder, although many argue that breeding at all isn't responsible at all because it adds to the over-population of animals and means that abandoned animals in shelters will not be adopted.

"Designing" Dresses:
Aria allegedly designs and creates custom, "couture" dresses. According to Aria's website, she creates historicaland film dresses like from Titanic or Lord of the Rings. She is currently expanding into the bridal market. But she really doesn't even own a single sewing machine or pair of sewing scissors. She has posted pictures of a random sewing room. Why isn't she in the pictures if it's her room? right-click-save those pictures. She'll post pictures of a new sewing room soon when she gets bored of those pictures.

Depending on the post, she either claims she's been sewing for other people for "almost 9 years" or that she's been sewing since she was 3 years old. Apparently, a benefit of her sewing at such a young age means that she "recognized the benefit to paying attention to math in school, specifically geometry" and by the time she was 16, she stopped using patterns.

Aria's different personalities:

As Victoria, Aria made (lol baleeted) where people would order dresses based on the pictures they saw. All the Titanic costumes were made by other people and she was lying and claiming she made them. Then when people would order items from her many ebay accounts, she would either send items she bought from real dressmakers at higher prices, or send crap items she bought at Goodwill. One anonymous woman claims she was sent a blood-stained garment. She had an LJ at that time, ms_erie, which has since been renamed as Lj-favicon.png aria_star.

Victoria Rose
When her first site got busted, she created VictoriaRoseDesigns. She claimed to be the almost-step-mother of a kid who was molested by the real mom's family and said she named this web site after the crotch dropping to get people to feel bad and want to buy from her.

Charlotte Chastain
After Aria was exposed, she brought in Charlotte. Charlotte Chastain created (dead, but you can see the archive here) and (dead) and (which is now a site about exposing her for fraud). Aria has admitted to creating According to Aria, she was "bullied" into closing down all her websites by the sewing "watchdogs."

Elizabeth Allen
She also defrauds people in The Lord of the Rings costuming circle with the screenname Araeiel or Arareiel.

Other identities of hers are monnonsharp, LadyArareiel, ajadoniz, siliconvalleygirlgeek, lemonchiffon and lemonchiffon1912. Rumor has it that her name was Misti and then she legally changed it to Aria, but she also years ago claimed to be an ex-boyfriend's slut, and Misti is a common porn name. Misti is the real fake name.

Because of the multiple names that Aria has "designed" and "sewed" under, in addition to some of the pictures that she posts of her works-in-progress, people have decided that Aria is actually buying other people's dresses or stealing other people's patterns and passing them off as her own. Aria denies this.

Wanna play Bingo?

"Designing" Fabrics:
In March 2012, Aria ran a Spoonflower fabrics design shop (Screenshot: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_Shop.jpg); where she offered various reproductions of movie costume fabrics. Nothing wrong with that if she had drawn those designs that are printed on fabrics all by herself. But....

For example, she offered a reproduction of the "Wishing gown" fabric from "Phantom of the Opera" (Screenshot: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_WishingListing.jpg) ; according to her description,
"Best in the cotton silk blend, you can't find a fabric more exact than this. Close photos of the actual fabric were used to ensure every tiny detail in the original is in this fabric. The fabric house that supplies fabric to the production do not supply to the public, so there is nowhere else to get this fabric, If you'd like a different shade, please sent us a message."

Still nothing wrong with that if it were true; but the photo used to "make" this design was taken from another costumer's website, who had the chance take the pattern from, photograph and otherwise study one of the original Wishing gowns and published those results.
The exact photo used to "make" Aria's design (Screenshot of Spoonflower closeup to compare: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_WishingCloseup.jpg) can be found a bit more than half down said costumer's page; an exact pattern repeat which required just minor photoshopping by Aria. Most of said photoshopping was probably required to remove the copyright notice that originally was in the photo.

