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Battim, aka GDOD.

Battim (aka Tim xxxx), is a 40-something YouTuber known mostly for an unusual obsession with Batman, an advanced case of foot in mouth disease, and an extreme case of USI. Tim began his vlogging days by making his best attempt at playing Batman as a YouTube "comedian". He soon lost interest in producing vacuous and asinine character videos and unwittingly strayed into vlogdom shortly thereafter. He has enjoyed venting his frustrations via les tubes for about 2 years now and since people don't tend to listen to him IRL, he tends to cope with this dissatisfaction by pumping out heavy handed, tl;dw diatribes (usually politically oriented), seeking to inflate his own e-peen - at least as much as cadence will allow. He enjoys inventing new ways to whore for subscriptions, scouring websites for his next mail order bride, and gleaning all his knowledge from wikipedia. Battim would also like you to know that you are wrong...about everything.



Tim enjoys teh cosplay.

Tim's transition into vlogdom has been a turbulent one. He has essentially all but abandoned his original gimmick for mostly political commentary these days. Although Tim has never really made ownage vids as such, he was at one time at odds with fellow egomaniac Blunty3000 and had played a part in pwning Blunty by coercing a humble apology video from him. He also effectively called out Mr. Safety for supporting Renettos' bullshit as well. Unfortunately those days are long gone as Tim has made it more and more obvious that he has spiraled into megalomania believing, without reservation, that he is privy to a great truth that only he can wholly grasp...similar to Blunty himself.

Tim displays the same overbearing hauteur and presumption that characterize other YT notables such as Sxephil or Renetto on the top subscribed list, and if you are to view any of his overly didactic, tl;dw vlogs you will become aware of this rather quickly. Another example of this would be the existence of Tim's other batphilo channel, which he has described himself as a channel to "inform the misinformed". Tim is a Katiesopinion fanboi, devotee of Zipster08, and close friend servile lackey of pigslop. But like many people who have right-wing political leanings, Tim also attempts to make himself seem counter-culture by claiming to be a libertarian. It is important to note, as Battim states on his YouTube channel, his "website channel is in NO way affiliated with DC Comics or its affiliates" if there could be any doubt about this fact. He is living proof that anyone (besides UpDownMostly) can become a "YouTube Partner". For some reason he has not been given a job as a radio talk show host as of yet.

Oh hey guise, did you see mah tats?

Tim often practices E-psychiatry with many other YouTubers and will readily set you straight reminding anyone that they're most likely wrong if they question him. Tim tends to choose sporadic e-battles to fight with arguments that sometimes seem to lack any real logic or consistancy. A typical approach to any topic is typified by a head shake followed by a statement of something to the effect of "You guys just don't understand, look at the big picture, man". This is generally the thrust of every point he's ever made to anyone. Tim also fancies himself a Google philosopher and enjoys spending most of his time on the computer away from his son as a result of it.

Bush ain't the prob man...humanity is!!


—The TL;DR equivalent of Battim's philosophy on any given subject.

Tim is also, apparently, eagerly awaiting the day pigslop (aka Mr. Ketamine) returns to YouTube to "retake" the YouTube Underground. His well-publicized allegiance to disgraced "method actor" pigslop has tended to have an effect on his credibility ever since. At the time of Pigslop's fall from grace during the WarisArt fiasco in May of 2007, when virtually everyone in the YTU (and WIA) had dropped their support for pigslop, Tim was (in a lulzy fashion) made a member of the haughty boy's club after everyone had already abandoned it and only days before Pigslop left YT for good. Tim has remained somewhat disgruntled ever since this day and at anyone who he feels may have disrespected Katie - Tim has always had a thing for Katiesopinion (he's known to seek extramarital affairs online and IRL, ie. 7-7-7 Gathering). Incidentally WIA group on YouTube was subsequently liberated by certain parties shortly thereafter and the group was declared officially dead. Tim currently restricts his "vlogs" to mostly tl;dw political tripe and has given up on his original schtick.

Fun Facts

  • Apparently Tim, a married man, had an affair with Ashbradford and littlepandaexpress at the 7-7-7 NYC "As One" YouTube Gathering. Tim still, to this day, tells the women he meets online that he is single and only married to give his wife an American citizenship.
  • Tim once left YouTube for two weeks after Nalts & Pipistrello paid him a surprise visit in the restaurant he supposedly owns (but, in truth, waits tables in). Apparently Tim found it humiliating to serve fellow YouTubers rather than preach to them endlessly through the power of online video communication. Like all attention whores, Tim returned once Nalts made a video apologizing and stating:

Tim you are right, and I am wrong...very, very wrong



This event alone was essentially a microcosm of Tim's own personal frustrations about his IRL situation as, when he was confronted, he was unable to handle the reality of his circumstance. Issues anyone?

  • Tim has been known to tell others that he was an officer in the military (in an effort to try and convince others that he knows what he is talking about on a political platform), not realizing officer tours are a lot different than enlisted tours and that just by his manic behavior and mannerisms it's not rocket science to see that Tim never fit that bill. Passin' basic dun mean you're an expert, Timmy.
  • Believes that the U.S. Government is about to spend trillions of dollars in an effort to make YouTube a safer place without trolls.
  • Suffers from short man syndrome - is like 5' 5" tall IRL (no srsly).
  • Tends to white knight on the tubes.
  • Truly believes he is a species of online-savior when it comes to political vlogging.
  • Internet humanitarian.
  • Doesn't watch TV.
  • Obsessed with honorz (see the sidebar of his videos).
  • Married to an Indonesian National.
  • Tends to constantly adjust his hat, accidentally getting his "tats" in the shot.
  • Prefers ass-kissers on his channel.
  • Feels strongly that people shouldn't waste their time supporting the Jews Tibetans against Hitler China because "they are too big an opponent - so what is the point?"
Typical Battim
Production values have never been a priority.

