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A classic asspat.


An asspat is a gesture of secure-in-one's-own-manliness appreciation for a comrade's attempt at an athletic endeavor. It is also the best way to express gg irl.


Modern Usage

As sites proliferate that allow incredibly talented artists to share their beautiful work with the rest of the world, the word asspat came to mean a comment on someone's gallery that gave some positive reinforcement to the artist without actually specifying what was good or bad about the art in question. This usually occurs because the piece of shit fart "art" in question sucks balls, but the "asspatter" does not wish to hurt the "asspattee's" feelings. When a person with an IQ of over 70 points out that the menstrual fluid-covered tissue paper that the "artist" calls "modern art" but is really just incredibly fucking disturbing "artwork" is a piece of shit, the artist will proceed to throw a hissy bitch-fit. Lulz generally ensue.

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