According to the costumer, Aria never asked for, let alone got permission to use that photo for "her" design.
Note that the copyright claim was not about the design itself. It was about Aria's usage of said costumer's tiled-up, seamless repeat of the pattern, which, as itself, does have a copyright too. Also note that someone went ahead and edited this page on ED, to erase the entire Spoonflower fabrics design desaster and to instead lay all the blame on the costumer. Said 'someone' claimed to be a 'Spoonflower employee' (take a look at the history of this page in the tabs above and compare the edited page version before this was revised!), and even used the RL name of the costumer in question (misspelled several times before finally she got it right).

By now, after the fabric was taken down by Spoonflower because of the DMCA, Aria has 'redesigned every pixel of the fabric' by herself, even if she's a "beginner in Photoshop", as she claims (if she weren't just a beginner in Photoshop but also in designing fabrics, she would have known that Inkscape or any other software capable of creating vector-based graphics would have been a better idea; particularly for color-proofing!).
That she actually "personally created every pixel" of the new design is doubtful; the bouquets on the fabric have a tencency of getting darker towards the left side - which isn't the case on the original fabric; except if it was taken from a slightly shaded photo! - indicating that this was probably just another cut / paste / reduce colors job from a photo; which can by no means count as 'creating every pixel' (which would indicate hand-tracing the design).
The "new" design she now presents is now described as...
"Best in the cotton silk blend, you can't find a fabric closer to the original than this without actually buying the original fabric or potentially crossing copyright lines. The fabric house that supplies fabric to the production does not supply to the public, so there is nowhere else to get the exact fabric, and you're not getting it here either. However I personally created every pixel of this design and created it to be as close as possible to the original without crossing the line into too-close. Compare to a flat piece of the original and you'll be able to tell it's different, but draped, cut, and folded, it won't be too easy to tell. It's a balancing act! If you'd like a different shade, please sent us a message. More shades will be available soon. I'm new to Photoshop, and am doing it all by hand on a track pad. :)"

Compare this description to the one her fabric had before it was removed by Spoonflower because of the DMCA, which is shown above.
It's very interesting that this 'balancing act' between 'copyright problems' and 'as close to the original design as possible' wasn't so much of a problem for her when first just taking the copyright-watermarked, already tiled-up repeat from the aforementioned costumer without asking, right?

Another design, the reproduction of the "Barbecue dress" fabric from "Gone with the Wind" (Screenshot of Spoonflower listing: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_BBQDressListing.jpg), was obviously made by Aria using the tiny picture of the original design from Pegee of Williamsburg's website - see Aria's considerably small pattern repeat to confirm this - Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_BBQDressCloseup.jpg.
DMCA takedown notices have been filed with Spoonflower; all by the appropriate owners of the pictures and / or designs that Aria used.

Yet another design, the reproduction of Joker's shirt fabric from "Batman" (Screenshot of Spoonflower listing: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_JokerFabricListing.jpg), has been stolen by her from one of the users of the Replica Prop Forum, who was so kind to make it available for free to the community - compare the first picture link in that thread's first posting to this pattern repeat picture of Aria's fabric: Media:Aria_Star_Spoonflower_JokerFabricCloseup.jpg). This fabric, too, has by now disappeared from Aria's store.

Best Selling Fantasy Author:
Aria has recently, since 2013, decided she will become an author. Witnessing the success of the Twilight and Shades of Grey novels, Aria became convinced she could do better, citing the allusions of abuse in both books and the lack of strong females as her motivation. She produced the pen name of Alys B Cohen, under which she puked out a novel in record time; because after all, becoming a best selling author is only a matter of sitting down at laptop and pulling a book out of your ass.

Her first masterpiece is titled Sacred Blood. At first, Aria tried to sell this sad excuse for a manuscript to a publisher and agent, none of whom were remotely interested. After various public FaceBook tantrums expressing the lack of vision of the publishing industry for not recognizing her genius, Aria became and independent author. With her mad Photoshop skills, she designed her cover and threw her badly edited, badly written tripe out there for everyone to read.

