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Babalon is the official Marilyn Manson forum, original killer of The Heirophant Council, where a bunch of (all of them bisexual) goths, emos, people with mental issues, trolls, "philosophers", and related post about their views on their only god (Marilyn Manson) while bashing every single religion known to mankind. This site resides in Nachtkabarett, which (long story short) is the Marilyn Manson online bible.

Breakdown of Users

Troll - You might be well aware that trolls can be found on every forum, Babalon being no exception. This users will post short replies to the OP with demotivational posters, "funny" pictures that they only understand, and they always finish their post with '/thread' so that people think that they are above the rest of them, which of course, is the complete opposite.

Examples of this kind of users on Babalon: Shattered Dream, William Shatner LOL JK NVM PERMABANN'D & most of all the Über-troll Pastor Jaxon Bayly, among others.

Cute Girls - These are the female users who will include some sort of face (;D 0.0 ^.^) in every single one of their posts, 75% of their posts can be found within the "Post Pictures Of Yourself" thread to get replies such as "Aww you look cute" to which they will reply that they look that they are ugly, fat etc. (Note that this applies to 95% of all teenagers. They try to make everyone think that they are innocent when in reality they are as loose as your mom and they know more about sex positions, etcetera than what you could ever be able to.

Examples of this kind of users on Babalon: Coma., Celiny-O, Manzin, circles, xXPrisonerXx' Dancinthrusunday, among others.

Post Whores - Pretty self-explanatory, users who reply to every single thread, reply to other posts (as many as their fingers allow them to) with this like "^ This", "I agree", "I can't wait for X thing!", "Thank you!", "You are welcome!", among others.

Examples of this kind of users on Babalon: (For this you can simply find the top ten users with highest post-count here, at the moment being) vanzetti, FredVonAddams, ZEGH8578, Alison, Favenris, HiddenMonster, FourRustedHorse, supernova, Shattered Dream, Dancinthrusunday, xXPrisonerXx.

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