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BLT, not to be confused with BLP.
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BLT is a group of retards who believe their Freewebs website and Invisionfree forum pwn all.

They originated as a comedy group, but after drama both on the internets and IRL the group left the fully hosted domain and its webmaster, Einsidler, and became more of an online community using a poorly written Freewebs website. BLT encourages advertising their website because noone has enough skillz to create an Invisionfree. This online community has three regular members, two of which own an internets.

The Comedy Deli

Comedy Deli is the fully hosted domain owned by Einsidler which was to serve as the BLT website. The website is now inactive and the wiki redirects to Last Measure because of the fallout from the drama bomb that was dropped there. Due to Drask Terlier, founding member of BLT, being bisexual, furry, homophobic, an asshole, a redneck and mentally retarded an article on the wiki was made about him and how gay he was. Similar articles were produced about other members, as generally comedy groups have a sense of humour.

The problem however was that Drask had a butch lesbian furry friend who has no sense of humour who went in and 'corrected' the articles by a process known as frunz. Mostly because the wiki had called Drask's emofur boyfriend (that he met on Pounced dot org) a fag. After reverting all vandalism, a wave of vandalism started in which her and her black brother fucked with the whole wiki, Einsidler's livejournal, and the Comedy Deli comment system. Spamming shit and photoshopped images.

While on the internet, expecially with root access, the problem was contained. However, the dramas followed over into IRL. The result of which Einsidler was left with no friends and a mental breakdown. The events where breifly summarised by the a whinging blog entry in one of the observers MSN space. Of course he is a brown-noser, and took the side of who he saw as the top of the pecking order, the furry.

The Freewebs and the Invisionfree

Oh noes, all 2 people who read this website are going to vandalize ED

The newly re-formed BLT, consisting of the midget, the furry and a few other morons created a website that even geocities would be ashamed of, and a free-hosted forum to go with it. All the 'articles' written for the site were furry rants, mostly just bitching about Einsidler.

BLT has shown a considerable 'hatred of Encyclopædia Dramatica' and they even claimed it is "Full of hypocrites, homophobes and assholes" on their hate list, a page consisting of three links including one Last Measure. Oh noes. BLT threatens to bring down ED using their mighty army of three people, two of which have internets connection. Anyone who critises them is treated to a bitching rant such as this reply to Sheneequa:

Ok try this on for size Sheneequa! You say it's bullshit the way I compare the Gay/Bi situation to the jews and black right? Let's explore that shall we? -My family hates me because they found out what I am -My boyfriend is 400ks away -One of my "friends" decided to tell the rest of the fucking school so now I'm outcast And just to top it all off, I have some loudmouth bitch telling me how to complain!Your from ED correct? This means you fall into the nErD stereotype. Fat, pimply, glasses wearing nerds. So how bout this. How bout you pick up your fat rolls from where they drape around your feet, tuck them into your belt, pickup your toasted lard sandwich and GET THE FUCK OFF MY WEBSITE! I don't give a fatass shit how badly written it is! I don't have time to bother with learning a good website ok? I have a "Life" outside of the internet, as mind boggling as that concept may be. So go fuck yourself. Oh and Hypocrite, thanks for inviting your ED hores to my website. This just proves my point of how much of a coward you really are. So bring it on bitches! Because I will beat down each and every dumb fuck who insults me and my website. So come on!I'm waiting. Deal with it! h3>

Another anti-ED rant was posted as a welcome to a new user on the forum from "Mista Majikal Moshos", a midget:

If you aren't from that buttfuck collection of loner, lowlife, cuntsacks who hate everything non-academic cause they can't do anything other than formulae and bitching known as ED then you are most welcome.
If you are from ED, then you are a whiny asskisser with no opinon of his and/or her own, who relys on what a couple of unsuccsesful buttfucks tell them, and take it as definite truth (i.e. 3insidler) then you are not welcome. We already have two trolls, whom are currently engaged in Mortal Kombat for the title of token troll.
Of course If you do visit ED once in a while but don't worship it or turn it into a holy documentation (which is what 3insidler does, proved by his personality and philosophies which are copied from ED, and the fact that he wanted his wiki to be exactly the same as ED by making articles anti-anything non-academic related, so that the mods could passionatly fuck him up the ass as a reward) and don't take the shit it says seriously (3insidler takes it 74950.62381% seriously), then you're welcome.
P.S. The people who frequent ED are highly unsuccsesful in non-academic areas, therfore hating anything social, emotional or generally non-uber math/science nerd-related stuff such as feelings, freindship, values, culture, life, tradition, family, faith, imagination, etc.

All he said was 'Hiya,' but they are under a paranoid delution that the new member is Ket We, at ED still don't know what "freindship" is.


Emails for spamming with goatse or trolling in MSN

Trolling notes

Accounts require admin validation, so getting into the forum would require going undercover and making 'friends' with the admins on MSN or similar. Guestbook can still be raped though

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