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Waaaa. Too bad you can't do shit about it.
Skip was in a video game, once.

Arkansas Sports, otherwise known as the Island of Misfit Toys and Arkansas' own bastion of wanton faggotry, is a message board populated by known posters, 35 year old men still living in their parents' basement, and known wanton faggots. After only a few months in existance, the site is already dying. How surprising.

Caution: NJ and Estes will rape you.


Almost 100 years ago, a disgruntled member of some other website decided to run things his way, and he started his own board, which came to be known as AST . Not long after, it exploded to a massive count of 1500 members, half of those registered by the board owner to jack their numbers up, the other half known rejects.

Frequent topics by members include Hogville, hobbies that many of AST enjoy, Hogville, offline club memberships, and Hogville, and lying, whining, and crying like pussies about how Hogville banned them when they, in truth, deserved it. A lot of that goes on these days.

Swastikas are the symbol of AST's moderating team and is popular on their art forum. Check it out!.
Atomic.gif Warning!
Posting on Arsportstalk is proven to shrink your testicles.

Leading Members

Salvaboar Dali - Der Fuhrer. Rather large man. Known terrorist sympathizer and law expert. Jacks off to news of American war casualties.

The illustrious Salvaboar Dali.

Lojinx - The same Basstun tech dude that was ran off from for cocksucking rampage Has big mouth online, but wouldn't smart off to an eight year old in person. Lojinx keeps faux photos of other websites' admins on his hard drive. Very creepy, but par for the course being that he's a 35'ish year old virgin.

Hoggysoprano aka Skip - Stunted little motherfucker with a smart mouth. Can kick anyone's ass, anywhere, but prefers his brawls on a state line or at a Sonic. Has had cordial relations with your wife. Has a gut the size of a snare drum from drinking Milwaukee's Beast. Enjoys jacking off bulldogs in his spare time.

Skip on his day job.

Beatnikluv - Lady that thinks the world revolves around her, with looks that could scare the shit out of Hillary Clinton. Is very talented. Ask her sometime why she's one of the handful of their mods and admins that are asking in privateto be let back on Hogville.

Swahili Steve - Has set the world record for being many different types of whore, from attention whore, to drama whore, as well as comment whore, to the plain old run of the mill whore. Take a step back, guys. There's no tread left on those tires. It's more now like trying to throw a hot dog down a hallway. Is sweet on some poster named Razorwire. Run for the hills, Razorwire, unless you want to end up taking penicillin for the rest of your life. Swahili Steve is known for being a snake lover.

NJHawgFan and Esteshog - Not much is known about these two. However, they are the Terrance and Philip of AST, only on a slightly more disturbing level. Estes has a known rage problem over the internets, which is classic irony considering he was picked on by bullies in school and never recovered from it. NJ, who is a Moron, has now shown his own psychopathic tendencies by stalking ex-wives of former AST members.

US Army Hog Fan - Live from his girlfriend's mama's trailer's back room, it's Luke! That's alright. He will pray for you regardless.

Tarkus - Don't mess with this bastion of manhood. Known connoisseur of teh cock. Is currently banned from seventeen banks for fondling rolls of quarters.

AST members enjoying themselves at a get-together.

HagFatha - Resident dumbfuck who left Hogville because he got his ass beat by another poster at a ball game last Thursday, who did it for the lulz.

Felix - Fathers, lock up your daughters!...your preteen daughters, that is. Sons, too. Is the NAMBLA representative of Sal's Sandbox.

porkrindjimmy - The Pied Piper of Bullshit. Has a semi-large cult following that would willingly off themselves themselves if PRJ told them to.

Jack Boar - Skip's boy. Kicked your ass on the internets, HAHAHA!!!111 Is a spitting image of his father, and is learning the family business of bulldog raping. Loves creating fake MySpace pages to stalk people. Has his own Myspace page.

The Whyte Boar - Perfect example of what was said earlier on this page about reject posters who whine about their rightful bans. All this guy does is whine. The Whyte Boar is in extreme opposition to the state's proposed animal cruelty laws, because it would end his favorite hobby.

The Future of AST

Being that Arkansas Sports Talk is a perfect definition of what a Nazi board is, and taking into consideration that the whole "I was unfairly banned, let me show my rage over the internets" bit is getting old, the future of that site is not a bright one. The board owner has already had to deal with and make a futile attempt to curtail the endless rumor-mongering and slander that is spread on there on a daily basis, so it's a safe bet to say that sooner before later, a defamation lawsuit will be filed against them.

When that happens, AST will fade away, appropriately like a popcorn fart in a hailstorm. Lawsuit or not - it already is, from looking at their declining registration figures.

It's not like nobody can't see it coming, whether it be from a lawsuit, disgusting potential members from the rampant wanton faggotry, or being dumb enough to start a board war that will end with their loss. Several of their mods and admins are already asking, in private, to be let back onto the board that AST rages against. So, the rats are already jumping off that sinking ship. Can't say that we blame them.

Latest Drama

Skip vs Everyone

About 100 years ago, Skip, author of the now famous Nigger Manual, claimed to have undeniable proof that a certain coach went stepping out with some lady, and says he will post proof of it at 9 am March 20, for all the lulz. That is like, so 2007.

The first question is, how does he have pictures of them in the first place? Omitting the obvious reason, of course, that he's gone back to his former profession.

9 am comes and goes, no proof. Some people that had formerly believed everything he had to say were now questioning his credibility.

Skip, being Skip, flies off into a rage with his usual threats and poor smack, as evidenced by the following:

Skipmeltdown3.jpg Skipmeltdown2.jpg Skipmeltdown.jpg

How will the psychopath come up with something he doesn't have? Have the sheep finally gotten wise? Will there be heads photoshopped on pr0n? Will board owner Mecha-Hitler pull a deus ex machina? Tune in next time...

Next time - Still no photos. Skip is now claiming that he was contacted by a lawyer.

When he finally posts it, it is so going to be heads pasted on pr0n done in MS Paint.

Even later than next time - Again, no photos. Where all the white women at?

Latest-er Drama

The split on AST that was predicted 100 years ago for the summer of 2007 finally came early. Several Nazi admins and Sanjaya pushed several posters too far with their lame quest for the lulz, and they left and started their own board, but not before firing the first shots in a new board war.

It's like Christmas.

AST began because several members got mad because rumors were moved to a new rumors forum. Later, they ended up alienating some of their members because they moved rumors to a rumor forum. Thus, a new equation has been born.

Evil Nazi admins * AST (hypocrisy) + disgrunted members = New board (Death of AST).

In the words of their illustrious board poison, Jack Boar: ROFLoL!!!1 AST you been own3d!!

Click here and here for the newest drama.

Unanswered Questions

- If the new board that split from AST is indeed its sister site, as Sal, the mighty cock-handler asserts, why isn't there a link to it on the main page?


Could it be that there are not tidings of goodwill and joy from AST to its newly-spawned child?

- If AST is indeed thriving, then why are their post numbers and number of new topics in a three month decline?

- Why did so many people jump ship to the new site from AST, including Robo-Stalin?

- When will the majority of AST posters who were banned from another site finally tell the truth about their bans?

- Will the new board become AST-lite and follow the same doomed path to failure as AST is?

- Will Sal ever get over his rampant case of penis envy?

Oooh! Such rage!.
On this sad occasion of an inevitable death, let us bow our heads in prayer..


Arkansas Sports - Razorback message site and douche bored
AST's discovery of their ED article - Mega hate, mucho lulz.


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