Shocked that this book did not fly off the proverbial shelves the moment it was released, she sank into a deep despair that was lifted later by encouraging words from her loyal tribe of fellow drama queens on her FaceBook author page. Empowered to try again, she spewed out a sequel; Sacred Honor, which is now offered for free on Amazon and various other nondescript booksellers. She impatiently awaits the accolades of reviewers, and the inevitable movie contract. She does not hold back her frustration and confusion as to why this has yet to occur.

Also in 2013, Aria's arduous weeks of experience in Independent Publishing eminently qualified her to co-author a book on the failure of the self-publishing industry with various unknown self-published authors. Apparently, this book did not serve to warn her of her own books' prospects in spite of writing part of it herself.

Author Alys B Cohen has not received the reviews she hoped for. Although she predictably created various accounts on multiple bookseller sites to review her own books as favorably as possible and to assure them of at least one or two five-star ratings, she could not avoid the reality. The books were not well-received by readers, and their honest statements of opinion in reviews sent Alys B Cohen into a raging campaign of defiance against the "bullies and trolls" set out to arbitrarily pan her work, just because they they can.

Aria has decided to sue because of some "libelous" posts made in a Yahoo message board about her fraudulent techniques. Aria, who has received legal counsel from an attorney and Knows Things, believes that she has a case, despite armchair-attorney-people telling her that is not responsible for user-generated content (ie, message boards).

LJ Drama

Aria has an immense presence on Livejournal. Not everyone wants her there. A lot of people wish she would die already. She's widely known to join communities only to create drama and make judgmental comments[1], while also telling random snippets of personal information that nobody wants to hear. Then when people respond, she plays victim, stomps her feet and threatens LJAbuse when she doesn't get her way.

In 2006 Aria joined Lj-favicon.png sextips. She posts about her then-boyfriend having erectile issues, and a commenter suggests perhaps he's getting action from another source. She promptly deletes the comment. After a warning for deleting the comment and two off topic posts, she is banned from the community. She posts to Lj-favicon.png st_discussion arguing that deleting a comment should not lead to a warning. Her replies to the mods include such gems as "Please, please don't have kids. We don't need more people in this world who think an apology is a reason to kick someone out because it's not up to your standards. An attempt that is imperfect is better than not attempt at all." and "Burn in hell!" This led to her permanent ban from both Lj-favicon.png sextips and Lj-favicon.png st_discussion.

When Aria decided to get engaged, she joined many wedding planning communities, including Lj-favicon.png weddingplans. She was quickly banned from Lj-favicon.png weddingplans after being disrespectful to members who had different opinions about weddings being for presents repeatedly. She felt that she was unjustly banned, so she created a sockpuppet account account to infiltrate Lj-favicon.png weddingplans and Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore (another community from which Aria was banned). Aria, assuming the name of "Stasia," probably from one of her middle names, Anastasia, messaged one of the mods of WP to explain that she is NOT a sockpuppet. However, she got caught by providing posting about controversial topics in order to rile people up. She was banned again and reported to LJ Abuse for ban evasion.

Communities she's banned from: Lj-favicon.png sf_drama (for deleting a post), Lj-favicon.png sextips, Lj-favicon.png st_discussion, Lj-favicon.png weddingplans, Lj-favicon.png fatshionista Lj-favicon.png fertilityissues, Lj-favicon.png childfree, and Lj-favicon.png cf_hardcore. It's only a matter of time before she's banned from many other communities. Lj-favicon.png stupid_free has an entire tag devoted to Aria wank. Lj-favicon.png sf_drama also has an entire tag of Aria wank, as well.
Because she's been banned from so many communities, she decided to start her own: Wedding communities Aria has created: Lj-favicon.png weddinggowns, Lj-favicon.png realistic_bride, Lj-favicon.png realisticbrides, Lj-favicon.png bridalplans, and Lj-favicon.png bridalsnark. Fertility/Baby communities Aria has created: Lj-favicon.png august09, Lj-favicon.png august09babies, Lj-favicon.png august09baby, Lj-favicon.png august2009, Lj-favicon.png august2009baby, Lj-favicon.png dueaugust2009, Lj-favicon.png dueinaugust09, Lj-favicon.png september2009, Lj-favicon.png september09baby, Lj-favicon.png ivfparents and Lj-favicon.png babydueaugust09.

