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BME, the Body Modification Ezine (archive), is a collection of pictures and shit like that posted by people who like to tattoo, pierce, and scar their bodies. It was founded by a Confederate apologist. [1] The site claims that it "contains the personal experiences of thousands of people all over the planet, in photo and text form. It serves to document the activities of the body modification community in as complete a fashion as possible." Actually, it is a good source for shock images as well as for occasional lulz. And fapping material, if you're into seeing guys getting their dicks cut off. Watching the bmevideo3.wmv video will cause you many sleepless nights and lulz, you will have been contaminated and will want to show it to someone else so they can share in your pain. Much like AIDS. "Eat[ing] the shit of AIDS infected people, directly from their diapers" and injecting the semen from strangers' used condoms into your hacked off breasts is also a pastime featured on BME [404'd]

Which, when you think about it, is kind of like Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Warning: Dangerous Acts!!!1

I crushed my nuts for the lulz.
Every otaku's dream.
Hey kids, want to see Puff the Magic Dragon?
A tattooed BME fucktard.
OMG my uvula piercing is rejecting!1
Typical iam.BME camwhore.
A truly hardcore gamer
Hay guise! Wanna guess my spiritual level?

Even though BME is chock-full of photos of self-amputation and guys cutting their own nuts off, the site owners are kind enough to warn that:

BME contains documentation of dangerous and/or life-threatening activities of sometimes questionable legality -- BME accepts no responsibility or liability for the actions of others and urges anyone interested in this subjects to educate them completely and seek professional assistance. Attempting to replicate any of the acts seen on these pages, including body piercing, can result in serious injury and/or death. We STRONGLY urge you to consult a professional before continuing.

Of course, the amazing man who runs the site doesn't mention that there's no doctor in the fucking world who will agree to castrate you, cut off your fingertips, or slice your cock and ballsack down the middle strictly for the lulz.

However, you CAN find doctors to remove your nose, because you saw Ernie on Sesame Street take his nose off in an episode.

Why buy a wedding ring when you can bite each other's ring fingers in half Amirite?

ZOMG I got a new tattoo

Thank fucking God, BME isn't restricted solely to chop-off-hand horrors. You can see lame and/or horrid photos of tattoos, including plenty of ass antlers, and awful images of assholes with pierced assholes.

The piercing has to be placed very carefully, or there might be permanent damage to the sphinctal muscle. The piercing can migrate, and possibly it could cause incontinence if it worked its way fully out. There is also the chance that there could be a constant weepage of fluids from the anal passage. I found a bit of this in the early days, and had to wear an absorbent pad for a while. Eventually I found that it ceased to leak, and now I have no problems. I suppose it took about nine months for it to finally heal and stop leaking.

But why...?

- Advice from an anal piercee

Camwhores and such

BME hosts its own community, iam.BMEzine. It is full of goths, emos, tattooed camgirls and other whores who show off their awesome mods to the rest of the world. In other words, the kind of shit that keeps Fred Phelps in a perpetual state of rage.

Not surprisingly, there is an overlap between iam.BMEzine and LiveJournal, in that much self-perpetuating drama and resulting lulz may be found on both. Except sometimes the drama results from piercings or tattoos gone awry.

BME Hits YouTube

After the great 2girls1cup reactions were finished with, the shocked newbies who previously only browsed SFW sites needed to get their shock fix and so looked for the next big thing to fap over. After many hours of eating hot dogs and fapping to goatse the fgt internet travelers found a dark little gem in a corner of the internets, known as the BME Pain Olympics: Final Round. It's a video of cocks and balls getting hacked to pieces by hatchets. Little do the following victims know that the video is entirely fake. No cocks or balls were mutilated during the making of this film.

The gauntlet is thrown down Reactions Michael Buckley reacts

Call the Waaaambulance to Fix Your Dick

Body Modification can make you beautiful

The editor of BME believes that Body modification is a very important and spiritual process. "Remarkable acts should be their own reward, and paths to enlightenment are not a sideshow act."

The E-zine's editor also crusades against the HAET of the system on his fellow body-modders. For instance, when a catholic school banned all body piercings for religious purposes, BME's internet superhero editor came to the rescue and Wrote an angry letter

The simple fact is that the health risks of piercings are virtually non-existent.


— Shannon Larratt,

Oh really? Then I guess [2] Is VERY safe. That's castration and amputation, not piercing.

Oh yeah, he also believes that one day a BIOLOGICAL MESSIAH will be born...

If and when humans evolve into something more than human, it will happen in the same way — with a single person. One day, one person will be born the One*. The one who is not homo sapiens sapiens, but homo sapiens superioris. Problem is, we’ve so removed the concept of only the strong and interesting surviving that when this biological Messiah is born, they’ll probably be kicked out of school and die in a gutter because we’ve set such a strong “punish difference” foundation for ourselves.


— Shannon Larratt,

This proves that the faggot, like every other retard, knows nothing about evolution.

The "Body Mod" community manages to achieve the impossible and reign as the undisputed whiniest goddamn subculture on the internets. Their blog is an endless parade of pathetic attention whores drooling all over each other to exclaim how wonderful and special someone's latest penis chopping or penis tattoo or penis-shaped piercing is. These same people will stalk random message boards, looking for anyone who dares make fun of their idiotic body "art," frequently using stock flames such as "hey man, it's HIS body! What right do you have to judge getting Britney Spears drawn on his ass?"

The reason for this internets rage stems from the fact that members of the Body Mod Klan made the fatal mistake of joining a cult that can't be easily left - Emos can cut their hair. Goths can wipe off the makeup. Furries can take the dog out of their ass. But the idiot who got Super Mario tattooed across his back is stuck with it. Epic fail, multiple lulz. See also Shemale.

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