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On May 2, 2008, moot turned /b/ off in an attempt to get everyone to explore the outer reaches of 4chan, unaware of the shitstorm that would follow. Since 7chan was bought by moot and had since been redirected to 4chan's /b/, the /b/tards panicked. They proceeded to shit bricks, and instead of going to 420chan's or 711chan's /b/, they quickly went to r9k/. /r9k/ was pissed to say the least as /b/'s cancer took no time before beginning to run rampant. It didn't take long for people to begin abusing the subject field in /r9k/ to impersonate moot, which quickly led to confusion and even more /b/tard faggotry. As time wore on, more and more /b/tards would wake up to find /b/ down, forcing more and more of them to the other boards. The cancer grew further and consumed /r9k/, /k/, /x/, and /s/ after just 4 hours, including some minor trolling on just about every other board. /b/ was back up a few hours later and the /b/tards migrated back to their natural habitat.


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