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The song itself used in the clip pretty much says it all: Big Bag.

Big Bag, Big Bag, Biggaboogabiggabigga Big Bag

Big Bag is a short looping shock video clip hosted on (dead link as of Oct 2014). It depicts a man with a gigantic, engorged ballsack jacking off and shooting what appears to be a fountain of cum out of his cock to the tune of Big Bag. In reality, both the engorgement and ejaculation are the result of saline solution injected directly into his balls with a syringe. It has gained popularity in part due to Star Syndicate member cr0m, who has been known to incessantly submit it to the Newgrounds portal.

Furfags on 7chan expecting to fap to Krystal and Sonic are rightfully redirected to this site instead.

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