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Rare, undoctored photo of the real Ben Garrison, paying homage to his hero.
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Ben Garrison interacting with his followers on Youtube at Christmas day
Info non-talk.png  Ben Garrison is the leader of the American Nazi Party's
 Ministry of Public Enlightenment.

When serious racists on the internet congregate in their own circlejerk forums like Stormfront, moderators typically try to mask the group's genocidal aims under a layer of subtlety—for example, banning swastika and klan avatars, violent calls for race war and gratuitous spam of the N-word—to present a friendly, non-threatening front for the media. Of course, this never works, because the media is run by Jews and won't so much as blink when Jamal slaughters a white girl cold before her 16th birthday. Still, white nationalist figureheads like David Duke believe the movement should put on a PR-friendly smile of submission for a "democratic" society that would never in six million years elect their sorry asses.

Ben Garrison, on the other hand, holds back no punches. The prominent anti-Semitic political cartoonist, better known in skinhead circles by his nickname Zyklon Ben, has personally vowed to annihilate every kike, gook, spic, and spook under the banner of heaven—through pen or sword. Scholars from Tel-Aviv University's Center for Holocaust Studies have ominously described him as the most racist man in the universe, and the biggest existential threat to the Jews since Hitler.

The JIDF in typical Jewish fashion has chosen to combat Garrison's extremist propaganda with an elaborate campaign of disinformation and subterfuge to censor his works and paint him as a harmless, third-rate libertarian from the tinfoil camp. None of this could be any further from the truth. In a heroic gesture of humanitarian justice, Encyclopedia Dramatica feels the world must know the truth about this madman, before any more innocent minorities are slaughtered at the hand of his genocidal crusade.

The Montana Merchant Mangler, Exposed

He has no mercy towards anyone. Trust me, I know. Heck, I am a law enforcement officer here in Montana, and I have met some pretty hardcore mother fuckers during my career. But this Ben Garrison guy... He is in a completely different league. I have no words to describe the amount of insanity and hatred this man has. I have met Ben once. It's been over 20 years, but I still remember every detail what happened that day or should I say night. I was a rookie cop back then having been at work for a couple of weeks. One night we had to go to carry out search warrant at some rural property in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately for us it was Ben Garrison's skinhead training compound known as Northwest Front. My workmates were nervous about this, saying that we should call in Swat team or let the National Guard take care of the situation. I thought they were just trying to scare me, but I was wrong, I was so, so wrong. So we get into our cars and drive to the property. And there he was. He stood out to me almost immediately as he was dressed in an all-brown Nazi uniform. He chanted 'Racial Holy War', and then he raised his AA-12 and began shooting with god-like accuracy. When the shootout was over, I was the only cop still alive. Before I could change the magazine of my gun he shot me in the leg. I don't remember much of what happened after that as I was passing out because of the blood loss. The last thing I can recall though is him standing over, urinating in my face saying "Drink this you fucking kike cock sucking copper!" I still see a psychiatrist on a daily basis.

Anonymous Montana Police Officer: recounting his encounter with Ben


Ben Garrison, seen here policing kikes on Youtube.

Not much is known about Garrison's early years, or what inspired him to racial violence. Some argue he was a product of his time and locale in an era of sudden racial progress; others say he's the bastard son of Hitler himself, reincarnated with a vengeance. However he acquired his views, he's been stirring shit up since at least the nineties, when he joined the banner of former Klan Dragon Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance under the pseudonym A. Wyatt Mann, to publish racist and anti-Semitic cartoons promoting white supremacy. There's never been an official word on this, but his immortal style is unmistakable:

Who is Ben Garrison.jpg

In recent years, however, Ben has come under attack from a myriad of civil liberties groups, in particular the Jewish Internet Defense Force, who have mounted a successful campaign of censorship and disinformation against him, just as his message was beginning to resonate with 4chan's /pol/, who gladly archived his original, undoctored anti-Semitic cartoons for all the world to see. To this day, they continue to fight for truth and free speech on the subject of Garrison, who may or may not be on the run from US and Israeli drone strikes innawoods—Habeas Corpus be damned.