Roger & Me

Roger speaks from the grave: "'re a douchebag."

Despite his best efforts to either counter or outright ignore the charges from others that his motivations were anything but altruistic, Tim enjoyed milking the tragic death of Theboringdispatcher in a series of videos he "dedicated" to Roger following his passing in February of 2008. Roger was a regular in Mike Skehan's Stickam room, and it was well known that Roger loved teh hate, and loved teh lulz, and was one of the tubes more entrenched and respected haters. Battim took it upon himself to break the news to the community with this video. While much of the troll community approved of this video eulogy, noone foresaw the faggotry that would ensue at TBD's expense. When Battim noticed that his TBD video got a whopping 200K+ views, he realized that he could get even moar attention if he just kept making videos on the subject - 3 TBD videos later, he decided it might be in poor taste to keep milking a dead man for views, and decided to move on. The exploitation of this tragedy was probably his most shameless to date, one he attempts to brush off with indignant claims that his intentions were pure and that he additionally has more of a right to speak about the subject than anyone else.

Tim has also made claims that the family of Roger, "his best friend," gave him Roger's personal belongings, including a supposed "diary" that has all "information" against ED members and users on YouTube. Tim has been known to brag behind the scenes in emails and phone calls to users that he has people on a leash because they know he has the "goods" on them. The truth is Tim is known to lie, something he has been know to do with several women he has tried to hook up with online. Tim was never as close to Roger as he claims in the first place, this was more projection than reality.

Frank..i think Roger is channeling me this week.but two years of these guys shit is enough.


—Tim takes it one step too far, whilst still remembering to justify why he is doing this

The Footbullet

Tim positions his pawn for Intellectual checkmate
Pigslop: Tim's new bff (avec mandatory sepia tone)

At the end of April 08 Battim made a thinly veiled attack video directed at a YouTube Underground member. Many-a-tuber were thrown back by Tim's seemingly unprovoked rant and the drama that later ensued. The video, though, was later revealed merely the result of surreptitious machinations of famous YouTube self-pwner Pigslop and his behind-the-scenes campaign to get back at the YouTube Underground - the collective and community he was whom he was wholly shunned by in 2007 during the WIA debacle. Along with Pigslop's consumption of many narcotics within the year, it marked the beginning of Battim's ineffectual and unsuccessful championing of the "return of Pigslop", all nearly a year after Pigslop had originally been "clowned" off the tubes, leaving in shame as a result of costly e-blunders before he closed up shop.

The video itself equates to one of the more overt examples of Tim's inclination towards pseudo psych bawwwwfests resulting from passive-aggressive manifestations of his pent-up irl rage, many which ironically smack of the same overbearing didactics characteristic of other YouTube egomaniacs such as Blunty3000 (incidentally revealed as a matter-of-fact wife-beater and adulterer). But trululz were had as, in the video, Tim openly states he dislikes 30 year old "wiggers" who flaunt weed... Yet he has currently become best friends with a 40 YEAR OLD wannabe dj and chronic drug user...

ketamine was my atomic bomb


—Tim on the unveiling of his secret weapon

It is important to note that Pigslop retained an entire year of pent up rage from the public embarrassment he suffered back in May of 07 and restricted this entirely to sockpuppetry on YouTube, and writing whiny, dyslexic and poorly written blogs on his MySpace (he has removed many out of embarrassment in the past). With few outlets to vent his anger, he had little chance to express his grief up until then. Tim also, in a fit of aspie rage, apparently made physical threats and [ received many responses] from other Underground members calling him out on his unusual behaviour. But despite Tim's ever-present certitude that he maintains the moral high ground on any given issue, he blocked most of those he disagrees with, removed comments, and disabled comments on his channel(s) immediately - something he now does to this day. A video summing up the event...

The supposed campaign for pigslop to return fizzled out in a matter of a few weeks as he became even more fed up with the reaction he received from the YouTube community whenever he rears his ugly head. Unsurprisingly, Pigslop flounced (yet again) and stated he wanted nothing to do with YouTube... Yet claimed he would return in the fall of 08 (which never happened). Tim made a lulzy follow up as well, summated as a lengthy sob story by Pigslop himself wherein he plays the victim again clinging to some claim of "ownership" of a group he apparently did not start (something he is still doing to this day). The irony of this is that no one cares about the "origins" of the group in the first place. Much to Tim and Pigslop's chagrin, the entire ordeal ended up being anticlimactic and one of the more forgettable blips on the YouTube radar in 2008.

Go the fuck away!


—Tim, attempting to be assertive whilst being 5 feet tall


Tim manages to stay moderately active these days, although he seems to prefer the solace Vloggerheads provides for the sensitive/fragile "vlogger" instead. He isn't producing as many YT videos as he once did and has essentially isolated his channel to pumping out mostly political "vlogs" ("informing the misinformed" as always). The glorious online haven he sought in renetto's Vloggerhood seems to have fallen short of his expectations in his desperate search for the idyllic vlogging Shangri-La, but he continues to make the most hearty of efforts to proselytize those he feels need a little educatin'.

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Currently spammin teh VH.

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