On 12/20/08 at 12:14 a.m., Aria was suspended from LiveJournal for creating multiple sockpuppet journals to (once again) evade bans in several communities. The news broke in Lj-favicon.png sf_drama. Her account of the suspension is that "LJ got tired of a particular group of people always trying to cause drama, so they told me and several other people accused of being me to all start new journals." This is FALSE. While she was allowed to create a new account on LiveJournal, if she evades a community ban for a third time, she will be permanently suspended from LiveJournal.

On March 17th, 2009, Aria was permanently suspended from LiveJournal due to ban evasion in Lj-favicon.png weddingplans! Her most recent LJ account, Lj-favicon.png my_lady_aria, along with Lj-favicon.png bride_elle, Lj-favicon.png boundforcanada, Lj-favicon.png emmaspuppies, Lj-favicon.png clementswedding and a multitude of baby communities she created, were suspended. Per LiveJournal's Abuse Policy, she is permanently suspended and is forever forbidden from creating new LiveJournal users and communities. Good riddance!

The Moar You Know

Aria: You lose

Lj-favicon.png coreyann and Lj-favicon.png guinastasia have both said they had proof of theft and blood specifically from fingerpricks on gowns Aria did make. When called out on how they knew blood was from finger-pricking or even pictures, both of them claimed they've "moved on" and deleted from their computers any proof. To date, no proof has been presented and no pictures have surfaced of blood on gowns and no other online seamstress has had any pictures of dresses Aria's claimed to have made. All the allegations to date have been by people who say an unnamed friend or a friend of a friend was ripped off or got a damaged gown. coreyann and guinastasia are friends of the seamstress who is Aria's #1 hater and enemy, Tracy. Tracy benefits when Aria isn't around. Is this all wank that started around two rival dressmakers, and everyshit taken out of context since then? It's a lot of fun, no matter how it goes.

Lj-favicon.png guinastasia is also showing herself to be a stalker. In a new post, she claims Aria bought a gown she's claiming as her own, though several other members of the community point out the many differences, even pointing out that she wouldn't be doing her job if the gown was similar and asking "Okay, isn't a little creepy to be... constantly checking on these things?" Lj-favicon.png qweerdo replies by saying someone has to, which is almost an admission of stalking. Lj-favicon.png porcupine8 said that Aria was "inviting direct comparisons" by admitting she based her version off of one by Museum Replicas. Lj-favicon.png qweerdo goes back to the "but she's done it before!" claim again without giving evidence or names or pictures, just a he-said-she-said. The worst place for him to try this is in a thread where most people are siding with the person they actually hate. When Lj-favicon.png guinstasia begins to reply, she makes a couple very vague references to "friends" who were scammed (but who, curiously, never speak for themselves and are never named), admits she's "probably agree" that the dresses are different if it weren't for "history," and said, in reply to the many people who disagree with her and again vaguely referencing "friends'", "I know it's lame, guys, but I'm just pissed off on behalf of my friends who were scammed by her in the past. That and I'm having a shitty week and she's an easy target to take it out on." If those "friends" aren't pissed off enough to be named or come forward, then why is she so fixated on revenge of Aria?

Lj-favicon.png mauselynn, in another post, said, "What I was going to say, in her defense, is that I have not seen any of the other seamstresses she been accused of stealing from yet. I have several friends who sew, watch out for such things, and it has never been mentioned."

It's looking more like a small group of friends has it out for one seamstress and will stop at nothing to destroy her reputation. Outside of one admittedly large group (Lj-favicon.png sf_drama, current home of the anti-Aria brigade, has over 5,000 drama-loving members which means a very far reach and a presence on almost every forum and bulletin board on the internet), her reputation is clean. This is epic war.

Also, the above was written by aria_star herself because she just can't let things go. The Internet says let it be so. And so it was so.


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