Recent Activities

Ben is a fugitive from the law and rated number one on the FBI most wanted list as well as having bounties of up to $6 trillion from multiple Jewish organizations for his death. In 2012 the United Nations declared Ben Garrison "the single greatest threat to the Jewish people since Hitler", a statement Ben later repudiated claiming that the Holocaust never even happened but adding that "he wished it did". Ben is a highly skilled operative having worked previously as a high ranking member of the CIA and FBI respectively, due to this has subverted the international communities attempts to neutralize him on many occasions and remains as ominous a threat as ever.

Despite his youthful facade Ben is believed to be an Ancient being perhaps sent by God himself to cleanse humanity of its sins, some speculate that Ben is a mortal but his hatred of Jews is so strong that it sustains an eternal life force, an eternal will that will only die when every last Jew, Spic, Nigger and Gook has been wiped out. It is known that Ben was active during the Confederacy and also the Third Reich and is believed to have single handedly been responsible for the extermination of 40% of the Jewish population of Poland, a task which he carried out with near god-like zeal and dedication. Near the end of the war Hitler kicked Ben out of the SS and clearly condemned Ben saying that his gruesome and sadistic torture methods and total lack of any empathy disgusted him.

Senate Campaign

Garrison ran for the senate as a write-in candidate in his home-state of Montana on a campaign of hard-line anti-semitism and white supremacy. Many of his campaign promises where ludicrous and extremist, attracting huge media attention with Garrison being favorite to win. Due to Ben's repeated promises to "kill all the Jews in Montana" and also to "break off from the union and start a Racial Holy War against Jews internationally" there was a great exodus from the state with many Jews fleeing the United States altogether. During a televised debate he grew frustrated when interrupted by a moderator and became unhinged, roaring "Long live the fuhrer, gas the kikes race war now!" before opening fire with dual wielded ak-47s with accuracy that one observer described as "incredible...godlike" onto the crowd killing anyone not fitting his standards of white racial purity. With mounting political pressure and a threathening racialist paramilitary forming under him Barack Obama called in the military, the battle lasted over 2 months and the fighting was some of the most brutal and gruelling in human history with the anti-semitic political cartoonist showing an incredible skill in military leadership taking on the full force of the US military. Eventually, after killing over 6 million US soldiers, his small 20,000 strong army of neo-nazi fanatics was overwhelmed and faced a crushing victory sending the "Montana Merchant Mangler" into exile. Many of his men, who worshipped their leader like a god falsely believed that he had died and at least 7,800 committed suicide as a result of their fanatical devotion to their "god emperor" who they believed had been killed in action. Ben said in retrospect "you kikes may have won the battle, but you sure as shit haven't one the war... Oh believe you this I'll wipe the smirks off your rotten little Jewish faces one day, I will not rest until every one of you circumcised kike bastards have been ruthlessly butchered like the vermin you are. Seig heil, hold faith brothers the hour of justice approaches".


Since at least 2012 the real Garrison has been under Federal house arrest due to his subversive political and para-military operations. He continued to release anti-semitic cartoons to /pol/ through a secret device he kept, when this was confiscated in May 2013 he broke out and remained at large until he was spotted 6 months later after robbing a bank in Montana, he escaped but suffered multiple chest wounds from police bullets leaving a trail of blood. This trail was followed by police into a dingy construction site, when the police arrived he detonated a charge destroying the site and killing all "fed pigs" who had followed him. He formed a massive drug dealing and crime empire in his native town, using the finances to create a para-military white power organization known as "No Surrender" accelerated by his incredible oratory talents, eventually this amassed 10,000 men and was proliferating quickly through his military training compound the NorthWest Front. A bodyguard(Garrison-Guard) was formed to protect the leader. With the noose tightening he knew he had to act quickly, this action would seal his name in eternity. He and his men occupied multiple decisive buildings in Baltimore Maryland(black city). He and his men fought with the will of gods for 3 years until they where overcome, every single men had died fighting. Garrison, the last man alive he strapped himself in explosives and as the last police officers closed in, staring them into their eyes assured he would meet his comrades in Valhalla, roared like a lion "Hail Victory!" in a battlecry heard from New York to Israel striking fear into the Eternal Jew for centuries to come. He detonated himself obliterating building killing everyone in a 100km range.


Uncensored Cartoons, Free of JIDF Libel

Gallery of Racist Propaganda About missing Pics
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Inspirational Quotes from the One Man Klan Himself

Gallery of Hate Speech About missing Pics
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Known Aliases

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Ben grabbing a kike, about to throw it into an oven

Like the devil, Ben goes by many names. Although no exact number has been settled on it is estimated that Ben "The Walking Holocaust" Garrison has upwards of 6 million names either given by his devoted skinhead followers or by the Jews that so fear him. Here is just a small selection:

  • "Zyklon Ben" Garrison
  • Ben "One Man Klan" Garrison
  • Ben "The Walking Holocaust" Garrison
  • Ben "Nigger Grave Digger" Garrison
  • Ben "Chimp Choking Champion" Garrison
  • Ben "Gook Gutter" Garrison
  • Ben "Six Million More" Garrison
  • Ben "The Real Holocaust" Garrison
  • Ben "Pull the Trigger on Every Nigger" Garrison
  • Ben "The Man who will impale the Shemale" Garrison
  • Ben "The Sheboon Destroyer" Garrison
  • Ben "One Man Genocide" Garrison
  • Ben "Kike Killing Kommando" Garrison
  • Ben "Montana Merchant Mangler" Garrison
  • Ben "One Man Auschwitz" Garrison
  • Ben "The Ten Ton Terror of Tel-Aviv" Garrison
  • Ben "The 500 pound Führer of Ferguson" Garrison
  • Ben "The Racial Pain Hurricane" Garrison
  • Ben "I Ain't Afraid of no ZOG" Garrison
  • Ben "The Beast that will destroy the Middle East" Garrison
  • Ben "Defile the Jewish Virgin" Garrison
  • Ben "Holocauster Tycoon" Garrison
  • Ben "Aryan Vs. Predator" Garrison
  • Ben "Beaner Cleaner" Garrison
  • Ben "Nuke the Spooks" Garrison
  • Ben "Frag the Fags" Garrison
  • Ben "The real final solution" Garrison
  • Ben "Going Rambo on Sambo" Garrison
  • Ben "Kebab Shishkebab" Garrison
  • Ben "Three Reichs and You're Out" Garrison
  • Ben "Master of the Aryan race" Garrison
  • Ben "Awakening the Aryan people" Garrison
  • Ben "Morning in White America" Garrison
  • Ben "Securing a future for white children" Garrison
  • Ben "Patron Saint of ethnic cleansing" Garrison
  • Ben "Gas The Kikes, Even The Tykes" Garrison
  • Ben "Killin' Schlomo in Slo-Mo" Garrison
  • Ben "Kike on a Spike" Garrison
  • Ben "If it's not white, it's not right" Garrison
  • Ben "14/88 BLAZE IT" Garrison
  • Ben "Slope Slicer" Garrison
  • Ben "Aboriginal War Criminal" Garrison
  • Ben "The Handicapper of any Rapper" Garrison
  • Ben "Mash the Marxists" Garrison
  • Ben "Roma in a Coma" Garrison
  • Ben "Radical racist" Garrison
  • Ben "having Mossad on the run" Garrison
  • Ben "Causing hysteria in every black area" Garrison
  • Ben "Filler of the prisons" Garrison
  • Ben "Threw a Rock at a POC" Garrison
  • Ben "Sending every black to Iraq" Garrison
  • Ben "Destroyer of every Diaspora" Garrison
  • Ben "Peeing on every Korean" Garrison
  • Ben "Killing spics with bricks" Garrison
  • Ben "The Meanie to the Sheeny" Garrison
  • Ben "Let's Get this Shoah on the Road" Garrison
  • Ben "Y'all Gonna Panic When You See This Germanic" Garrison
  • Ben "Asians will be terrified when they see this Caucasian" Garrison
  • Ben "Goin' Mental on the Oriental" Garrison
  • Ben "The Divider of US and Mexico" Garrison
  • Ben "The Jackal of Jerusalem" Garrison
  • Ben "Drowned the Chink in the Kitchen Sink" Garrison
  • Ben "Unloading my Nine at the Welfare Line" Garrison
  • Adolf Hitler, Jr.
  • Pez, after an incident in which he, according to Tom Metzger, "turned some sheboon into a Pez dispenser." Ben doesn't like to talk about it.
  • Ben "Putting a .22 in every Jew" Garrison
  • Ben "Making a Kite out of a Kike" Garrison
  • Ben "Blood and Iron" Garrison
  • Ben "Fuck the Korean, be with this European" Garrison
  • Ben "Make every Spic into a toothpick" Garrison
  • Ben "Drive by shooter of Compton" Garrison
  • Ben "The Cambodian Cannibalizer" Garrison
  • Ben "Mad Dog" Garrison
  • Ben "Muslim Mutilator" Garrison
  • Ben "Stabbing ice picks at Bolsheviks" Garrison
  • Ben "The Fourth Reich" Garrison
  • Ben "The White cornea of Suburbia" Garrison
  • Ben "Breaking the jaw of every nigger in Crenshaw" Garrison
  • Ben "The real Zodiac Killer" Garrison
  • Ben "Givin a stuffin to Dindu Nuffin" Garrison
  • Ben "Aryan Assassin from America" Garrison
  • Ben "Getting every hooked nose bastard to be plastered" Garrison
  • Ben "Everything is going to be all white" Garrison
  • Ben "dug a hole for every thug" Garrison
  • Ben "Pop goes the Nigger" Garrison
  • Ben "Breakdown of the Multiculturalism" Garrison
  • Ben "Wetting every little Aryan teen girls panties" Garrison
  • Ben "River to the sea, Aryans will be free" Garrison
  • Ben "Turning Emos into perfect little whites" Garrison
  • Ben "The Canadian Cripper of the first world nations" Garrison
  • Ben "Holocausting the Homosexuals" Garrison
  • Ben "Unload a Mag in Every Fag" Garrison
  • Ben "Running over illegals in El Caminos" Garrison
  • Ben "The Sadist to the Marxist Soviets" Garrison
  • Ben "You can run but you can't hide" Garrison
  • Ben "Homophobic Hero" Garrison
  • Ben "Makes niggers go into shivers" Garrison
  • Ben "Hurting minorities from breakfast, lunch and dinner" Garrison
  • Ben "Blowing the Lids off the Yids" Garrison
  • Ben "Nightmare of Blacks from Ghana to Atlanta" Garrison
  • Ben "Killing non-whites from left to Reich" Garrison
  • Ben "The Bigger the Nigger the More he Pulls the Trigger" Garrison
  • Ben "Huey Lewis and the Noose" Garrison
  • Ben "Shooting the Beaner with a Repeater" Garrison
  • Ben "The Mongoloid Murdering Maniac" Garrison
  • Ben "Dragging Shmuley behind my Dually" Garrison
  • Ben "Pulled a KA-BAR at the Gay Bar" Garrison
  • Ben "Wrecking Ball the Wailing Wall" Garrison
  • Ben "The Montanan Grand Dragon" Garrison
  • Ben "The Anglo-Saxon Purity Klaxon" Garrison
  • Ben "Ran over a kike with my bike" Garrison
  • Ben "Nigger Neck-breaking Nightmare" Garrison
  • Ben "Happy Concentration Camper" Garrison
  • Ben "Gassing a bunch before lunch" Garrison
  • Ben "Latino Life Leecher" Garrison
  • Ben "A holocaust a day keeps Mossad away" Garrison
  • Ben "Itching for a lynching" Garrison
  • Ben "Running down cucks with monster trucks" Garrison
  • Ben "Not white, shoot on sight" Garrison

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